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IBM Content Classification, Version 8.8 for Linux

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This document describes how to download IBM Content Classification, Version 8.8 by using the Passport Advantage Online Web site.

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By analyzing content and applying rules, IBM Content Classification automates decision making for a wide range of applications that require unstructured content to be categorized. IBM Content Classification provides classification services for file systems, IBM FileNet Content Manager, IBM Content Manager, and IBM Content Collector, enabling advanced classification for content collection and archiving, records management, legal discovery, and other enterprise content management applications.

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Supported operating systems

See the system requirements for the most current information about hardware and software requirements, including disk space requirements.

Download now

Go to Download package and click the HTTP link to access the IBM Passport Advantage Online Web site. After you log in with your customer information, click the Software download & media access link to download IBM Content Classification software.

More information

To access a wide variety of technical resources for this product, see the IBM Content Classification, Version 8.8 Information Roadmap.

Downloadable parts

There are two downloadable parts in the IBM Content Classification Version 8.8 eAssembly. Refer to the table below for details about what each part contains.

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IBM Content Classification Version 8.8 for Linux

Contains the product software, including software for integrating with other products.

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IBM Content Classification Version 8.8 Quick Start Guide

Contains the Quick Start Guide and all documentation for IBM Content Classification Version 8.8.

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  • May 2012: New


See the system requirements page for information about hardware and software requirements.

System requirements English 1000

Installation Instructions

See the Quick Start Guide for information about installing IBM Content Classification. See Installing IBM Content Classification for detailed installation instructions.

Quick Start Guide English 1000
Installing IBM Content Classification English 1000

Download package

On the Passport Advantage Online Web site, all entitled products are listed on the Software Download and Media Access page. This page provides a guided process for selecting an operating system and the product version that you want to download.

Before you download software, you might want to visit the Passport Advantage Online Help Center and view the Software download and media access tutorial (about 10 minutes). This tutorial shows you how to use Passport Advantage, including how to set preferences, such as the download method and your preferred products, operating system, and language.

When you are ready to download the software:

  1. Click the HTTP link to go to the Passport Advantage Online Web site.
  2. Sign in with your IBM ID and password. If you have not yet registered, follow the prompts to request access.
  3. Click Software download and media access.
  4. If you are licensed for more than one product, select the program offering that you want to download.
  5. Agree to the license terms.
  6. Optional: Set your download preferences. For example, you can register to receive e-mail notification when product updates become available.
  7. Click Download finder to see a list of available products. Follow the online prompts to select and download product software for IBM Content Classification.
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Passport Advantage Online 09 Jun 2014 English 548570262 HTTP

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More support for: Content Classification

Software version: 8.8

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Modified date: 09 June 2014

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