IBM Tivoli Monitoring 6.2.2 Fix Pack 6 (6.2.2-TIV-ITM-FP0006)

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This is a cumulative fix pack for IBM Tivoli Monitoring version 6.2.2.

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* A change introduced by this Fix Pack might negatively affect existing product function.
* Please refer to APARs IV12698, IV13920, IV20293 for a description of the problems and corrective actions.
* Evaluate these APARs for the potential impact in your environment.

This is a cumulative fix pack for IBM Tivoli Monitoring version 6.2.2. This fix pack supersedes all previous IBM Tivoli Monitoring versions, including the most recent, version 6.2.2 Fix Pack 5.

This Fix pack consists of the following files:

Fix pack file name Description
6.2.2-TIV-ITM_TMV-Linux-FP0006.tar Contains the IBM Tivoli Monitoring base product components, the Warehouse Proxy and Summarization and Pruning agents for Linux®, as well as application support for the base agents and a selected set of IBM Tivoli Monitoring 6.x based distributed monitoring agents.
6.2.2-TIV-ITM_TMV-Unix-FP0006.tar Contains the IBM Tivoli Monitoring base product components, the Warehouse Proxy and Summarization and Pruning agents for Unix®, as well as application support for the base agents and a selected set of IBM Tivoli Monitoring 6.x based distributed monitoring agents. Contains the IBM Tivoli Monitoring base product components, the Warehouse Proxy and Summarization and Pruning agents for Windows®, as well as application support for the base agents and a selected set of IBM Tivoli Monitoring 6.x based distributed monitoring agents.
6.2.2-TIV-ITM_TMV-Agents-FP0006.tar Contains the IBM Tivoli Monitoring base agents. This includes the following: Agentless Monitor (multiplatforms), i5/OS® agent, Windows OS agent, Linux OS agent, UNIX OS agent, UNIX Logs agent, IBM Tivoli Universal Agent.
6.2.2-TIV-ITM_TMV-Tools-FP0006.tar Contains the IBM Tivoli Monitoring 5.1.2 Migration Toolkit, the Distributed Monitoring Upgrade Toolkit and the Tivoli Event Integration event synchronization component.
6.2.2-TIV-ITM_TMV-Agent-Reports-FP0006.tar Contains the IBM Tivoli Monitoring OS Agents Reports.

The following levelset PTFs represent the equivalent maintenance level for the corresponding z/OS components which can be ordered via ShopzSeries:

UA62291 -- MGMT SERVER DS (Code)

UA62292 -- MGMT SERVER DS (Data)

UA62293 -- ITMS/ENGINE 1 of 2

UA62294 -- ITMS/ENGINE 2 of 2

Created/Revised by Date of Creation/Update Summary of Changes
MK 2011/09/30 Document created
MK 2012/05/29 Updated Description with regression APARs.
MK 2012/11/30 Updated Description adding regression APAR: IV20293.

Installation Instructions

Refer to the README file located in Fix Central for additional information. Also refer to the Installation and Setup Guide below.

Installation and Setup Guide English 1

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Fix Central

Fix Central is a new way to acquire fixes and, for this fix, it is the only option for downloading. The two main differences are that the FTP option will be replaced by HTTP and you will need to use an IBM registered ID to acquire the files, which allows us to update you on any critical issues with the fix. Privacy is always maintained.

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Fix Central 30 Sep 2011 English 1 FC

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Problems (APARS) fixed
IZ84133, IZ85102, IZ85611, IZ86190, IZ86269, IZ87528, IZ87789, IZ88094, IZ88832, IZ88861, IZ94515, IZ95074, IZ95504, IZ96334, IZ96600, IZ96646, IZ96957, IZ97235, IZ97331, IZ97359, IZ97890, IZ97984, IZ98187, IZ98638, IZ98649, IZ98868, IZ98991, IZ99005, IZ99020, IZ99025, IZ99304, IZ99326, IZ99327, IZ99388, IZ99688, IZ99714, IZ99773, IZ99777, IV00112, IV00113, IV00124, IV00146, IV00167, IV00279, IV00340, IV00440, IV00522, IV00655, IV00697, IV00722, IV00749, IV00769, IV00783, IV00799, IV00828, IV01047, IV01050, IV01053, IV01055, IV01156, IV01391, IV01532, IV01588, IV01608, IV01632, IV01719, IV01794, IV02101, IV02109, IV02200, IV02222, IV02271, IV02280, IV02284, IV02285, IV02305, IV02711, IV02713, IV02726, IV02781, IV02818, IV02866, IV02871, IV03075, IV03104, IV03216, IV03341, IV03365, IV03379, IV03405, IV03411, IV03416, IV03417, IV03430, IV03695, IV04110, IV06268, IV06829, IV06896, OA35882, OA36000, OA36203, OA36291, OA36402, OA36544, OA36593, OA36660 ,

IZ18659, IZ23064, IZ36593, IZ42673, IZ42859, IZ45235, IZ45531, IZ45666, IZ47904, IZ47946, IZ48289, IZ48347, IZ50036, IZ50147, IZ50390, IZ50476, IZ50902, IZ50995, IZ51078, IZ51232, IZ51285, IZ51485, IZ52298, IZ52380, IZ52588, IZ52599, IZ52776, IZ52777, IZ52960, IZ53199, IZ53277, IZ53689, IZ53834, IZ53960, IZ53975, IZ53978, IZ53981, IZ54250, IZ54598, IZ54659, IZ54673, IZ54715, IZ54737, IZ54795, IZ54823, IZ55246, IZ55248, IZ55249, IZ55292, IZ55386, IZ55508, IZ55590, IZ55754, IZ55766, IZ55790, IZ56002, IZ56036, IZ56142, IZ56255, IZ56407, IZ56420, IZ56669, IZ56818, IZ57078, IZ57602, IZ57703, IZ57725, IZ57975, IZ58055, IZ58398, IZ58733, IZ58742, IZ58877, IZ58988, IZ59242, IZ59291, IZ59326, IZ59327, IZ59449, IZ59540, IZ59983, IZ60114, IZ60115, IZ60581, IZ60739, IZ61158, IZ61631, IZ62255, IZ62494, IZ62801, IZ63115, IZ63130, IZ64132, IZ64618, IZ64708, IZ64732, IZ64799, IZ64835, IZ64836, IZ64872, IZ64873, IZ64879, IZ64888, IZ64923, IZ65395, IZ65561, IZ66531, IZ66666, IZ66713, IZ67267, IZ67343, 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