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FileNet P8 Platform V5.1 Documentation Updates

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This document provides updates for your installed IBM® FileNet® P8 V5.1 information center. These updates have already been applied to the information center hosted on

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The documentation update files available from this document include updates from several documentation refreshes as well as several security patches.

Note: Although the information center hosted on was updated on 30 March 2012, these March updates are not currently included in the documentation update file available from this document.

23 November 2012 updates:

Documentation for IBM Enterprise Records Version 5.1.1 now available in a separate download (

14 November 2011 updates:

For most of the changed topics, the updates include:

  • Fixes that correct known issues and other errors.
  • Changes to the product name for IBM InfoSphere® Enterprise Records, which is now named IBM Enterprise Records.
  • Deprecation notices for IBM FileNet Legacy Content Search Engine.
In addition, the updates include:
  • Content Engine administration – added a new topic, "Conversion of mapped property values," which defines the data type conversion rules for IBM FileNet CFS for Content Integrator; updated the description of the license terms for use of IBM Content Engine Bulk Import Tool.
  • IBM Content Search Services troubleshooting – added a new topic, "Checking IBM Content Search Services for common errors."
  • IBM ECM Widgets installation – added a new planning topic.
  • Performance tuning – added IBM Content Manager tuning topics.
  • Process Engine Web Service documentation - added new methods from Fix Pack and supporting updates.
  • IBM Forms – added documentation for IBM Forms, which is now bundled with IBM FileNet Business Process Manager with limited use license terms.

Note: IBM FileNet Business Process Manager Version 5.1 was released on 21 October 2011. This release delivers a new bundled offering as well as improved support for IBM Case Manager. However, there are no documentation changes for the release, and the Process Engine, Case Analyzer, and Process Simulator software versions remain at V5.0.

5 August 2011 updates:
  • Updated documentation for IBM Enterprise Records.
  • Corrected the Japanese and Spanish translations of the IBM FileNet Workplace XT V1.1.5 user help.
20 January 2014 update:

Installation Instructions

To install the documentation updates or the cross-site scripting vulnerability fix, extract the files from your information center WAR file and add the new plug-ins to the information center structure. Re-create the WAR file, clear the information center cache, and redeploy your information center.

Security patch installation:

  1. Expand the existing p8docs.war file to a working directory.
  2. Download the security patch using the link below.
  3. Unzip the security patch and copy the resulting files to the directory where you expanded p8docs.war.
  4. Re-create the p8docs.war file.
  5. Replace the original p8docs.war file with the one you created in the previous step.

For detailed instructions on how to update your information center, see the following links.
Updating the information center English 100
Preventing errors on JBoss English 100

Download package

The documentation updates are available as a compressed file. You must have FTP access available in order to download the file. Note that the file might take a while to download.

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Download the

Download the

Download the

Cross reference information
Segment Product Component Platform Version Edition
Enterprise Content Management FileNet eForms Eforms for P8
Enterprise Content Management Enterprise Records
Enterprise Content Management Case Foundation Business Process Manager

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More support for: FileNet Content Manager
Content Manager

Software version: 5.1.0

Operating system(s): AIX, HP-UX, Linux, Solaris, Windows

Reference #: 4030625

Modified date: 21 November 2012

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