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This document provides information about the download location, new features, problems fixed, and known issues for IBM® Rational® Automation Framework version

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This release is a full product download and includes the capability to update from versions 3.0 and

  • For a detailed list of problems (APARs) solved in this Fix Pack, review the Fix List in the Problems solved section below.

Use Rational Automation Framework to automate the management of supported middleware products such as IBM WebSphere Application Server. The product includes a server that can be accessed from a command line interface, a web client, and optionally, an Eclipse client. From the server, run the supplied actions to install and configure software, and to deploy applications on one or more managed systems.

Note: Rational Automation Framework was formerly known as Rational Automation Framework for WebSphere.

You can install this release of Rational Automation Framework in the following ways:

  • Install as a new product.
  • Upgrade from version 3.0. or version

To upgrade from Rational Automation Framework for Websphere releases and earlier, you must first upgrade to Rational Automation Framework version 3.0, then upgrade to Rational Automation Framework version

When you install this version or upgrade to it, a new instance of IBM Rational Build Forge® version is also installed. For upgrades, it replaces the previous version ( For information about Rational Build Forge version, see the release notes on at

Important: If you are using Apache and have customized versions of the httpd.conf and php.ini files, then before you upgrade, back up these files. After the upgrade is complete, merge your customized files with the current files.

Feature updates

This release of Rational Automation Framework contains the following updates:

  • Updated support of WebSphere products: The following products are now fully supported:
    • WebSphere Application Server Version 8.0
    • IBM WebSphere Portal Version 7.0
    • IBM WebSphere Virtual Enterprise Version 7.0
  • WebSphere Application Server version 8: There are special considerations for installing version 8 of WebSphere Application Server.
    • In order to install WebSphere Application Server version 8 and later, a non-administrative installation of IBM Installation Manager is performed. IBM Installation Manager is used to install WebSphere Application Server.
    • If you plan to use IBM Installation Manager to install more than one product on the same target system, you must provide the same values every time you complete the following fields in the Environment Generation wizard: Installation Manager Home (IM_HOME) and Installation Manager Cache Directory (IM_CACHE). Each node in the wizard requests this information, even if all of the nodes are located in the same logical server. The values must be the same for all instances of IM_HOME and IM_CACHE.
  • Federated Security: New support has been added for federated security.
    • Action commands:
    • Tutorial on adding an LDAP user repository to your federated security repository. See Tutorials.
  • PMI Request Metrics: The following actions were added to support PMI Request Metrics at the cell scope:
    • was_common_configure_pmi_request_metrics: Manages PMI Request Metrics. This supports import, execute, promote and compare. The results are stored in pmi.xml This is also invoked by configure_all.
    • was_common_configure_server_pmi_module: Manages the custom PMI module settings for servers. This supports import, execute, promote and compare. The results are stored in server.xml This is invoked by server_all

    See the Action command help.

  • OSGI Support: The following actions were added to support OSGI:
    • was_common_configure_osgi_external_repositories: Maps to Environment > OSGI bundle repositories > External bundle repositories.
    • was_common_configure_osgi_internal_repositories: Maps to Environment > OSGI bundle repositories > Internal bundle repositories.

    See the Action command help.

  • SIBus security: The was_common_configure_sibus_security action was added. It configures security settings for the bus, including general bus security, permitted transports, users and groups, and access roles.

    See the Action command help.

  • Multiple private SSH keys: On Linux and UNIX systems, you can set up each environment to use different SSH credentials. See Configure password or public key authentication for target systems.
  • Installer parsing: The installer now uses Java regular expressions rather than Perl regular expressions when parsing the merge.list and preserve.list files. This item affects only IBM partners who redistribute this product.

Known Issues

  • Unsuccessful service start after installation: When you specify Start Build Forge in Service Mode in the installer, the Rational Automation Framework service does not start and logs a number of errors to the Apache Tomcat catalina log. The login page does not load.

    Workaround: Restart the Rational Automation Framework service.

  • Eclipse client does not start on Linux: The symptom is a segmentation fault in (as listed in the javacore log). Some distributions of Linux systems, including Red Hat Linux 5 and 6, recently changed their support of xulrunner to a version that is not supported by the Eclipse client.


    1. Download and install version 1.9.x of xulrunner from Put it outside of the Rational Automation Framework installation directory.
    2. In the root directory where you installed the Eclipse client, edit the rafui.ini file and add the following line at the end.

      Replace <path> with the absolute path to the directory where you installed xulrunner.

  • Error on upgrade: If you get the error "Action 'was_common_configure_start_dmgr' does not exist in the specified scope," see Technote 1580412. This error normally occurs only if you use a custom environment template to generate managed cells.


Supporting Documentation
Document Description
Detailed System Requirements Hardware and software requirements for framework server and for targets. Additional information appears in the Information Center.
Information Center Browse or search online information related to the deployment, configuration, and usage of the product.

Installation Instructions

For installation instructions:

  • Review the install.html file in the installation package
  • Refer to the installation guide in the Information Center (link provided below)
Installation Guide English 5000000

Download package

This section lists the download files and the problems solved in this release. Download files:
Download these files from Fix Central. The link takes you directly to the Rational Automation Framework page for this release.

You can also reach the page from the Fix Central home page by selecting Product Group = Rational and Product = Rational Automation Framework.

File name Description File size Server package (1 of 2) - all platforms 1.7 GB Server package (2 of 2) - all platforms 1.5 GB Client package for Windows systems 312 MB Client package for Linux systems 286 MB Rational Build Forge agents - all platforms 16 MB

Problems solved

The following APARs are fixed in this version.

APAR number Description
PM56714 RAF Exception when importing applications in WAS 6.0
PM56972 was_common_configure_jms_destinations during import/compare mode defaults attribute CCSID=0
PM59665 Info Center should state how to silently upgrade, even if it is only referring to the silent install section.
PM59854 Eclipse UI throws CRWEB0001E Invalid value has been passed for the parameter '' when running Env Gen Wizard
PM60428 RAF EUI creating conditional control parameters with enclosing () resulting in incorrect logical result

Technical support

For FAQs and other support information, visit the
Rational Automation Framework Support page.

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