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OMEGAMON XE for Mainframe Networks V420 FP3, 4.2.0-TIV-KN3-FP0003

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This Fix Pack contains fixes and new function

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This maintenance update contains functional enhancements and fixes to problems.

The following functional enhancements are included:

1) z/OS(R) v1.12 support
- New workspaces and over 300 new attributes
- More data giving you better insight into the full range of interfaces supported by z/OS v1.12
- Better data for debugging network performance issues
- A reduced SNMP footprint at a lower CPU cost for data collection
- New product-provided situations
- Additional self-diagnosis through the Agent Status workspace

2) New support for zEnterprise mainframe server

3) Enhancements to Connections node workspaces
- Monitoring sent and received data queued for TCP connections
- Monitoring Application Transport - Transport Layer Security (AT/TLS)
- Defining the Local Port attribute numerically
- Displaying connection state for all connection types
- Additional Take Action command availability
- More z/OS Communication Server data available from Tivoli Enterprise Portal

4) Retrieving route table information with IOCTL calls rather than SNMP queries
- Lower CPU utilization
- A reduced SNMP footprint for systems running z/OS v1.10 or later

5) More detailed and useful DVIPA data is now reported

6) New configuration options for more granular data collection
- Configurable collection for all data types with potential CPU savings
- Starting and stopping data collection on a per-component basis
- Running more efficient component-level traces

7) Enhancements to OSA
- You can now easily see the relationship between the OSA and interface data using new linking attributes.
- OSA port (hardware) data can be associated with a TCP/IP gateway or interface (software) data.
- OSA data collection does not need to be turned on for each instance of the monitoring agent in your environment because a single monitoring agent can collect OSA performance statistics for all LPARs that share the OSA adapter.

8) New dynamic links
- New cross-product integration
- Greater synergy with IBM Tivoli NetView(R) for z/OS and IBM Tivoli OMEGAMON XE for DB2 Performance Monitor.

9) Support for the PARMLIB configuration method
- Fully documented support for the new configuration method
- Once fully implemented, PARMLIB installation frees customers from using the Configuration Tool to configure new versions of OMEGAMON XE monitoring agents on z/OS.
- For more information see the IBM PARMLIB Alternative Configuration Configuration for OMEGAMON/ITM Products on z/OS Technote found at

The following APARs are fixed:

APAR OA30715

Problem Summary:
A Take Action DROP was issued. The connection was dropped but no
message was returned to the Tivloi Enterprise Portal (TEP) to
indicate the command had completed. The started task had to be
cancelled and restarted in order to continue monitoring workspaces.

KN3ACTCD is changed to process responses to Take Action commands
independent whether message suppression is set.

APAR OA32144

Problem Summary:
Fix pack 4.2.0-TIV-ITM_KN3-FP0001 is excessive in size and the README,
which describes how to install the fix pack, is inconsistent with the
installation instructions of previous fix packs.

Fix Pack 4.2.0-TIV-ITM_KN3-FP0001 was withdrawn and replaced with
Fix Pack 4.2.0-TIV-KN3-FP0001.

APAR OA32965

Problem Summary:
A storage quiesce occurs when there is no more available free extended
storage. After the quiesce, the product goes into a loop issuing
KONND010 messages. The complete format of the messages is:

KONAACT and KONAFACT are changed to allow all End Of Interval routines
a chance to run for each collector. In addition, what was originally
thought to be a loop in the product, where message KONND010 was issued
many times, was not a loop. It was determined that the message was
issued many times in succession equal to the number of connections
found to be active at the beginning of the ACT collection interval.
This behavior is normal and not a code error.

APAR OA32998

Problem Summary:
During a SHUTDOWN, OMEGAMON XE for Mainframe Networks abends with a

Macro KONAXLN has been changed to avoid use of a zero TCBUSER field
during termination of the ACT user.

APAR OA33075

Problem Summary:
The HLLAPI script that interacts with the NetView IPTRACE command
should be more robust. Changes are needed to handle response time
differences which might be encountered on systems that run slowly.

The HLLAPI scripts are changed. The Start and Stop scripts will
detect additional conditions which formerly would cause the script
to end with errors due to slow system response.

APAR OA34114

Panel KONDOI8D lacked logic to reset threshold values when PF5
was selected. Instead, selecting PF5 would return to mainline
code and drive the panel a second time, ignoring the threshold
values which existed. A second PF5 would perform the same action,
but since threshold values were not read when the first PF5 was
pressed, it effectively removed the threshold values entirely.

