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IBM Cognos TM1 Diagnostic

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This diagnostic retrieves system and TM1 product specific information.

Download Description

Run this diagnostic to gather TM1 logs, files, and other pertinent system information which will provide assistance in resolving TM1 issues.

Certain Advantages

  • To quickly gather system information
  • To automatically gather and attach .lic, .log, .ini, .pro and other relevant files
  • To allow user to gather and attach files such as screen captures

Summary of Information Collected
  • OS type and version
  • Total physical memory
  • TM1 Processes
  • Software version information for Microsoft Excel and IBM Lotus Notes
  • License file
  • User configuration files
  • Admin server logs
  • TM1 Microsoft Excel service logs
  • Database directory files
  • IBM Cognos BI files
  • Web configuration files
  • User specified files


  • Sun Microsystems Java Runtime Environment (JRE) or IBM JRE
  • JRE version 1.5.x or higher must be installed and in the system path
  • Installation Instructions

  • There are two methods available to execute the diagnostic:
        1. From a Microsoft Windows DOS command, run the batch file “execute_IBMCognosTM1.bat” or execute_IBMCognosTM1_10.bat
          • This is the recommended way, as progress statements will be displayed in the command window.
        2. Run the jar file by double-clicking on the batch file “execute_IBMCognosTM1.bat” or "execute_IBMCognosTM1_10.bat".
          • The diagnostic will run in the background.
          • Progress statements will not be displayed.
          • The result window will appear when the diagnostic is finished.
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    Document information

    More support for: Cognos TM1

    Software version: 9.5.2, 10.1.0

    Operating system(s): Windows

    Reference #: 4028107

    Modified date: 05 October 2010

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