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Downloading InfoSphere Optim v9.1 for use on Windows

Downloadable files


This document lists the download components of IBM® InfoSphere® Optim™ 9.1 on the Passport Advantage® website. The DVDs are also listed.

Download Description

You must install and configure a workstation on a Microsoft Windows computer before installing Optim components on any other operating system.

For the latest guidelines on how to perform an installation in your environment, refer to the Optim solutions information center.


  • Downloading from Passport Advantage
  • Tips for downloading this product
  • Download and DVD part numbers
  • Trial edition license
  • System i and Teradata 2.5 data sources

Downloading from Passport Advantage

After proof of entitlement, download any or all of the images listed here. To obtain the download images:
  1. Navigate to the Find Downloads and Media web page on the IBM Passport Advantage website.
  2. Under Download finder options, select the Find by part number search option.
  3. Search for each downloadable image by download name.
  4. Download all required parts. You must create a temporary directory for each download.
  5. Use a file extracting utility that supports large file extractions to extract each of the parts into a single, temporary directory on your system.
  6. Follow the installation instructions in the image you downloaded.

Download and DVD part numbers

Operating system Download part number DVD part number
Windows CIN8BEN C6B87EN

Trial edition license

You can install a 30-day full-function trial of Optim to create demos and proofs of concepts by using the following license information during installation.

  • Company Name: OPTIMDEMO
  • Company ID: 388713
  • Company Password: 9863ZU

System i and Teradata 2.5 data sources

Optim is packaged with IBM InfoSphere Federation Server. If you plan to apply Optim to data on System i or Teradata 2.5 computers, you must install Federation Server on the Optim server. To obtain the downloads for Federation Server, see the Federation Server download document.


Detailed system requirements for Optim 9.1:

Optim 9.1 system requirements English 100000
Optim 9.1 Designer requirements English 100000
Optim 9.1 Web Applications requirements English 100000

Document information

More support for: Optim
Solution for Data Growth- Data Privacy- and Test Data Management

Software version: 9.1

Operating system(s): Windows

Reference #: 4032874

Modified date: 21 November 2013