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IBM Rational Synergy iFix for version

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IBM Rational Synergy iFix for version is now available


This iFix may only be applied to Synergy Release 7.1 with Fix Packs and installed.

Installation Instructions

Please reference the Readme for installation details.

On UNIX, this patch must be installed using ccm_patch version 45 or its replacement.
Download the ccm_patch file into $CCM_HOME/bin path, owned by ccm_root with execute permission (mode 0755)

UNIX Readme English 14973
Windows Readme English 16227

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How critical is this fix?

This iFix should be installed at all sites running Synergy Release 7.1.

Problems solved

iFix to Synergy Release 7.1 fixes the following problems:

  1. R#34917 PM03633 parallel_exclude_rules not used with "Sync" and "Keep Work area changes"
  2. R#35139 PM06033 Invalid purposes appearing in Copy Project dialog in
  3. R#35962 PM11325 setting conflict_exclude_rules affects objects under directory object
  4. R#37207 PM18845 Relative work area maintenance can fail to write work area completely in web mode
  5. R#37531 PM20859 Synergy usage corrupts Preferences Object resulting in URE
  6. R#37598 PM21309 ObjectMake exception in Web-Mode
  7. R#37601 PM21328 Web-Mode session cannot be started on copied database
  8. R#37613 PM21364 Trigger based on attribute change is not firing with the java client
  9. R#37616 PM21493 appears to loop
  10. R#37659 PM21320 Web Mode client is adding CR LF to end of ASCII files in certain circumstances.
  11. R#37679 <none> Add support for "Labels for relationship" advice in OSLC 2
  12. R#37723 PM21973 Update fails with error 'Date is not representable as a valid ACcent time value'
  13. R#37795 <none> Improve performance of loading web only context for OSLC.
  14. R#37848 PM22481 Unselected 'tasks on top of the baseline' in the PG properties do not show after a baseline creation
  15. R#37849 PM22485 Merge operation on a non DCM database displays a "This database is not DCM initialized" message in ccm_ui.log
  16. R#37882 PM22606 Find dialog default input focus regression
  17. R#38107 PM24126 read only bit not set on checked in files in work area
  18. R#38157 <none> Task description gets corrupted
  19. R#38176 PM24441 Implement a Synergy Users Group for RDS to address some customers' security concerns using Web Mode
  20. R#38200 PM24523 Update removing files appears to hang the session
  21. R#38204 <none> CreateRelation() now fails in Change 5.2, when CR is not modifiable in current database
  22. R#38248 PM25358 Synergy database 'perm_cache' attribute causes locks when updated; especially with 'dcm_last_generate_time' updates
  23. R#38270 PM24879 Crash related to the favorite releases list in the user preferences
  24. R#38302 PM24983 Complete Default Task Option in Query Dialog
  25. R#38326 PM25122 ccmsrv create misconfigures NETTYPE when multiple CPUs specified
  26. R#38375 PM25448 The "ccmsrv status -d" command outputs a size of 0Kb for the dbspaces
  27. R#38383 <none> The GUI will get values of attributes it doesn't care about
  28. R#38407 <none> Fix engine crash problem after ACcent execution abort
  29. R#38418 PM25606 ACcent interpreter may cause engine to crash after an ACcent abort

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What is Fix Central(FC)?
UNIX (AIX Linux Solaris) 11/30/2010 English 107270313 FC
Windows 11/30/2010 English 109618490 FC

Problems (APARS) fixed
PM03633, PM06033, PM11325, PM18845, PM20859, PM21309, PM21328, PM21364, PM21493, PM21320, PM21973, PM22481, PM22485, PM22606, PM24126, PM24441, PM24523, PM25358, PM24879, PM24983, PM25122, PM25448, PM25606

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Operating system(s): AIX, Linux, Solaris, Windows

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Modified date: 30 November 2010

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