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IBM Rational Insight Patch 1 has been made generally available and contains fixes to version

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If you are using CLM 3.0.1.x with Rational Insight then you must
install this patch. If you do not install this patch your ETLs will stop functioning
with the upcoming CLM and Tomcat releases because of a protocol change.

The patch also fixes two other import issues:

  1. Without the patch, errors that happen during REST calls are not
    propagated from the XDC driver to the Data Manager. An error is not logged. The Data Manager logs show a success message despite the error. In the past you had to review the entire ri_jdbc.log file for errors. With the patch, errors are properly reported in the DM log files.
  2. The patch resolves issues with the XDC editor connection tests logging a warning message about missing resources. An additional resource path field is added to the connection test interface in order for the test to run on a specific resource.
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Operating system(s): Linux, Windows

Reference #: 4031827

Modified date: 18 January 2012