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This document describes how to download and install IBM Rational Focal Point, version 6.5.1.

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V.R.M Release

IBM Rational Focal Point, version 6.5.1 is a full product download and is available in Passport Advantage site.

IBM Rational Focal Point is a comprehensive portfolio planning solution for market-driven teams. With Rational Focal Point, teams can make collaborative, objective decisions to deliver market, customer, and business value. By understanding what matters most, your organization can respond to dynamic market conditions and deliver valued products and projects.

IBM Rational Focal Point, version 6.5.1 includes the following new features:

  • Integration with IBM Rational Requirements Composer: You can publish a linked collection of business needs to project areas in Rational Requirements Composer. A requirement for each business need is created in Rational Requirements Composer. You can also use a CALM link attribute in a business need to create a requirement in Rational Requirements Composer.
  • Enhanced integration with IBM Rational Team Concert: You can publish a linked collection of business needs to project areas in Rational Team Concert. A work item for each business need is created in Rational Team Concert. You can also use a CALM link attribute in a business need to create a work item in Rational Team Concert.
  • Application portfolio management workspace template: The application portfolio management template is a preconfigured workspace template with which you can manage your application portfolio. You can create a workspace that is based on this template and then customize the workspace according to your requirements.
  • Updated Gantt chart: The visualization options in the Gantt chart are improved. These options include histograms, the display of data according to a variable time scale, zoom options, element sorting, and the distribution of values over time. The new Gantt chart supports graphical settings such as 3D, grids, hovers, and date icons.

    Note: For better performance in Internet Explorer 7 and 8, install Microsoft Silverlight plugin.

  • Updated XY chart: The visualization options in the XY chart are improved. The improved options include selecting or clearing elements to perform calculations, threshold line plotting, zoom options, and using lines to connect elements that have a common attribute. The new XY chart also supports graphical settings such as 3D, grids, hovers, and cross X-Y lines.

    Note: For better performance in Internet Explorer 7 and 8, install Microsoft Silverlight plugin.

  • Verify database: After you upgrade Rational Focal Point, you can verify the database to identify and solve database issues in the upgrade.
  • Secured access to the ping servlet feature: The ping servlet is useful for remote debugging. Administrators can use the ping servlet security feature to configure access for the servlet by using both basic HTTP authentication and client network address filtering.
  • From Rational Focal Point, version 6.5.1 release, the help system is included with the product. You can either access the locally installed help or access the help from the IBM site.
  • Bundled installers for IBM DB2®: Rational Focal Point is bundled with installers for DB2 Workgroup Server Edition, version 9.7, and permanent limited use licenses.
  • Bundled installers for IBM WebSphere® Application Server: Rational Focal Point is bundled with installers and licenses for WebSphere Application Server, version 7.0. After installing Rational Focal Point, upgrade to the supported version of WebSphere Application Server
  • When you add users, members, and elements, the attributes Owner, Parent Folder and Inherit From are displayed as lookups instead of lists in the add forms. This enhancement reduces the loading time when you select users, members and folders in large workspaces.

    Lists are also replaced by lookups when you select users, members or folders:

    • When you manage user access in Users > Manage Users.
    • When you manage member access in Members > Members.
    • When you add a workspace and select users for Responsible and User Administrator, in General > Workspaces > Add Workspace.
    • When you select users as workspace members at import in General > Workspaces > Import Workspace
    • .
    • When you select Sync user in Application > Synchronization.
    • When you select System user for business rules and expressions in Users > User Settings.
    Rational Focal Point, version 6.5.1 also includes defect fixes that were raised in the previous versions of the product.

    IBM Rational Focal Point, version 6.5.1 is translated in the following languages: German, Spanish, French, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese, Japanese, Korean, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Arabic, Hebrew, Hungarian, Polish, Russian, Czech, Finnish.

    For a list of known problems and workarounds for this release, see View all known problems for Rational Focal Point, version 6.5.1

    To download Rational Focal Point:

    • Passport Advantage clients Passport Advantage and Passport Advantage Express clients are required to sign in to Passport Advantage Online to access the actual files.
    • Non-Passport Advantage clients If your organization did not purchase your software and support through Passport Advantage or Passport Advantage Express, you are required to sign in to the new IBM Software Group OEM Portal to access the actual files.

