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IBM Security AppScan Enterprise 8.6 now available

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IBM Security AppScan Enterprise Version 8.6 has been made generally available on the IBM Passport Advantage website.

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This release is a full product download.

  • Passport Advantage clients: Passport Advantage and Passport Advantage Express clients are required to sign in to Passport Advantage Online to download the image.

  • Non-Passport Advantage clients: If your organization did not purchase your software and support through Passport Advantage or Passport Advantage Express, you are required to sign in to the new IBM Software Group OEM Portal to download the image.

    Note: This includes clients with Flexible Contract Type (FCT) license purchases and IBM Business Partners.

    For assistance with the IBM Software Group OEM Portal, visit the eCustomer care page.

Here are the main new features and enhancements in this release:

  • Integration with QRadar
  • Next generation Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST) engine
  • Cross-Site Scripting Analyzer - new DAST technology for identifying Cross-Site Scripting vulnerabilities
  • User-agent settings for testing mobile Web applications
  • Installation workflow improvements
  • Integration with IBM Rational Quality Manager v4.0
  • Integration with IBM Rational Team Concert v4.0


Supporting Documentation
Document Description
Detailed System Requirements A detailed list of the supported hardware, operating systems and information related to IBM and third party software requirements.
Information Center Browse or search on-line information related to the deployment, configuration and usage of the product.

Installation Instructions

A Planning & Installation Guide is included in the download package at IBM Passport Advantage. This document is also available at the IBM Publications Center.

AppScan Enterprise Planning Installation Guide English 699

Download package

These download packages are available at IBM Passport Advantage:

IBM Security AppScan Enterprise Server V8.6 Multiplatform Multilingual eAssembly (Part Number CRIU7ML)
This download package includes:

  • Quick Start Guide - IBM Security AppScan Enterprise V8.6 Multilingual 
  • IBM Security AppScan Enterprise Server V8.6 Windows Multilingual
  • IBM Security AppScan Enterprise Server V8.6 Linux Multilingual
  • Rational License Server Key V8.1.2 Windows for Multilingual

IBM Security AppScan Enterprise Dynamic Analysis Scanner V8.6 Multilingual eAssembly (Part Number  - CRIU8ML )
This download package includes:
  • Quick Start Guide - IBM Security AppScan Enterprise V8.6 Multilingual
  • IBM Security AppScan Enterprise Dynamic Analysis Scanner V8.6 Windows Multilingual

How critical is this fix?


Problems solved

PM62640 Job suspends when job owner is not set as an admin
PM60638 Additionally explored URLs in QuickScan placed at beginning of recording
PM61694 AppScan Enterprise sends directory tests on WebSphere URLs.
PM61595 AppScan Enterprise cannot sort users and groups type when there is **restricted** in the list
PM61332 Third Party links with the non-third party domain do not appear in the third party links report
PM60990 Inconsistent "Severity" setting between AppScan Enterprise and AppScan Standard
PM59883 Formatting issues due to PRE Element
PM58512 License Errors Installing AppScan Tester 8.5
PM58140 QuickScan users can forcefully browse to advanced configuration
PM60291 Difference and reasoning text are pushed far to the right and requires scrolling
PM58936 Legacy LDAP settings require query
PM57068 Jobs that were upgraded to 8.5 and not run before applying iFix suspend
PM57750 Cannot export issues in report as PDF or Excel if the report is in Japanese
PM55144 'CRWAE3002E Loopback address is not supported' when performing Jazz-based authentication on a portable environment
PM54148 Need error handling around accessing time zone registry settings
PM53954 Changing user-agent of browser during manual explore in AppScan Enterprise does not take effect.
PM53604 Scanner and reporting user licenses cannot be used together
PM53332 AppScan Enterprise false-negative: HTTP Response Splitting
PM53098 URL-encoded cookies not being updated in Scan log
PM53835 Error in AppScan Import XML when highlighted length is greater than HTTP traffic
PM54316 Incorrect calculation of broken links in the reports
PM52173 AppScan Enterprise does not use the path attribute on a cookie
PM51695 Manual Explore stuck in waiting to load when proxy security is enabled
PM51633 Agent Metrics cause NullPointerExceptions in the Single Page Scanner
PM51558 Manual Explore Locks on _proxyLock when sending the requests
PM57879 Processing CSS URL function is CSS comments
PM58073 Simple Authentication Bypass Vulnerability not detected in AppScan Enterprise

Known side effects

If .NET 4.0 is installed before IIS, ASP.NET 4.0 may not be registered. It can be manually registered by running "aspnet_regiis /i" from "c:\WINDOWS\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v4.030319"

Download RELEASE DATE LANGUAGE SIZE(Bytes) Download Options
Passport Advantage 12 Jun 2012 English 13161800 HTTPS

Technical support


Licensing Information

Consult  Licensing for AppScan Enterprise.


Helpful Hints For Obtaining Technical Assistance

Before you contact IBM Security Software Support, gather the background information that you need to describe the problem. When creating the ticket give the following information:

  • What operation did you performed, and what error message have you received?    
  • The background information to understand the issue.    
  • Version of AppScan Enterprise. Make sure you are opening the ticket for AppScan Enterprise (there are several AppScan products supported by different teams).    
  • Impact of the issue on your organization, schedule, deadlines.    
  • Upload logs, data, and screen captures to the ticket (logs required for common troubleshooting issues).


Problems (APARS) fixed
PM62640, PM60638, PM61694, PM61595, PM61332, PM60990, PM59883, PM58512, PM58140, PM60291, PM58936, PM57068, PM57750, PM55144, PM54148, PM53954, PM53604, PM53332, PM53098, PM53835, PM54316, PM52173, PM51695, PM51633, PM51558, PM57879, PM58073

Document information

More support for: IBM Security AppScan Enterprise

Software version: 8.6

Operating system(s): Windows

Reference #: 4032748

Modified date: 29 April 2014

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