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This document describes how to download and install IBM® Rational® Focal Point, Version

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Rational Focal Point is a portfolio planning solution that teams can use to make collaborative, objective decisions to deliver business value to customers. Teams can use Rational Focal Point to identify priorities, and then deliver products and projects with the highest business and customer value.

Rational Focal Point Version release supports export to Excel 2007 format. The Excel 2007 format supports export of more than 256 attributes or columns. This release also includes defect fixes to previous versions of the product.

Note: Rational Focal Point templates that are created in Rational Publishing Engine Document Studio will not work if the reports are generated using Rational Publishing Engine Launcher 1.1.1 or using an earlier version of Rational Focal Point.


Complete the preinstallation tasks that are relevant to your installation environment. For more information, see ″Preinstallation tasks″ in the Installation Guide.

Installation Instructions

If you are installing Rational Focal Point, Version for the first time, download the complete package from the Fix Central link that is provided at the bottom of this page. For install instructions, see "Installing Rational Focal Point" topic in the Installation Guide.

If you have Rational Focal Point, Version 6.4.1, or installed:
Note: While upgrading to Rational Focal Point, Version, you must select the Save Files for Rollback option in the Installation Manager.

  1. Download Rational Focal Point, Version fix pack from Fix Central specified at the bottom of this page.
  2. Extract the files to a temporary directory.
  3. In the IBM Installation Manager, click File > Preferences and add the locally downloaded Rational Focal Point, Version repository location to the list of repositories. For example, <temporary directory>\\diskTag.inf.
  4. Use the Update packages wizard of Installation Manager and proceed with the update.

Known problems

Known problems are documented in the form of individual technotes in the Support knowledge base at
As problems are discovered and resolved, the knowledge base is updated and maintained with new information. By searching the knowledge base, you can quickly find workarounds or solutions to problems.
The following links run customized queries of the live Support knowledge base:
Install Guide for Rational Focal Point English 256000

Download package

The Rational Focal Point version package is available for download from Fix Central. The link to download the package from Fix Central is provided below.

Problems solved

This release contains fixes for the following APARs:

APAR Description
PM11535 View access violated when comparing the version values in elements in Rational Focal Point
PM15635 When calling methods getElementHistory(),getAttributeHistory() from Rational Focal Point web services there is no response returned.
PM23291 Error when generating reports from Rational Publish Engine and Rational Focal Point
PM15628, PM17080 A module with more than 1000 attributes does not work.
PM15419 "No access" error is displayed when a regular user sends account information using "Users View"
PM20350 Choice attribute with item value '-' exported as blank to Excel.
PM13690 Visualization views displays invalid data (XML) after upgrade to
PM13799 Editing the view definition clears the values in the view rules.
PM16967 Rational Focal Point fails to start on upgrade to version
PM02367 Notifications are deactivated.
PM22102 Danish characters that are entered in notification text (header or footer) is invalid on saving and editing.
PM17082 Deleting matrix attributes with expressions displays an error message when DB2 database is used.
PM16293 No progress bar is visible on exporting large data to Excel. A blank pop-up is displayed.
PM16917 Notifications mails, changes are not grouped when multi-edit is involved.
PM18170 OK and Cancel buttons is not visible when sending an element link through Internet Explorer.
PM13540 <BR> tag used in homepage message is lost for members inheriting the homepage.
PM14534 Text on the right pane of Visualize view stacked bar chart is displayed incorrectly.
PM16652 DB2 transaction logs are filled up fast. Login fails.
PM17181 Import from Excel, elements created with no value for mandatory link attributes.
PM14994 Reports not sent automatically via email.
PM16452 Parent Folder names does not contain folder path in 2d attribute statistics view.
PM14447 Unable to edit attribute. Only the options to save and cancel are displayed.
PM13538, PM13537 Filter applied on date attribute is reset to today's date on setting another rule.
PM13917 Search by escaping special characters does not work.
PM16200 Upgrade from Rational Focal Point version 6.3 to 6.4 fails with Oracle DB that contains workspaces with ID greater than 999.
PM22639 Unable to send email from server address.
PM14915 "Full Display" displays more elements than is displayed in the previous list.
PM13591 Notifications are not handled correctly when multi-edit of elements are done on the notification view.
PM20232 Default value set in Add view for Owner attribute is not retained.

Download RELEASE DATE LANGUAGE SIZE(Bytes) Download Options
Fix central download 11/12/2010 English 450540139 HTTP

Technical support

IBM Support site at

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Rational Focal Point

Problems (APARS) fixed
PM11535, PM15635, PM23291, PM15628, PM17080, PM15419, PM20350, PM13690, PM13799, PM16967, PM02367, PM22102, PM17082, PM16293, PM16917, PM18170, PM13540, PM14534, PM16652, PM17181, PM14994, PM16452, PM14447, PM13538, PM13537, PM13917, PM16200, PM22639, PM14915, PM13591, PM20232

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