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The IBM Installation Manager Response File Editor (RFE) toolkit is a command-line tool to create and edit scripted response files for multiple platforms.

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This toolkit creates a scripted response file that uses a domain specific language (DSL), written in Groovy. Using Groovy provides more flexibility for administrators to manage their environments. You can use the RFE toolkit to run these scripted response files with IBM Installation Manager to manage packages.

For information on how to use the tool, extract the files from the file. Expand the doc folder and open the rfe_doc.pdf file.


Installation Manager version 1.5.0 or later.

Installation Instructions

1. Download the toolkit:
2. Extract the compressed files for the Response File Editor Toolkit.
3. Open a command utility.
4. Set the IM_TOOLS and JAVA_HOME environment variables.

JAVA_HOME: Java Runtime Environment (JRE) installation directory
You can use the JRE that is installed with Installation Manager or a different JRE. The JRE must be 32-bit.

    Windows: install_dir\Installation Manager\jre
    Linux: install_dir/InstallationManager/jre

IM_TOOLS: Installation Manager tools directory
    Windows: install_dir\Installation Manager\eclipse\tools
    Linux: install_dir/InstallationManager/eclipse/tools

Download package

IBM Installation Manager Response File Editor Toolkit for Windows and Linux x86

Download RELEASE DATE LANGUAGE SIZE(Bytes) Download Options
FTP Access for Respose File Editor Toolkit 20 Dec 2012 English 17687813 FTP
HTTP Access for Response File Editor Toolki 20 Dec 2012 English 17687813 HTTP
HTTP Access for IBM RFE Licenses 19 Jun 2012 English 217313 HTTP
FTP Access for IBM RFE Licenses 19 Jun 2012 English 217313 FTP

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