      Note: This includes clients with Flexible Contract Type (FCT) license purchases and IBM Business Partners.

      For assistance with the IBM Software Group OEM Portal, visit the eCustomer care page.

    Downloadable parts See the table below for details about the eAssembly. You can refer to these details when you download files from Passport Advantage.

    Part number Description
    CRG1LML IBM Rational Focal Point V6.5.1 Multilingual Multiplatform eAssembly
    CZZ5IML Quick Start Guide for IBM Rational Focal Point V6.5.1 Multiplatform Multilingual
    CI2W0ML IBM Rational Focal Point V6.5.1 Multilingual Multiplatform


    Supporting Documentation
    For a brief description of the new features and restrictions, review the Release notes documentation.
    For a detailed list of the system requirements prior to installing, review the System requirements documentation.
    For information on configuring your computer prior to installing, see Preinstallation tasks documentation.
    To view, browse, and search on-line information related to this product, visit the Information Center

    Installation Instructions

    For information about installing Rational Focal Point, version 6.5.1, see Installation road map.

    For information about upgrading from earlier versions of Rational Focal Point to version 6.5.1, see Upgrading from earlier versions.

    Note: To install or start IBM Installation Manager on a Red Hat Enterprise Linux RHEL 6.0/6.1 x86_64 (64-bit) machine, you must install 32-bit OS system libraries on your system. For information, see IBM Installation Manager technote 1459143.

    Download package

    Download the eAssembly for Rational Focal Point, version 6.5.1, for Windows, Linux, and Solaris platforms from IBM Passport Advantage.

    Problems solved

    All APARs that are solved in Rational Focal Point, version 6.5.1 are documented in the APAR list for Rational Focal Point.

    This release contains fixes for the following APARs:

