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Rational AppScan Enterprise 8.5 Interim Fix 001

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This document describes how to download and install the iFix for IBM Rational AppScan Enterprise and IBM Rational AppScanTester Edition version 8.5

Download Description

You can locate it on Fix Central using the following directions:

  1. Go to and sign in using your IBM ID and password.
  2. Select Rational in the Product Group list and click Continue.
  3. Select IBM Rational AppScan Enterprise in the Product list.
  4. Select 8.5 in the Installed Version list.
  5. Select Windows in the Platform list, and click Continue.
  6. Enter in your Passport Advantage credentials into the Sign in page and click Continue.
  7. In the Identify fixes page, select Browse for fixes (or choose another search method), and click Continue.
  8. In the Select fixes page, select the Interim fix check box, and click Continue.
  9. In the Download options page, choose your download method (Download Director or your browser), and click Continue.


Installation Instructions

This section takes you through the steps to install the Interim Fix.
1. Navigate to the directory where you downloaded the executable and double-click the files ASE8.5-IFIX1_Setup.exe and ASEDAS8.5-IFIX1.exe.

Note: If the Dynamic Analysis Scanner and Enterprise Console are located on the same machine, just download the ASE8.5-IFIX1_Setup.exe file. If the Dynamic Analysis Scanner is located on a separate machine, also download the ASEDAS8.5-IFIX1.exe file.

2. In the Setup Wizard, click Next.
3. In the License Agreement dialog box, choose the "I accept the terms in the license agreement" option, and click Next.
4. For multiple instances on a single server, the same as single server.

The Interim Fix is installed. When the installation is finished, it will launch the Configuration Wizard (If Config Instances is selected); click Next.
6. Exit the installation.

Download package

Problems solved

PM49611 Rational AppScan Enterprise uses incorrect parameter value in POST data
PM49828 Rational AppScan Enterprise improperly URL-decodes manually explored pages
PM50150 Cannot display double byte filename correctly when exporting report
PM50297 QuickScan users can't access jobs created from setting file
PM50624 Scan sending tests to domain not included in job properties
PM50626 Multi-part type not supported, do not send invalid multi-part requests
PM51134 HTTP Parameter value and domain are interchanged when importing from Rational AppScan Standard
PM51348 Rational AppScan Enterprise is not detecting cross site scripting vulnerabilities in an application
PM51558 Manual Explore Locks on _proxyLock when sending the requests
PM51695 Manual Explore stuck in waiting to load when proxy security is enabled
PM52173 Rational AppScan Enterprise does not use the path attribute on a cookie
PM53098 URL-encoded cookies not being updated in Scan log
PM53835 Error in AppScan Import XML When Highlighted Length is greater than HTTP Traffic
PM53954 Changing user-agent of browser during manual explore in Rational AppScan Enterprise does not take effect.
PM54148 Need error handling around accessing time zone registry settings
PM54316 Incorrect calculation of broken links in the reports

Download RELEASE DATE LANGUAGE SIZE(Bytes) Download Options
What is Fix Central (FC)?
ASE8.5-IFIX1_Setup.exe 19 Dec 2011 English 27166848 FC

Problems (APARS) fixed
PM49611, PM49828, PM50150, PM50297, PM50624, PM50626, PM51134, PM51348, PM51558, PM51695, PM52173, PM53098, PM53835, PM53954, PM54148, PM54316

Document information

More support for: IBM Security AppScan Enterprise

Software version: 8.5

Operating system(s): Windows

Software edition: Enterprise, Tester

Reference #: 4031679

Modified date: 05 January 2012