InfoSphere QualityStage Module for SERP, Version 8.5

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This document describes how to download IBM InfoSphere QualityStage Module for SERP, Version 8.5, from the IBM Passport Advantage web site.

Download Description

To learn about the installation process:

  1. Review the system requirements, and if necessary, download the product and any required fix packs or updates.
  2. Read the Quick Start Guide for the process overview and return here to download the product.
  3. Review the release notes for the latest information to ensure successful installations.

The IBM InfoSphere QualityStage Module for SERP ensures the completeness, consistency, and validity of Canadian address information.

Downloading the product

  1. Go to the Find Downloads and Media web page on the IBM Passport Advantage web site.
  2. Under Download finder options, select the Find by part number search option.
  3. Search for each downloadable image by part number.
  4. Download all the required parts.
  5. Use a file extracting utility that supports large file extractions to extract each of the parts into a single, temporary directory on your system.
  6. Extract the files to the location designated for the source data based on the configuration of the SERP Module.

After you receive a proof of entitlement, you will be directed to the appropriate location to obtain a license file to be applied during product installation. This license file controls which product modules that you can install and run. Only the products that you purchased are available for you to install.

Supported operating systems

IBM InfoSphere QualityStage Module for SERP

Download the following images to work with IBM InfoSphere QualityStage Module for SERP.

Product description File name Part number
IS QS Module for SERP 8.5 MP Eng eAssembly N/A CRDM7EN
IS QS SERP 8.5 Quick Start Guide CZU7UEN
IS QS Module for SERP 8.5 Eng CZVL4EN
IBM InfoSphere QualityStage for SERP v8.5 Reference Data 8.2014 English N/A CIVS1EN
IBM InfoSphere QualityStage for SERP v8.5 Reference Data 9.2014 English N/A CIVS2EN


The module provides additional functionality to IBM InfoSphere QualityStage, a component of IBM InfoSphere Information Server. Ensure that your client and server computers meet the software, hardware, and operating system requirements for IBM InfoSphere QualityStage Version 8.5 or 8.7.

System requirements English 15560

Installation Instructions

Use the Quick Start Guide to get started with a basic installation of QualityStage Module for SERP. For additional installation information, refer to the release notes in the InfoSphere Information Server Information Center.

Quick Start Guide English 147658
SERP release notes English 11482

Download package

You can download or request a media pack for this product from the Passport Advantage site by clicking the link in the following table.

Passport Advantage Online web site 9/22/2014 English 11842

Cross reference information
Segment Product Component Platform Version Edition
Information Management InfoSphere Information Server

Document information

More support for:

InfoSphere QualityStage
QualityStage Module for SERP

Software version:

8.5, 8.7

Operating system(s):

AIX, HP-UX, Linux, Solaris, Windows

Reference #:


Modified date:


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