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This document describes how to download translated documentation for IBM® Maximo® Asset Management by using the Fix Central website.

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Translated documentation for Maximo Asset Management is available on Fix Central as a fix pack that includes multiple plug-ins and a readme file. The fix ID is

The fix pack contains both product and common documentation. Some of the common documentation plug-ins are language-specific. After you have completed the download and extracted the plug-in files, you can decide what languages you would like to deploy. To include all languages, keep all of the language-specific plug-in folders in your deployment. To only include some of the available languages, delete the language-specific plug-in folders that you do not want to include in your deployment.

To deploy the translated content for Maximo Asset Management:

1. On the administrative workstation for Maximo Asset Management, create a temporary folder to hold the translated plug-ins.
2. Go to the Fix Central website
3. On the Select fixes page, verify that the fix pack that contains the translated documentation for Maximo Asset Management is selected. Click Continue.
4. Download the fix pack to the temporary location on the administrative workstation.
5. Review the readme file, which gives detailed instructions for deploying the translated content.
6. Deploy the translated content.

Follow these links to download the current multilingual plug-in for each product. The plug-in for Maximo Asset Management Essentials contains version translated documentation. The plug-in for all other add-on and industry solution products contains version 7.5 translated documentation.
IBM Maximo Asset Management Essentials
IBM Maximo Adapter for Microsoft Project 7.5
IBM Maximo Adapter for Primavera 7.5
IBM Maximo Asset Configuration Manager 7.5
IBM Maximo Asset Management Scheduler 7.5
IBM Maximo Calibration 7.5
IBM Maximo for Life Sciences 7.5
IBM Maximo Change and Corrective Action Manager 7.5
IBM Maximo Everyplace 7.5
IBM Maximo for Nuclear Power 7.5
IBM Maximo for Utilities 7.5
IBM Maximo Linear Asset Manager 7.5
IBM Maximo Mobile Suite 7.5
IBM Maximo for Oil and Gas 7.5
IBM Maximo for Service Providers 7.5
IBM Maximo Spatial Asset Management 7.5
IBM Maximo for Transportation 7.5
IBM Maximo Health, Safety and Environment Manager 7.5

Download package

Download RELEASE DATE LANGUAGE SIZE(Bytes) Download Options
What is Fix Central (FC)? 28 Nov 2011 English 273754812 FC HTTPS

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