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Rational Unified Process (RUP) Plug-ins for Rational Method Composer 7.5.1

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Download method content to supplement the Rational Unified Process (RUP) library included in the Rational Method Composer product.

Download Description

Rational Method Composer includes two libraries of method content, the RUP library, and the IBM Practices library. This page provides content to supplement the RUP library. A separate page, "Practices Plug-ins for Rational Method Composer 7.5.1", provides plug-ins to supplement the IBM Practices library.


Rational Method Composer 7.5.1 or later is installed.

Installation Instructions

The downloads on this page are of two kinds, plug-ins and libraries. If the file name contains "Plug-in" then it depends on the RUP library, and must be imported into a RUP library. If the file name contains "Library" then it can be imported into an empty library, or into an existing library (RUP or otherwise).

    1. Download the file and extract the contents of the zip file to a convenient location.
    2. Start Rational Method Composer.
    3. Open a Library.
      a. If the download file has "Library" in the name, you can create an empty library using "File > New > Method Library". Or you can open any other library using "File > Open > Method Library".
      b. If the download file does not have "Library" in the name, then the plug-in must be loaded into a RUP library. You can copy the RUP Library from the default installation directory \rmc\lib.7.5.rup. The typical install location is "C:\Program Files\IBM\RMC75_1\rmc\lib.7.5.rup". Then open the copied library using "File > Open > Method Library".
    4. Select File > Import to launch the Import Wizard.
    5. On the Select page in the Wizard, select Method Plug-ins and click Next.
    6. Browse to the location where you extracted the plug-in and select the directory with the plug-in zip file name, click OK and then Next. Choose the Import option: Ignore and remove unresolved references and click Next.
    7. Review the library changes presented in the next screen, click Select All, then click Finish.
    8. If you receive any warning messages about overwriting a current plug-in, accept the warning, click OK.
    9. If you do not have a backup copy of your current library, it is advisable to make a backup copy before importing the plug-in. Click Yes when asked to make a backup copy of your library.
    10. The plug-ins will be imported into your library and you will see them in the Library View.
    11. Publish the predefined configuration included with the download. See the online help topic "Publishing configurations as Web sites"). You can also create and publish a new configuration that combines this new content with existing content in your library.

    Publishing instructions

    The download description for each plug-in includes the name of a configuration for publishing the content. To publish this configuration:
    1. Select Configuration > Publish.
    2. Choose HTML format, check "Use publish options stored in the method configuration"and "Don't review publish options" and click Next.
    3. Choose the configuration named in the download description and click Next.
    4. Select a destination directory and website format and click Finish.

Download package

The following plug-ins and libraries are available for download.

Asset-Based Development Version 3.0 and Asset-Based Development Governance Plug-in Version 1.0 

The RUP for Asset-Based Development plug-in describes a process for identifying reusable assets, producing reusable assets, and applying reusable assets. Version 3 introduces asset management, asset specification and the Rational Asset Manager tool.
Publish configurations "Asset-based Development" and "ABD Governance" to view this content.

CMMI Compliance Support Version 1.0 beta 2 

This plug-in provides guidance for managing RUP-based CMMI® compliance initiatives. It can assist organizations in defining and implementing a software development process that addresses all fundamental compliance management issues as well as the specific requirements of CMMI process areas. 

This version focuses on CMMI Maturity Level 2 Process Areas, as defined in the "CMMI® for Development, Version 1.2" Technical Report, posted on the SEI Web site at:

· All Maturity Level 2 process areas are covered. 
· Maturity Level 3 coverage consists of the Requirements Development process area, plus the Generic Practice elaborations for the Level 2 process areas. 
· Maturity Levels 4 and 5 are not covered. 

Publish configuration "RUP with CMMI Compliance Support" to view this content.

Compliance Management Plug-in Version 1.0 

This plug-in describes how to identify appropriate best practices and then merge them with your existing IT processes to create your organization's unique compliant development process to maintain IT systems.
Publish configuration "Compliance" to view this content.

COTS Package Delivery Plug-in Version 2.1.1 

This plug-in describes the process of evaluating, recommending, acquiring, installing, configuring, fielding and evolving Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) package solutions. This process is based on the CMU/SEI Evolutionary Process for Integrating COTS-Based Systems (EPIC) methodology.
Significant selectable content packages
: Acquisition, Architecture, Design, Implementation, Project Environment, Project Management, Deployment.
Publish configuration "COTS Package Delivery" to view this content.

DoDAF Plug-in Version 1.0 

This plug-in was created to meet the demand for process support in complex systems development where compliance with the DoD Architecture Framework is necessary. 
Significant selectable content packages
: Project Management, Architecture, Requirements.
Publish configuration "DoDAF Integrated with RUP for Systems Engineering" to view this content.

Global Development and Delivery Maintenance Version 1.0 beta 

There are two plug-ins. The first extends core RUP content with guidance on how to perform projects in a globally distributed development context. The second extends the RUP for Maintenance Projects plug-in content with guidance on how to perform maintenance projects in a globally distributed development context.
Publish configurations "RUP for GDD" and "RUP for GDD Maintenance" to view this content.

ITSM/ITUP Connection Version 1.0 

This plug-in describes how to bridge IBM Tivoli Unified Process and RUP processes. These process frameworks emerged from different perspectives. To use them together in a single organization requires an understanding of the touch points between IT services management and software development processes. This plug-in provides that connection.
Publish configuration "RUP with ITSM_ITUP Connection" to view this content.

