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IBM Rational Change iFix

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This iFix may only be applied to Rational Change Release

UNIX readme English 8096
Windows readme English 8331

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Problems solved

  • PM28870: R#38967 Pre-transition trigger with verify does not work with bulk transitions.
  • PM29522: R#39058 User interface is inaccessible while the DisableDatabase and EnableDatabase Perl APIs are running.
  • PM30676: R#39236 Fix JavaScript and message display bugs in CCM_PROGRESS_BAR webtype.
  • PM32171: R#39512 Search index update may fail when JDBC indexing has been enabled.
  • PM33029: R#39668 HTTP 500 error from Change when reloading show form launched from Synergy.
  • PM33850: R#39762 Failed pre-transition trigger on submit has an inconsistent error message.
  • PM34343: R#39877 Embedded URL within email may not be accessible to recipient.
  • PM34349: R#39878 Incorrect user in 'Compare With Predecessor' menu for source objects.
  • PM34929: R#39978 Clicking Home after a session timeout results in an HTTP 500 error.
  • PM35192: R#40023 Multi-level sub-reports do not create borders around each report.
  • PM35240: R#40030 Loading users for "Assign Default Home Pages" is slow.
  • PM35763: R#40114 Invalid hyperlinks in Excel and Word reports when Change is configured to use relative links.

iFix also includes iFixes through See the readme for details.

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What is Fix Central(FC)?
Patch download for Windows 4/7/2011 English 4158868 FC FTP
Patch download for UNIX 4/7/2011 English 6179840 FC FTP

Problems (APARS) fixed
PM18801, PM18951, PM21989, PM22631, PM23214, PM23616, PM23784, PM24277, PM24541, PM24636, PM25244, PM27767, PM28062, PM28870, PM29522, PM29910, PM30676, PM31567, PM31764, PM31977, PM32171, PM32346, PM33029, PM33317, PM33850, PM34343, PM34349, PM34929, PM35192, PM35240, PM35763

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Operating system(s): AIX, Linux, Solaris, Windows

Reference #: 4029643

Modified date: 08 April 2011

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