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IBM Rational Change iFix

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This iFix may only be applied to Rational Change Release

UNIX readme English 9115
Windows readme English 9350

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Problems solved

  • PM34366: R#39881 Unnecessary updates to externalized shared report information
  • <no APAR>: R#40338 Add option to disable task indexing
    A new boolean entry called "search.enable_task_indexing" has been added to the file and the default value is "true". To disable task indexing, override the value in with a value of "false" and reload configuration data.
  • PM37122: R#40344 Change login page shows wrong database if URL has no port
  • PM37540: R#40387 Ad hoc query not saved for the correct database
  • PM37542: R#40388 HTML tags in extended text attributes causing StackOverFlow exception
  • PM39170: R#40524 Messages in event.log related to the loading of listboxes
  • PM39674: R#40558 PreCRModify Exception: Unknown Error after applying 05
  • PM40077: R#40601 iFix introduces a problem with the script

iFix also includes iFixes through See the readme for details.

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What is Fix Central(FC)?
Patch download for Windows 1 Jun 2011 English 4179148 FC FTP
Patch download for UNIX 1 Jun 2011 English 6246400 FC FTP

Problems (APARS) fixed
PM18801, PM18951, PM21989, PM22631, PM23214, PM23616, PM23784, PM24277, PM24541, PM24636, PM25244, PM27767, PM28062, PM28870, PM29522, PM29910, PM30676, PM31567, PM31764, PM31977, PM32171, PM32346, PM33029, PM33317, PM33850, PM34343, PM34349, PM34366, PM34929, PM35192, PM35240, PM35763, PM37122, PM37540, PM37542, PM39170, PM39674, PM40077

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Operating system(s): AIX, Linux, Solaris, Windows

Reference #: 4030082

Modified date: 01 June 2011

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