IBM Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) Client 5.5.3 Downloads and READMEs

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TSM V5.5 fix pack 3 (5.5.3) client download maintenance packages and READMEs.
Note: This release will reach End-Of-Support (EOS) on April 30, 2014.


Download Description

Download maintenance fix pack packages and READMEs for the TSM V5.5 Fix Pack 3 (5.5.3) clients, including both English and non-English clients where supported.

Link to list of APARs fixed in this fix pack and their descriptions:

Latest TSM client and server downloads:

Overview of TSM client and server system requirements:

Note: the READMEs can be viewed and downloaded first, independent of the package, by following the package FTP link below.

Note: the z/OS UNIX System Services (USS) client 5.5.3 fix pack is not downloadable. Please order the following PTFs:
UK61527 for the USS Backup-Archive client
UK61528 for the USS API client

Download package

Download RELEASE DATE LANGUAGE SIZE(Bytes) Download Options
AIX 22.07.2010 US English 337848061 FTP
HP-UX PA-RISC 23.07.2010 US English 154649243 FTP
HP-UX IA64 (Itanium) 23.07.2010 US English 273613779 FTP
Linux x86/x86_64 23.07.2010 US English 69386240 FTP
Linux on POWER 23.07.2010 US English 17848320 FTP
Linux zSeries 23.07.2010 US English 16721920 FTP
Linux IA64 (Itanium) 23.07.2010 US English 18411520 FTP
Macintosh 23.07.2010 US English 25542219 FTP
NetWare 23.07.2010 US English 7644841 FTP
Solaris SPARC 23.07.2010 US English 100834865 FTP
Solaris x86/x86_64 23.07.2010 US English 29561356 FTP
Windows x32 23.07.2010 US English 70251848 FTP
Windows x64 23.07.2010 US English 82068648 FTP
Windows IA64 (Itanium) 23.07.2010 US English 116494776 FTP
OS/400 API client 23.07.2010 US English 15379731 FTP

Problems (APARS) fixed
IC57433, IC58718, IC59129, IC59471, IC59787, IC59912, IC59988, IC60014, IC60126, IC60136, IC60241, IC60285, IC60301, IC60330, IC60367, IC60368, IC60384, IC60433, IC60497, IC60498, IC60539, IC60540, IC60547, IC60557, IC60575, IC60603, IC60622, IC60649, IC60650, IC60662, IC60709, IC60738, IC60814, IC60817, IC60863, IC60883, IC60887, IC60894, IC60921, IC60932, IC60950, IC61010, IC61036, IC61073, IC61115, IC61130, IC61230, IC61326, IC61394, IC61495, IC61508, IC61513, IC61517, IC61536, IC61540, IC61544, IC61571, IC61574, IC61587, IC61690, IC61755, IC61768, IC61839, IC61877, IC61881, IC61917, IC61957, IC61985, IC62111, IC62147, IC62195, IC62232, IC62254, IC62301, IC62318, IC62410, IC62447, IC62464, IC62557, IC62714, IC62746, IC62827, IC62869, IC62938, IC62997, IC63094, IC63216, IC63265, IC63301, IC63308, IC63616, IC63625, IC63671, IC63676, IC63828, IC63839, IC63853, IC63923, IC63924, IC64164, IC64328, IC64418, IC64548, IC64595, IC64714, IC64777, IC64863, IC64960, IC64972, IC65102, IC65176, IC65183, IC65245, IC65290, IC65321, IC65420, IC65430, IC65440, IC65478, IC65487, IC65491, IC65562, IC65569, IC65611, IC65825, IC65867, IC65890, IC65900, IC65952, IC66215, IC66263, IC66434, IC66607, IC66686, IC66704, IC66710, IC66725, IC66810, IC66879, IC66880, IC67101, IC67163, IC67217, IC67264, IC67551, IC67570, IC67618, IC67826, IC67831, IC67917, IC68047, IC68323, IC68941, IC69150, IC77049, IC77052, PK70221

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