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ICMCreateName tool - ICM$NAME Create and Populate

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Content Manager Version 8.4.3 added the standard name attribute ICM$NAME. This tool adds and populates this name attribute in existing item types for earlier software versions.

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The ICMCreateName tool is used to add the standard name attribute (ICM$NAME) to an item type and populate this attribute from another attribute or using a plugin. It is used to add the standard name attribute to non-hierarchical item type to allow consistent sorting by name. The tool uses SQL directly on the database to efficiently populate this name.

In Content Manager Version 8.4.3 a standard name attribute called ICM$NAME was added. This attribute was intended to be the standard name in a hierarchical browse application, as seen in interfaces that look similar to file systems. In the initial Version 8.4.3 release, this name attribute was limited to hierarchical item types only. It became clear that the standard name attribute was also needed for non-hierarchical item types, especially in cases where hierarchical and non-hierarchical item types were both used in the same system. Having the standard name attribute on all item types viewed in the browse model is really the only way to provide a consistent sorting of items by name.

Therefore, in Content Manager Version 8.4.3. Fix Pack 1, the standard name attribute became available for non-hierarchical, as well as hierarchical, item types. This change allows the standard name attribute to be used consistently in a Content Manager system, allowing queries that contain both item types to be sorted based on this name attribute in the Content Manager server. However, to truly leverage this in existing item types that already have items, the name attribute must be populated. This population could be done through the Content Manager API, but this approach would cause issues in some data models due to versioning and version constraints. There is also some additional overhead to populating the name attribute by using the Content Manager API. To better address this population requirement, then, the ICMCreateName tool was developed.

To complicate the issue, the standard name attribute is not available in all versions of Content Manager. The attribute did not exist in Version 8.4.2, for example, and it could not be added to non-hierarchical item types in the initial Version 8.4.3 release. The ICMCreateName tool uses direct database calls to add the attribute definition to Version 8.4.2 Content Manager servers. It also uses database calls to add this attribute to non-hierarchical item types in Version 8.4.3 servers that have no fix pack applied.

The ICMCreateName tool requires Version 8.4.3 (or higher) of the Content Manager Java APIs. The Java version supported is the same as that supported by the version of the Content Manager API that is used. The tool is supported on all platforms that the Content Manager API supports, except z/OS. The tool can be used to update a z/OS server, but cannot be run on z/OS. The tool can be used to update a Version 8.4.2 or higher Content Manager server that is running on any supported platform.


This tool supports Content Manager Library Servers of any level 8.4.2 and higher.
The tool requires the Content Manager API version 8.4.3 or higher.
The tool requires a Java runtime environment of a level compatible with the Content Manager API that is used.

Installation Instructions

Create a directory and unzip the tool .zip into it. If you have a Java SDK installed and in your path, use the following command:
jar xvf

This unpacks the following files:
- ICMCreateNAME.bat -> Script to run the tool on Windows
- -> Sctipt to run the tool on Unix
- ICMCreateNAME.jar -> Jar files that contains the tool
- -> A sample plugin
- readme.txt -> Detailed installation and usage information

See readme.txt for more detailed installation, configuration, and usage information.

Cross reference information
Segment Product Component Platform Version Edition
Enterprise Content Management Content Manager for z/OS Other 8.5,,,, 8.4.3,,,, 8.4.2 Enterprise

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