Maintenance Projects Plug-in Version 1.0 

This plug-in describes a delivery process for performing maintenance on a software product. The plug-in provides a delivery process, tasks, and guidance for understanding the purpose of a maintenance development cycle, avoiding pitfalls during a maintenance cycle, and successfully delivering a product with higher quality than the previous release.
Significant selectable content packages
: Project Management, Architecture, Assessment, Change & Configuration Management.
Publish configuration "RUP for Maintenance Projects" to view this content.

Microsoft .NET Plug-in Version 3.0 

The RUP Plug-in for Microsoft® .NET provides detailed support for development teams transitioning to the .NET platform. The process captures the best practices and guidance from industry experts in the .NET and software development spaces.
Copy any standard RUP configuration and add the dot_net plug-in to view this content.

Model-Driven Systems Development Plug-in Version 4.0.

This plug-in extends RUP to describe how complex systems of systems can be architected and developed. It include guidance for managing, specifying, architecting, implementing and testing such systems.

Portfolio Management (for Initiatives) Library Version 1.0 

Methods and practices which provide guidance in the Portfolio Management domain. Current contents offers guidance for: planning and executing an enterprise portfolio assessment, business case management, and the periodic management and strategic reviews of initiatives. Includes substantial introductory material to the basic concepts of portfolio management.

Practical Software and Systems Measurement (PSM) Library Version 3.0

The PSM Initiative is a team of government, industry, and academia that was formed to bring together and promote the best practices of software and system measurement. This is a standalone plug-in (jointly developed by PSM and IBM) that describes the measurement activities, artifacts, and concepts of the PSM.
Publish configuration "PSM Standalone" to view this content.

Practical Software and Systems Measurement (PSM) for RUP and MDSD Version 3.0

The PSM Initiative is a team of government, industry, and academia that was formed to bring together and promote the best practices of software and system measurement. This plug-in includes the "Practical Software and Systems Measurement (PSM) Library" content, and additionally associates it with the RUP and the "Model-Driven Systems Development" method content, replacing the measurement concepts provided by these base methods. Note that the "Model-Driven Systems Development" plug-ins must be installed prior to installing these plug-ins. 
Publish configurations "Classic RUP (for large projects) with PSM" and "Systems Engineering (MDSD) with PSM" to view this content.

Program Mobilization Plug-in Version 1.02 

This plug-in, which contains methods and practices that provide guidance for the initiation of a large-scale Program effort; derived from the SUMMIT Ascendant program management method. Current contents include: the definition of a governance structure, establishment of the program office (PMO), and the delivery of an enabling infrastructure. The plug-in also includes guidance for planning constituent projects, developing an overall Program plan, and establishing initial program management and controls policies and practices.
Publish configuration "Program Mobilization" to view this content.

SOA Governance Plug-in Version 1.0 

Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) governance enables organizations to realize the full potential of SOA. It addresses issues that, if left unattended, may be inhibitors to gaining the flexibility and time-to-market benefits associated with SOA. Use this plug-in to identify appropriate best practices, merged with your existing IT processes, to provide proper governance of the capabilities introduced with SOA. The end result is a project plan to create your organization's unique governance framework. 
Publish the configuration "SOA_Governance and Management" to view this content.

System z Version 1.0 

RUP for System z addresses application development on System z. However the core of the method is applicable outside of the scope of the z environment, to any development using procedural programming languages. 
RUP for System z provides practitioners with a succinct end-to-end process dedicated to the System z environment. It includes a large set of work product examples --mostly produced using IBM tools-- taken from an application created in CICS COBOL and exposed as Web services.
Significant selectable content packages
: Catalog Manager Example (includes more than 30 work product examples taken from the development of a CICS COBOL application), Architecture, Design, Environment, Requirements, Test and Deployment.
Publish configuration "RUP for Z" to view this content.

WebSphere Business Modeler (WBM) Plug-in Version 1.0 beta 

The RUP Plug-in for WebSphere Business Modeler updates the Business Modeling discipline in RUP to leverage WebSphere Business Integration solutions and provide a unified approach for business modeling based on the essential capabilities of the IBM Rational Software Development Platform. This plug-in is currently in transition, building on the previous WebSphere Business Integration Modeler 5.1 version to include support for WebSphere Business Modeler 6.0. 
Publish configuration "Websphere Business Modeler" to view this content.


Download RELEASE DATE LANGUAGE SIZE(Bytes) Download Options
Asset-Based Devt & Gov V3.0/1.0 2010-12-01 English 11004066 HTTP
CMMI Compliance Support V1.0b2 2010-12-01 English 3376384 HTTP
Compliance Management V1.0 2010-12-01 English 1159154 HTTP
COTS Package Delivery V2.1.1 2010-12-01 English 1436381 HTTP
DoDAF V1.0 2010-12-01 English 5753288 HTTP
Global Devt & Delivery Mntnce V1.0b 2010-12-01 English 3885167 HTTP
ITSM/ITUP Connection V1.0 2010-12-01 English 4812687 HTTP
Maintenance Projects V1.0 2010-12-01 English 254211 HTTP
Microsoft .NET Projects V3.0 2010-12-01 English 468055 HTTP
Model-Driven Systems Devt V4.0 2010-12-01 English 2220710 HTTP
Portfolio Mgmt (Init) Library V1.0 2010-12-01 English 496535 HTTP
Program Mobilization Library V1.0 2010-12-01 English 2718881 HTTP
PSM Library V3.0 2010-12-01 English 4384965 HTTP
PSM for RUP and MDSD V3.0 2010-12-01 English 4830696 HTTP
SOA Governance Library V1.0 2010-12-01 English 994175 HTTP
System Z V1.0 2010-12-01 English 18328593 HTTP
WebSphere Bus. Modeler (WBM) V1.0b 2010-12-01 English 1839581 HTTP

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