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This document contains information about how to download and install the InfoSphere Data Architect fix pack.

Download Description

This fix pack includes enhancements and fixes to the version 7.5.3 release of IBM® InfoSphere Data Architect. For details about this fix pack, see the fixed APAR list and the what's new techdoc.


This version of the product was developed for use with Eclipse 3.4.2, using the IBM JDK 1.6 SR 7. If you are extending an existing Eclipse environment, these versions of Eclipse and the JDK are prerequisites.

You need approximately 1 GB to store and extract the compressed file.

All other hardware, software, and supported data source requirements for this fix pack are the same as the requirements for the Version 7.5.3 release.

For information about the hardware and software for InfoSphere™ Data Architect, Version 7.5.3, see the detailed system requirements document at:

Installation Instructions

The following are the two usual ways to install this fix pack:

  • If InfoSphere Data Architect Version 7.5.3 is already installed on your system, then you can install this update by using the Update Packages wizard in IBM Installation Manager.
  • If you are installing InfoSphere Data Architect Version 7.5.3 for the first time, or if you are installing an additional instance of it, then you can install this update at the same time that you install InfoSphere Data Architect Version 7.5.3. Select Show all versions and click Check for other versions and extensions on the Install page of the Install Packages wizard in IBM Installation Manager.

For details on including an update when installing InfoSphere Data Architect, see Installing IBM InfoSphere Data Architect.

For information about installing InfoSphere Data Architect Version 7.5.3, including installation prerequisites and information about installing on a Windows® Vista computer for the first time, see Installation roadmap.

You can download compressed files containing the InfoSphere Data Architect Version 7.5.3 fix pack; the files that you extract from the compressed files form a repository for the fix pack. You can install the fix pack from the repository on your own computer, or you can use IBM Packaging Utility to create the repository that can be hosted on a shared drive or an HTTP or HTTPS server.

Note: In the Download Package section of this document, the links to the files are relevant for both Linux and Windows systems, even though the operating system that is specified may be different.

To download the fix pack from Fix Central:
  1. Go to Fix Central at the following URL:
  2. Locate InfoSphere Data Architect:
    1. From the Product Group field, select Information Management.
    2. From the Product field, select InfoSphere Data Architect.
    3. From the Installed Version list, select 7.5.3.
    4. Select a platform, then click Continue.
  3. If you are not yet signed in to, sign in with your IBM ID.
  4. On the Identify Fixes page, select the Browse for fixes option, then click Continue.
  5. Select the fix pack, then click Continue.
  6. On the Download Options page, select a method to download, then click Continue. The application orders the fixes.
  7. Download the fix pack.
  8. Proceed with the installation from step 3 below.

To download from the FTP location and install the fix pack:
  1. Download the fix pack file listed in the download table below.
  2. Extract the compressed files in an appropriate directory. For example, choose to extract to C:\temp\update.
  3. Add the fix pack's repository location in IBM Installation Manager:
    1. Start IBM Installation Manager.
    2. On the Start page of Installation Manager, click File > Preferences, and then click Repositories. The Repositories page opens.
    3. On the Repositories page, click Add Repository.
    4. In the Add repository window, browse to or enter the file path to the repository.config file, which is located in the directory where you extracted the compressed files. For example, browse to C:\temp\update\repository.config and then click OK.
    5. Click OK to close the Preference page.
  4. Install the fix pack by using the Update Packages wizard as described in Updating installed product packages.

Note: During the process of updating from a local repository, Installation Manager might prompt you for the location of the repository for InfoSphere Data Architect Version 7.5.3. If you installed the product from CDs or other media, they must be available when you use the update feature.

Download package

Download RELEASE DATE LANGUAGE SIZE(Bytes) Download Options
What is Fix Central(FC)?
V7.5.3.1 via Fix Central 4/19/2011 English 100000 FC
V7.5.3.1 via 19 Apr 2011 English 100000 FC

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Information Management InfoSphere Data Architect General Information Linux, Windows All Editions

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