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June 2012 Update for XL C/C++ for Linux, V11.1

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Cumulative fix package for XL C/C++ for Linux, V11.1.

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This page contains product updates for the IBM XL C/C++ for Linux, V11.1 compilers on the following platforms:

  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux AS 5 (RHEL 5) for IBM Power Systems
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux AS 6 (RHEL 6) for IBM Power Systems
  • SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 Service Pack 2 (SLES 10 SP2) for IBM Power Systems
  • SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 Service Pack 1 (SLES 11 SP1) for IBM Power Systems

The following APARs were fixed in this PTF *:
LI76788 - ctype.h functions as macros in cctype
LI76789 - Error msg with limits header and XOPEN_SOURCE
LI76806 - Name lookup error with -qlanglvl=extended0x
LI76790 - Issues with bool val and cc
LI76809 - Infinite loop with _Pragma operator
LI76810 - ASM error with [name] and + operand
LI76811 - The call to "..." has no best match error
LI76812 - Template traceback message generation error
LI76813 - Overload template function address causing error
LI76814 - Call does not match any parameter list error
LI76791 - Template argument miss-match error
LI76815 - Compiler abend with inline asm memory operands and -O
LI76817 - Internal inline function template param error
LI76792 - Template parameter cannot be initialized
LI76819 - Unnecessary call to __CleanupCatchV6a
LI76725 - Compiling hangs with insufficient memory error
LI76820 - -qlanglvl=extended0x causes compiler error
LI76821 - Dependent class declaration causes error
LI76822 - Overlapping csects causing linker error
LI76823 - Invalid output at -O2, -O3, -O4 in 64-bit mode
LI76793 - Non virtual thunk error at link time
LI76802 - Internal error with -qsimd
LI76835 - June 2012 Update for XL C/C++ for Linux, V11.1
LI76836 - June 2012 Runtime for XL C/C++ for Linux, V11.1

* Some APARs may have been fixed first in another release of this product. In such cases, fixes have been ported to this release and APAR descriptions have been copied from the original APARs.

Latest updates
This update may not be the latest one for this product. Click here for the list of latest product updates for IBM C and C++ compilers.

Previous PTF:
The previous PTF can be obtained here (only if needed). It is highly recommended to always be on the latest PTF level as stated in the above Latest updates section.


IBM XL C/C++ for Linux, V11.1 compiler, at the base level ( or higher.

See the "System Prerequisites" section in Chapter 1 of the Installation Guide for base level compiler prerequisite details.

Installation Instructions

RHEL 5, SLES 10 and SLES 11
See Chapter 4 "Installing an update" in the Installation Guide (PDF).

1) Please follow these additional instructions and you might also need this technote.

Note: If the 32-bit libstdc++ package is not installed on a target RHEL6 system, running programs compiled with the XL C/C++ compiler may fail due to the missing shared library To resolve the issue, install the following 32-bit package from the RHEL6 distribution:

rpm -ivh libstdc++-4.4.4-13.el6.ppc.rpm

2) Important Note: Users of XL Compilers on RHEL6.1 may encounter some linker issues/errors. Please review the following technote for more details and workarounds to the linker issues/errors.

Download package

Note: There is only one download package for both RHEL 5/RHEL 6 and SLES 10/SLES 11.

The download package, vacpp.111.linux_ppc.jun2012.update.tar.gz, contains:

Download RELEASE DATE LANGUAGE SIZE(Bytes) Download Options
What is Fix Central(FC)?
vacpp.111.linux_ppc.jun2012.update 12 Jun 2012 English 70507116 FC FTP

Technical support

For information about latest technical issues, changes to the existing behavior, as well as documentation corrections for this product, please refer to the on-line Readme.

Problems (APARS) fixed
LI76788, LI76789, LI76806, LI76790, LI76809, LI76810, LI76811, LI76812, LI76813, LI76814, LI76791, LI76815, LI76817, LI76792, LI76819, LI76725, LI76820, LI76821, LI76822, LI76823, LI76793, LI76802, LI76835, LI76836, LI76094, LI76097, LI76098, LI76099, LI76100, LI76112, LI76113, LI76101, LI76102, LI76104, LI76117, LI76105, LI76106, LI76107, LI76108, LI76122, LI76123, LI76109, LI76124, LI76110, LI76111, LI76114, LI76115, LI76116, LI76118, LI76119, LI76120, LI76121, LI76134, LI76125, LI75810, LI76137, LI76126, LI76127, LI76140, LI76128, LI76129, LI76130, LI76131, LI76132, LI76146, LI76133, LI75817, LI76135, LI76148, LI76136, LI76138, LI76139, LI76153, LI76141, LI76142, LI76084, LI76085, LI75761, LI75827, LI75750, LI75751, LI75755, LI75758, LI75794, LI75796, LI75797, LI75798, LI75759, LI75799, LI75800, LI75802, LI75760, LI75764, LI75805, LI75806, LI75765, LI75807, LI75809, LI75779, LI75811, LI75812, LI75786, LI75791, LI75815, LI75792, LI75793, LI75511, LI75795, LI75819, LI75801, LI75774, LI75772, LI75773, LI76260, LI76279, LI76261, LI76281, LI76263, LI76282, LI76264, LI76265, LI76268, LI76270, LI76272, LI76274, LI76276, LI76291, LI76292, LI76293, LI76294, LI76458, LI76479, LI76459, LI76481, LI76482, LI76253, LI76460, LI76483, LI76461, LI76469, LI76470, LI76471, LI76475, LI76490, LI76476, LI76462, LI76463, LI76358, LI76243, LI76623, LI76645, LI76624, LI76402, LI76625, LI76648, LI76649, LI76626, LI76650, LI76631, LI76653, LI76632, LI76655, LI76633, LI76656, LI76635, LI76636, LI76642, LI76661, LI76662, LI76663, LI76644, LI76646, LI76666, LI76358, LI76638, LI76639

Document information

More support for: XL C/C++ for Linux

Software version: 11.1

Operating system(s): Linux

Reference #: 4032780

Modified date: 12 June 2012

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