    APAR Description
    PK97351 Sorting of elements in "editing" pop-up window.
    PK99059 Matrix export to Excel.
    PK99867 Rational Focal Point freezes when using the 'display in printer friendly format' or 'copy to clipboard' in a Gantt view.
    PM23288 Float attribute valus entered with , in Matrix attribute has wrong values.
    PM27238 History logging on sync read-only event is logged as user "-" on the lock attribute.
    PM27247 Float values entered in a matrix in Swedish locale does not display in line chart.
    PM27531 When defining the second rule to filter on outgoing links, the filter screen goes blank when the list of requirements is loaded.
    PM28891 Relative date value in the view rule is changed after it is saved in Rational Focal Point.
    PM30022 Error: Transaction rolled back while saving expression.
    PM30126 Elements gets randomly placed when moved between folders.
    PM31356 Documentation missing on edit attributes and business rules.
    PM31752 Sharing access to views can take a long time.
    PM34154 Right frame with attribute information blank, intermittently.
    PM35007 Some links are missing in the link list attribute when using the CreateElementFrom function in Rational Focal Point.
    PM36000 Text attributes and Oracle database, tree view rule fails to fetch all matching elements.
    PM36374 Loading add form just takes too long.
    PM36375 Gantt chart is not resizing correctly in IE 8 and FF 3.6.
    PM36826 Mirror attribute missing on some elements.
    PM37238 Group by and refresh of tree view.
    PM37337 Users get "an error occurred" message when logging in to Rational Focal Point.
    PM37546 Set choice business rule does not work for the file attribute if the file name contains "_".
    PM37881 Response time for Rational Focal Point application differs for the similar steps being followed from Firefox as compared to IE.
    PM37957 Duplicate homepages show due to multiple inheritance.
    PM38053 Editable table does not show data.
    PM38148 Cell alignment for the float attributes in statistics view.
    PM38354 Copy of filter and title issue.
    PM38364 Delay between deletion of attribute and display of the ‘Deleting attribute’ message.
    PM38368 Exported Excel does not display elements as sorted in the table view.
    PM38371 Issue with linking the RTC work items having ASCII characters in title when integrating RTC with RFP.
    PM38520 Statistic views and parent folder.
    PM38689 Expressions in matrix headings are lost after export and import of a workspace.
    PM38787 Generated report from statistics view contains "Error: Element limit reached".
    PM38791 Cascade for choice attribute is lost in the statistics view.
    PM38903 Rational Focal Point installation does not complete on WAS when Java 2 security is enabled.
    PM39037 Prefix attribute not displayed in defining filter on link or list/link attribute for a regular user.
    PM39249 Elements not sorted when Group By is applied.
    PM39368 Element URL link is corrupted on "Send a link to element to member in this workspace".
    PM39369 View rule on ‘Number of Logins less than 1’ does not work.
    PM39371 Link/list contains duplicate links (2 links to same element).
    PM39373 ‘An Error Occurred’ message is displayed when changing the filter to Global in Rational Focal Point server.
    PM39374 "No member found" message is shown on editing link / list attribute value although full display view opened from statistics.
    PM39388, PM39361 The display of blank values for integer attribute is not uniform.
    PM39599 SVT:6502 Performance degradation in attribute creation.
    PM39705 "Enter" behaves differently when saving filter in IE from FF.
    PM39803 Add view shows a blank page with IE.
    PM40149 Slow performance creating view rule on link list attribute.
    PM40152 Slow performance loading user list on sending element link to user.
    PM40376 Matrix chart display.
    PM40517 Aggregate time grid is not working at the third level.
    PM40525 Adding/deleting entries from list/text attribute in the same transaction does not commit information.
    PM40561 Send account information, incorrect error message is shown when SMTP server is not reachable.
    PM40645 First time loading of user module slow due to icon test.
    PM40916 Link target list on setting links different in two nodes.
    PM40917 No indication that "changes over time" graph is being generated.
    PM41283 Slow performance of "changes over time" display mode.
    PM41389 Contradicting results after Excel update failed.
    PM41396 Incorrect attribute sort order in the node.
    PM41410 ListAttributeSum business rule issue and listen_to parameter to attribute with formatting.
    PM41486 Loading a module hangs with blank screen in Rational Focal Point.
    PM41489 Double entries for a user displayed under "Online Users".
    PM41628 Workspace name including "&" is displayed incorrectly in browser tab.
    PM41896 Global filter definitions are lost - intermittent issue.
    PM41913 Incorrect values displayed in a stacked column chart in statistics view.
    PM42187 Error on creating a baseline.
    PM42191 Possible to set links to workspaces being exported.
    PM42193 Secure connection between Rational Focal Point and the SMTP server.
    PM42195 Error on editing title of specific elements linked to deleted workspaces.
    PM42462 More elements are seen than expected.
    PM42590 Full display on elements with "?" for Float value does not work.
    PM42713 When creating a new element the browser stop responding for more than 2 minutes, SSO account.
    PM43107 Multichoice attributes and description.
    PM43208 Choice attributes and sorting when choice items are numbers in tables display.
    PM43422 Link aggregation in time grids should round values when displaying them.
    PM43534 Default value of text attribute and "blank line" when using IE 8.
    PM43621 Rational Focal Point does not restart due to user sessions.
    PM44152 Deleted choice items and views based on same choice item.
    PM44193 Matrix writer, matrices and copied values from matrix.
    PM44442 "An Error Occurred" on loading history of an element.
    PM44449 Date attribute and relative date.
    PM44800 Translation error: Spanish.
    PM44805 When setting a direct transition so that an element moves out of the view, a different message is displayed than when the transition is set up with option.
    PM44906 History of "Synchronized" is not seen in a view.
    PM45028 ASCII characters embedded in the friend link.
    PM45185 What's New does not work for display view based on current user rule.
    PM45229 Hiding all modules in the workspace makes the left navigation bar invisible.
    PM45421 Prioritize view and pairwise compare.
    PM45541 Using expressions when configuring time grid attribute.
    PM45601 In the report, LinkInfo business rule shows "null" for attributes containing expressions.
    PM45609 Module sorting does not work in attribute statistics.
    PM45680 Corrupted CSV export.
    PM45730 SumTimeGridRow configured with date 2011-01-01.
    PM45877 The month before the start date is displayed in time grid table.
    PM45972 "An Error Occurred" on lookup for sender on generate reports.
    PM46070 "Product portfolio management" and ListAttributeSum business rule.
    PM46115 Friend entry is getting duplicated.
    PM46144 No message displayed when user tries to access element link to hidden workspaces.
    PM46495 Send an element link to members does not filter according to the view.
    PM46516 History logging not seen on "Inherit From" attribute in Members module.
    PM46605 Slow performance on verify integrity.
    PM46703 Report in RTF format.
    PM46819 Dragging an element to a folder is not working as expected.
    PM47287 Export of time grid attribute displays wrong attribute name.
    PM47414 Time grid sheets compare view does not show total for second sheet.
    PM47494 Parent folder change (or rollback) does not refresh the tree view.
    PM47498 Data that is made non-editable via a workflow can be edited in dynamic table.
    PM47944 Current parent displayed is incorrect on a multiedit.
    PM48034 Export to Excel of elements with prefixes set under Attribute/ID/Visual settings/Prefix.
    PM48259 Unable to set owner to user whose name contains '.
    PM48579 Instances when updating time grid attribute with Excel fails to update some rows.
    PM48589 Update of Excel sheet is not possible if a text list attribute has special characters.
    PM49097 Incremental search for ":" character changes display of element title to parent folder.
    PM49109 Changing filters fail to display the right output.
    PM49370 The tool tip does not show the link attribute name for the down arrow in traceability matrix.
    PM49373 Dynamic table and inline edit.
    PM49459 Issue with inline editing of float attribute in dynamic table (invalid syntax after edit).
    PM49460 Parents for choice items not visible in dynamic table in Rational Focal Point.
    PM49580 Double quote and view rule on views in IE.
    PM49669 No errors or warnings on importing invalid date entry for date attributes.

