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This document describes how to download and install eDiscovery Analyzer Version 2.2 Fix Pack 4 by using the IBM eDiscovery product download web site.

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Readme for: IBM eDiscovery Analyzer

Release: Version 2.2

Update name: Fix Pack 4

About the Fix Pack

If you are affected by any of the APARs that are contained in this fix pack, apply this fix pack to IBM eDiscovery Analyzer Version 2.2.

Space Requirements

IBM eDiscovery Analyzer requires the following amount of disk space:




Ensure that your system meets the hardware and software system requirements for installing eDiscovery Analyzer Version 2.2 Fix Pack 4.

Installation Instructions

The IBM Archive and eDiscovery Solution Information Center contains installation instructions that apply to this fix pack, in addition to overview, configuration, monitoring, and troubleshooting information for eDiscovery Analyzer. For installation information, see Installing IBM eDiscovery Analyzer.

You cannot perform a silent installation of a fix pack using the refresh installation instructions (REFRESH_INSTALL property).

If you installed additional annotators, you must remove them before installing this fix pack. You can install the annotators again after installing the fix pack.

Do not run the IBM eDiscovery Analyzer installation program more than once at the same time. You must allow the installation program to finish before running it again.

As problems are discovered and resolved throughout the product's life cycle, the eDiscovery Analyzer Support knowledge base is updated. By searching the knowledge base, you can quickly find fixes, solutions, or workarounds to problems. You can start a customized query of the Support knowledge base for all eDiscovery Analyzer Version 2.2 technotes: View all known problems for the IBM eDiscovery Analyzer V2.2 Fix Pack 4, which includes updates to the documentation. To create your own query, go to the Advanced search page on the IBM Software Support Web site.

Download package

To download the fix pack:

  1. Click the Fix Central link in the table below to access the Fix Central web site.
  2. For Product Group, select Enterprise Content Management.
  3. For Product, select eDiscovery Analyzer.
  4. For Installed Version, select
  5. For Platform, select AIX, Windows, or All, then click Continue.
  6. Accept the default option, Browse for fixes, and click Continue.
  7. Select the appropriate fix pack from the list.
  8. Read and agree to the Terms and Conditions.
  9. Sign in with your IBM ID and password. If you are not yet registered, follow the prompts to request access.
  10. Specify your preferred download options and click Continue.
  11. Click the link to download the appropriate package.
  12. In the Installation Instructions section above, click the "Installing IBM eDiscovery Analyzer" link to find the installation information online.

Platform Release date Language Size Download from


May 2012


460 MB

Fix Central


May 2012


455 MB

Fix Central

Removing the Fix Pack

If you want to remove the fix pack and restore a previous version of IBM eDiscovery Analyzer, you must first uninstall the product, then reinstall the version that you want to restore.

Problems solved

Below is a list of the APARs that were fixed in this release.

APAR Description

In some circumstances, when more metadata was indexed than what was in the email or file content, the metaindex would flush prematurely, causing the index to become corrupt.


When filtering Senders and Recipients using Internet Explorer, the dialog did not display, making it appear as if the search had finished.


The Suggested Terms category took a long time to display search results.


When a communication failure occurred between the main server and the helper server, the helper server discarded the documents it was processing.


When documents were indexed, the email appointments showed the date of indexing as the appointment date rather than when the appointment was originally created.


Listing sender and recipients facets occasionally caused a null pointer exception.


Indexing occasionally stalled while a case was being reindexed under one or more of the following conditions:

  • The case contained multiple folders.
  • One of the folders that finished crawling had an update.
  • The previous crawl did not complete.
  • eDiscovery Analyzer was not restarted since the previous incomplete crawl.

Technical support

Known problems, issues, and restrictions
The following are the known problems, issues, restrictions, and additional feature documentation in Version 2.2 Fix Pack 4 of IBM eDiscovery Analyzer:

Setting warnings for hard disk space limits in eDiscovery Analyzer.
Document Preview of a multi-part document in eDiscovery Analyzer displays all of the components.
Sample response for SearchResultCounts eDiscovery Analyzer API.

Problems (APARS) fixed
IC76312, IC81363, IC81364, IC81488, IC81913, IC82221, IC82885

Document information

More support for: eDiscovery Analyzer

Software version:

Operating system(s): AIX, Windows

Software edition: All Editions

Reference #: 4032432

Modified date: 22 June 2012

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