Rational PurifyPlus for Windows

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This release adds support for Windows 8, Windows Server 2012, and Microsoft Visual Studio 2012. It also resolves defects in

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The specific defects resolved in this interim fix are listed in the APARs section below as well as the release notes.


PurifyPlus requires version 8.1.2 (or higher) of the Rational Common Licensing components. You will need to install either Rational License Key Administrator (RLKAD) or Rational License Server (RLS) based on the following criteria:

  • You only have Authorized User licenses for PurifyPlus: Install RLKAD
  • You have floating licenses for PurifyPlus but RLS 8.1.2 (or higher) is installed on another machine in your network: Install RLKAD
  • You have floating licenses for PurifyPlus and RLS 8.1.2 (or higher) is not installed anywhere on your network: Install RLS

Downloads for both are available within IBM Passport Advantage.

Installation Instructions

The product package for this release is available within IBM Passport Advantage. You will need a customer account in order to log in.

Technical support

Visit the IBM Rational Support site on the web at: http://www.ibm.com/software/rational/support/index.html

Problems (APARS) fixed
IC54033, PI05696, PK85554, PK86132, PK86785, PK87770, PK92984, PK93073, PK95976, PK97104, PK97192, PK97875, PK97996, PK98410, PK99226, PM00187, PM01762, PM02817, PM03770, PM04064, PM04074, PM04399, PM04953, PM04983, PM04988, PM05835, PM06794, PM06902, PM07998, PM08264, PM09081, PM09088, PM09483, PM11420, PM12781, PM13267, PM13342, PM13958, PM14109, PM14786, PM18978, PM20912, PM22083, PM23438, PM24342, PM25253, PM26886, PM27981, PM33087, PM35213, PM35663, PM35856, PM36647, PM36929, PM38135, PM39255, PM40523, PM42301, PM42729, PM48778, PM52379, PM55491, PM56819, PM66071, PM66377, PM68617, PM68729, PM68974, PM69664, PM70120, PM70189, PM70309, PM71491, PM72273, PM75537, PM79286, PM83359, PM84872, PM85538, PM85539, PM85693, PM86139, PM86703, PM87598, PM87781, PM90715, PM90906, PM92848, PM94459, PM95479, PM95480, PM95873, PM97781, PM98450

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