    Download RELEASE DATE LANGUAGE SIZE(Bytes) Download Options
    Passport Advantage 13 Dec 2011 English 541000000 HTTP

    Technical support

    IBM Rational Software Support

    IBM Rational Software Support provides you with technical assistance.

    Known problems are documented in the form of individual technotes in the Support Knowledge Base at http://www.ibm.com/software/awdtools/focalpoint/support/. As problems are discovered and resolved, the knowledge base is updated and maintained with new information. By searching the knowledge base, you can quickly find workarounds or solutions to problems.
    The following links run customized queries of the live Support Knowledge Base:

    For FAQs, lists of known problems and fixes, and other support information, visit the IBM Support Portal for Rational Software.

    For contact information, guidelines, or reference materials that you need when you require support, see the IBM Software Support Handbook

    For product news, events, and other information, visit the Product home page.

    Before you contact IBM Rational Software Support, gather the background information that you need to describe the problem. When you describe a problem to an IBM software support specialist, be as specific as possible and include all relevant background information so that the specialist can help you solve the problem efficiently. To save time, know the answers to these questions:

    • What software versions were you running when the problem occurred?
    • Do you have logs, traces, or messages that are related to the problem?
    • Can you reproduce the problem? If so, what steps do you take to reproduce it?
    • Is there a workaround for the problem? If so, be prepared to describe the workaround.

    Problems (APARS) fixed
    PK97351, PK99059, PK99867, PM23288, PM27238, PM27247, PM27531, PM28891, PM30022, PM30126, PM31356, PM31752, PM34154, PM35007, PM36000 , PM36374, PM36375, PM36826, PM37238, PM37337, PM37546, PM37881, PM37957, PM38053, PM38148, PM38354, PM38364, PM38368, PM38371, PM38520, PM38689, PM38787, PM38791, PM38903, PM39037, PM39249, PM39368, PM39369, PM39371, PM39373, PM39374, PM39388, PM39361, PM39599, PM39705 , PM39803, PM40149, PM40152, PM40376, PM40517, PM40525, PM40561, PM40645, PM40916, PM40917, PM41283, PM41389, PM41396, PM41410, PM41486, PM41489, PM41628, PM41896, PM41913, PM42187, PM42191, PM42193, PM42195, PM42462, PM42590, PM42713, PM43107, PM43208, PM43422, PM43534, PM43621, PM44152, PM44193, PM44442, PM44449, PM44800, PM44805, PM44906, PM45028, PM45185, PM45229, PM45421, PM45541, PM45601, PM45609, PM45680, PM45730, PM45877, PM45972, PM46070, PM46115, PM46144, PM46495, PM46516, PM46605, PM46703, PM46819, PM47287, PM47414, PM47494, PM47498, PM47944, PM48034, PM48259, PM48579 , PM48589, PM49097, PM49109, PM49370, PM49373, PM49459, PM49460, PM49580, PM49669

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