Panel KONDOI8D is changed to call the reset_to_initial routine as
is done in the related panel KONDOIGD. With this change, the
panel navigation for these panels is consistent, and threshold
values are no longer lost if PF5 is selected multiple times.

The following problems found internally are fixed:

Defect 101522

Problem Summary:
After the user stops TCPC in a multistack environment, the agent
is still collecting data for a particular stack, and the node
in the navigation tree is not greyed out.

This problem has been resolved by design changes introduced
in this release.

Defect 102203

Problem Summary:
historical collection interval until dataspace wraps. This happens
if historical data collection is turned on and the pointer to the
next record to be logged to history points to a record that was
collected at a time which is outside of the FTP display interval and
there is only one record within the FTP display interval.

KN3FSE@S and KN3FTP@S were modified so that bit KN3AYFxx@ROWP_INIT
in KN3AYFxx_ROWPFLAGS is turned on when the row pointer is
initialized with the pointer to the last record written to history.
If that record is found to not be within the display interval, the
bit is turned off. When the next record within the display interval
is found, it is returned instead of being skipped and possibly moving
past the last record available in the dataspace.

Defect 108569

Problem Summary:
Persistent Data Store (PDS) exit does not include tables used for agent
status workspace.

KN3410PP was modified to include the KN3AGS, KN3SCS, and KN3SCS tables.

Defect 111345

Problem Summary:
NMsMRc and NMsMRsn not being checked in IPSec response headers causing
errors to not be reported.

Function recv_IPSec_response in KN3ANMIC was modified to check for a
non-zero return code in the response header. If a non-zero return code
is received, message KN3N023E is issued.

Defect 123600

Problem Summary:
Links from Connections, TCP Connections, and Application TCP
Connections to Current IP Filters by Destination Address does
not pre-fill IP address on pop-up box.

kn3_links.sql was modified to correct the link symbol.

Defect 126923

Problem Summary:
Extended Main Storage growth for buffer pool with buffers of size
(385-400). KN3AYTAC control block not freed when command is issued.

Method free_KN3AYTAC in module KN3ACMD was modified to use the strcmp
function to verify that the control block ID equals TAC_BLOCK_ID. This
is instead of using the equality operator.

Defect 127013

Problem Summary:
Agent Status and Command Log workspaces displayed for pre-V420 agents.

The GUI was modified so that a workspace displaying a browser view
indicating that no workspace has been defined for the agent node is now
displayed for pre-V420 agents.


The appropriate platform maintenance:
1. IBM® Tivoli® Management Services, V6.2.1 (ITM621) users install IBM Tivoli Monitoring 6.2.1 Interim Fix 4 ( or later.
2. PTFs UA56683 and UA56684 for OMEGAMON XE for Mainframe Networks V4.2.0.
3. If applicable, install requisite Language Packs (see Installation Instructions below for further details).

Installation Instructions

1. Use the instructions in the README (downloadable below) to install this fix pack.
Note: This fix pack includes a renewed Java certificate (Valid from: 6/15/10 8:00 PM until: 6/09/13 7:59 PM). If you have previously installed a language pack image, you must install the corresponding language pack image (downloadable below) with the matching certificate. All of the translatable Mainframe Networks strings in the user interface will revert to English until the language pack is applied.
2. If you have previously installed language packs for Mainframe Networks, use the instructions at this url: to install the Mainframe Networks language packs (downloadable below). You can disregard the information provided about the media on which the language packs are normally available.
Note: The url provided here points to documentation for IBM Tivoli Monitoring Version 6.2.2 Fix Pack 2. These instructions should be used even if your environment employs an earlier level of IBM Tivoli Monitoring,

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4.2.0-TIV-KN3-FP0003.README 10/15/2010 US English 100827 FTP 10/15/2010 US English 11013213 FTP
4.2.0-TIV-KN3-FP0003.tar.gz 10/15/2010 US English 10644116 FTP 10/15/2010 Language Independent 24294780 FTP
4.2.0-TIV-KN3-LP.tar 10/15/2010 Language Independent 24944640 FTP

Problems (APARS) fixed
OA30715 OA32144 OA32965 OA32998 OA33075 OA33864 OA34114 OA34133

Document information

More support for: Tivoli OMEGAMON XE for Mainframe Networks

Software version: 4.2.0

Operating system(s): AIX, Linux, Solaris, Windows, z/OS

Reference #: 4027972

Modified date: 15 October 2010