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Download IBM eDiscovery Manager Version 2.2 Fix Pack 4

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This document describes how to download eDiscovery Manager Version 2.2 Fix Pack 4 by using the Fix Central web site.

Download Description

eDiscovery Manager is an Electronic Discovery (eDiscovery) tool that is the foundation for IBM's proactive, platform-based eDiscovery solution. This solution enables organizations to respond to litigation with a lower-cost, in-house approach that negates the need to fully outsource the eDiscovery process.

Space requirements

To download and install this fix pack, you must allocate the following resources. Note that these space requirements are only for installing eDiscovery Manager. They are not for any of the prerequisite software.

If you install WebSphere Application Server on a different file system (AIX) or drive (Windows) than eDiscovery Manager, you need an additional 70 MB of free disk space on the file system or drive where WebSphere Application Server resides. This space is used for the deployment of the eDiscovery Manager application server.


Ensure that your system meets the system requirements for installing eDiscovery Manager Version 2.2 Fix Pack 4.

Installation Instructions

The IBM Archive and eDiscovery Solution Information Center contains installation instructions in addition to overview, configuration, monitoring, and troubleshooting information for eDiscovery Manager. For installation information, see Installing your eDiscovery management system. Also be sure to check the Documentation updates technote for any updates to this installation information. For release-specific installation information, see the Release notes (Additional product information).

Download package

To download the fix pack:

  1. In the table below, click either of the Fix Central links to access the Fix Central web site.
  2. For Product Group, select Enterprise Content Management.
  3. For Product, select eDiscovery Manager.
  4. For Installed Version, select
  5. For Platform, select AIX, Windows, or All, then click Continue.
  6. Accept the default option, Browse for fixes, and click Continue.
  7. Select the required fix pack, then click Continue.
  8. Sign in with your IBM ID and password.
  9. Specify your preferred download options, then click Continue.
  10. View the terms and conditions, then click I agree.
  11. Locate the correct fix pack file from the list, then click the link titled Download IBM eDiscovery Manager Version 2.2 Fix Pack 4.

Platform Release date Language Size Download from


May 2012


315 MB

Fix Central


May 2012


289 MB

Fix Central

Problems solved

Below is a list of the APARs that were fixed in this release.

APAR Description

When the connection to the IBM FileNetP8 server was temporarily interrupted, the API connection error API_UNABLE_TO_USE_CONNECTION was generated, and any eDiscovery Manager tasks running at that time stalled.


During installation, AUTHENTICATED_USERS were being unexpectedly removed from the P8 object store under some unusual circumstances.


When the number of search terms that were specified for a scheduled search was very large, not all of the details were visible from the Scheduled Searches pane in the Case Information page. Additionally, there was no scroll bar on the details window, which prevented users from being able to close the window by clicking OK.


Folders could not be created by a user with an ID that exceeded 64 characters. LDAP users who used their Distinguished Name (DN) to log in to eDiscovery Manager were the users most likely to encounter this problem.


When a task failed in the setup phase and was cancelled, there was no indication in the UI that the task was in a cancelled phase.


When using the compression option with EDRM export, certain files were not included in the compressed output.


Users were unable to view details of a task in the audit view when there was an item in the secondary repository.


When a scheduled search failed and restarted, the error it generated was blank.


When previewing documents, the third line of every document was not visible in Microsoft Internet Explorer V7 or V8.


If a user's role changed, that user had to be unassigned from all cases and then re-added in order for the new role to take effect. This is expected behavior and has been noted in the product documentation.


Occasional connection disruptions with the P8 server caused scheduled searches to go into a deadlocked state.


In the setup state, folders remained locked after the tasks failed.


With many tasks or scheduled searches, the page often took a while to load.


When trying to natively view SMTP emails with attachments on an eDiscovery Manager installation deployed to WebSphere Application Server Version 7, an error appeared in the browser window.


The "Save Results to Folder" step of a scheduled task generated an error message stating "Folder_State_Change is invalid at this time".


For some cases, the number of folders that were locked was not equal to the phase count of the case.


Content size was being reported in a scientific format instead of in an integer format.


With eDiscovery Manager was configured to connect to a P8 5.1 repository using an EJB (iiop://) URL, when "Retrieve Object Stores" was clicked to add additional repositories, an error was generated.


The CSNReader was not thread safe.


Following a specific sequence of steps, the task queue for a scheduled search was deleted.


IBM Content Collector cannot correctly restore MIME type email that has an inconsistent structure.


When a new collection was created, the Mailbox_ID field appeared in the list. However, when the collection was saved, this field was no longer a part of the collection.


A new Save-to-Folder task could result in an out-of-memory exception if there are a large number of tasks in the system.

Note: If an APAR link does not work, the detailed information for that APAR is not yet available from the Support page. Try again in a day or two.

Known side effects

To view brief descriptions of problems in eDiscovery Manager that were discovered before the product shipped, see Known problems in IBM eDiscovery Manager Version 2.2 Fix Pack 4. Where applicable, workarounds are provided.

As problems are discovered and resolved throughout the product's life cycle, the eDiscovery Manager Support knowledge base is updated. By searching the knowledge base, you can find fixes, solutions, or workarounds to problems. The following link starts a customized query of the Support knowledge base for all eDiscovery Manager Version 2.2 Fix Pack 4 technotes: View all technotes specific to eDiscovery Manager Version 2.2 Fix Pack 4.

Technical support

Product support for eDiscovery Manager is available on the web at Support home. Throughout the product's life cycle, the Support knowledge base is updated. By searching the knowledge base, you can quickly find information as well as fixes or workarounds to problems.

Change history

History Date Change
Released May 2012

Problems (APARS) fixed
HE11380, HE11383, HE11387, HE11400, HE11408, HE11409, HE11417, HE11419, HE11420, HE11425, HE11427, HE11440, HE11445, HE11453, HE11459, HE11460, HE11462, HE11464, HE11465, HE11472, HE11480, HE11488, HE11491, HE11504, HE11512

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