Interim Fix 15 for WebSphere Telecom Web Services Server 6.2

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False refreshes causing failover of Parlay Gateway Connector.

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Parlay Connector - Under heavy load, callback refreshes may timeout due to a slow response from some RMI calls (APAR LI76548): This APAR corrects the problem by applying an appropriate refresh logic to the Parlay Connector queue location thus avoiding frequent callback refresh activities. Two new MBean configurable properties have been added to the Application Manager, namely QID Retry Interval and QID Retry Count. The QID Retry Interval represents the time interval to retrieve a QID, and the QID Retry Count respresents the number of attempt to successfully retrieve the QID. The default values are 400ms and 2 respectively.


See readme for details.

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See readme for details.

TWSS 6.2 Interim Fix 15 Readme English 162671

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TWSS 6.2 AG Interim Fix 15 1 Jun 2012 English 338489 FTP
TWSS 6.2 Services Interim Fix 15 1 Jun 2012 English 68371750 FTP
TWSS 6.2 SP Interim Fix 15 1 Jun 2012 English 7803662 FTP
TWSS 6.2 WID Plugins Interim Fix 15 1 Jun 2012 English 9070 FTP

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Problems (APARS) fixed
LI76548, Interim Fix 14: LI75763, LI75769, Interim Fix 13: LI75662, LI75725, Interim Fix 12: LI75484, LI75493, 75488, 75482, Interim Fix 11: LI75144, Interim Fix 10: LI74912, LI74916, LI74941, Interim Fix 9:, LI74493, Interim Fix 8: , LI73897, LI74474, LI74156, LI74225, Interim fix 7: , LI73762, LI73799, LI73816, LI73817, LI73869, Interim fix 6: , LI73564, LI73580, LI73596, LI73563, LI73703, LI73694, LI73679, Interim Fix 5: , LI73289, LI73295, LI73300, LI73329, LI73363, LI73369, LI73371, LI73414, LI73435, LI73465, LI73477, Fix Pack 1: , LI72968, LI72969, LI73157, LI73166, LI73185, LI73225, LI73230, LI73232, Interim Fix 4: , LI73021, LI73129, LI73199, LI73128, LI73130, LI73098, LI73094, LI73092, LI73132, Interim Fix 3: , LI72787, LI72798, LI73061, Interim Fix 2: , LI72798, LI72694, LI72714, Interim Fix 1: , LI72617, LI72618

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WebSphere Telecom Web Services Server

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AIX, Linux Red Hat - iSeries, Linux Red Hat - pSeries, Linux SUSE - iSeries, Linux SUSE - pSeries, Solaris

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