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Fix Pack 3 includes critical fixes and updates for WebSphere eXtreme Scale Version 7.1.0.

The following problems (APARs) are fixed in this upgrade: PM31814;PM31022;PM35054;PM35274;PM35900;PM36518;PM36605;PM37059;PM37579;PM37461;PM33319;PM37856;PM38880;PM39514;PM39989;PM40866

The following functional improvements are included in this upgrade:

  • Added multi-master replication loader support.
  • Improved performance for client requests and for replication.
  • Improved session resiliency in a total remote grid loss scenario.
  • Fixed insert followed by the removal of a non-existent entry in the same transaction.
  • Defaulted orb properties when not specified.
  • Added CLIENT_AUTH_LIB environment variable to stopOgServer script.
  • Added new functionality for xsadmin to control placement.
  • Fixed ClassLoader issue when using COPY_TO_BYTES in a WebSphere environment.
  • Fixed ArithmeticException with message divide by zero when doing replication.
  • Added support for iterating over the keys in a map with a built-in index.
  • Added URL rewriting support for HTTP session support
  • Fixed OutOfMemoryException that is possible when doing a hub spoke topology.
  • Fixed getAll when using COPY_TO_BYTES CopyMode when getting from multiple partitions
  • Fixed NoSuchMethodError when running in Websphere 6.0.2.

How critical is this fix pack?
Required. You must install this fix pack on top of your Version 7.1.0.x WebSphere eXtreme Scale software.

Known side-effects
WebSphere eXtreme Scale 7.1 System Requirements English 10000

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What is Fix Central(FC)?
Version 15 Jun 2011 Language Independent 297419612 FC
Version Client Only 15 Jun 2011 Language Independent 81690311 FC

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Modified date: 15 June 2011

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