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This fix pack will upgrade the IBM Tivoli Change and Configuration Management Database to Revised 2010/07/09

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Readme document for IBM Tivoli Change and Configuration Management Database

v7.1.1.7 Revised 2010/07/09

(C) Copyright International Business Machines Corporation 2010.
All rights reserved.
US Government Users Restricted Rights - Use, duplication or disclosure
restricted by GSA ADP Schedule Contract with IBM Corp.

PRODUCT : IBM Tivoli Change and Configuration Management Database
RELEASE : v7.1.1.0
DATE : July 09, 2010
LAST UPDATE : July 09, 2010

Table of Contents :

1. Introduction
2. What's new in this fix pack
3. Contents
4. Installation Instructions
5. Integration Composer
6. Base Services new platform support
7. Resolved issues for Base Services
8. Resolved issues for Change and Configuration Management Database
9. Checksum information
10. Known Defects or Limitations
11. Notices and Trademarks

1. Introduction

This readme document corresponds to fixes for the Base Services and Tivoli
Change and Configuration Management Database. Base Services is not a
'product', but is the base platform component for the products listed below.
This readme document provides information for you to use when upgrading your
product to the latest version.

Although Base Services has an internal version number of its own (v7.1.1.7),
when referring to updates, please refer to the version number for your
specific product.

Change and Configuration Management Database Fix Pack 7 includes all fixes
from Change and Configuration Management Database Fix Pack 1, Fix Pack 2,
Fix Pack 3, Fix Pack 4, Fix Pack 5 and Fix Pack 6 and can be installed with
or without the previous fix packs already being installed.

After you install these fixes, your Change and Configuration Management
Database is upgraded to v7.1.1.7.

After applying these fixes, you can find out which specific components
of Change and Configuration Management Database were updated to the
level by selecting 'System Information' from the product help menu.

The following updated items are displayed:
Change PMP Build 201006251722 DB Build V710-41
IBM Tivoli Integration Composer Build 201003231145 DB Build V7210-02
Config PMP Build 201006091712 DB Build V7117-01
Common PMP Build 201006041645 DB Build V7117-02
Base Services Build 20100522-0325 DB Build V7117-47

Dependencies None

Prerequisites The following software must be installed before you install
Change and Configuration Management Database Fix Pack 7:

- IBM Tivoli Change and Configuration Management Database 7.1.1

IMPORTANT NOTE: Integration Composer (ITIC) version contained
on this fixpack requires TADDM or higher

2. What's new in this fix pack

This fix pack resolves a number of issues, as listed in the "Resolved issues"

"Runs on" support has been added for Windows Internet Explorer 8 on
Windows 7. You can now use Internet Explorer 8 on Windows 7 systems
to access and use the Maximo user interface.

For more information about the changes provided in this fix pack,
see the related release notes at

For additional information about the changes and enhancements
provided by previous fix packs, all of which are cumulatively
included in this fix pack, see the technotes at the following

3. Contents

The following items are included:

1) install.exe and install_win64.exe
The fixpack installers that run on the Maximo Administrative Workstation
(Windows platform).

This zip package refreshes the base services installed with the associated

3) ITIC directory
This directory includes upgrades for Integration Composer and adapter files

4) PreInstallScript directory
This directory includes a preInstall script specifically for those
who have applied or

4. Installation instructions

Before you start the installation:

- Review the technotes for the changes in this fix pack. Browse to

If you browse to this URL and technotes have not been created, you
receive a browser message that says "No documents match your query.
Please revise your search criteria." When technotes are created,
they will be displayed

- Back up your database.

- Back up your Change and Configuration Management Database Administrative
Workstation environment.

- Back up the Deployment Engine (DE) database of installed software before
starting any updates. For more information, see the following technote:

- Back up your reports directory by doing the following steps:

1. Navigate to the location of your existing reports directory:

2. Copy and paste the reports directory, then rename it for future
reference. For example, rename it to:

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you have previously installed
or you must run the file preInstallScript.cmd under
PreInstallScript folder from the place where you extracted the file.

Updating IP addresses, host names, or passwords

The installation program uses the host names and passwords that are
stored in the DE database. If they do not match your environment, the
installation cannot finish.

If you have changed the IP address, host name, or password of your
database server or other servers, you must make the appropriate
changes on the Admin workstation before installing the fix pack. Use
the instructions in the following technote to make the appropriate


NOTE: Known PROBLEM with Release PMP:
CCMDB7117 fails to upgrade when any shipped level of RPM is installed
(GA, Refresh, 1 or 2 or Fixpack 7112) The failure happens during PMPs
updatedb processing. It fails because of an error on the product xml file
for RPM
(the file that controls what gets run by updatedb). A misspelling has been
present since RPM 7.1.0 but it's being exposed now due to a code change in
Maximo base services
This issue is being addressed by RPM Refresh 3 and RPM Fixpack 7117, but
customers that have other RPM levels installed will encounter this issue.

ERROR SHOWN (c is missing here)
-- Type: class For object: Product class : Super class: java.lang.Object
-- Start processing first class:
-- Extension updating class file: InputFile extending from java.lang.Object
, already super , returning.
-- Type: class For object: Product
class : Extend from:
java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: Exception while looking for class
Couldn't find: om/ibm/ism/pmrel/app/release/PmRelWOReleaseSetRemote.class
at org.apache.bcel.util.SyntheticRepository.loadClass(
at org.apache.bcel.Repository.lookupClass(
at Source)
at Source)
at Source)
at Source)
at Source)

Temporary fix (do this before running the CCMDB 7115 installation, if you
have Release PMP installed) Edit file

and add the letter c to the line that says it should be

The examples throughout this readme use C:\IBM\SMP as the default CCMDB
install directory. If you have upgraded from CCMDB 7.1.1, the default CCMDB
install directory is C:\IBM\CCMDB.

Pre-Installation Tasks:

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you have previously installed or you must run the file preInstallScript.cmd under
PreInstallScript folder from the place where you extracted the file.

The examples throughout this Readme use C:\IBM\SMP as the default
Change and Configuration Management Database install directory.

1) Updating IP address, host name, or password

When you install a fix pack or a new product, the installation program
will use the host names and passwords stored in the database and the file. If they do not match your environment, the
installation will fail.

If you have changed the IP address, host name, or password of your
database server or other servers, you must make the appropriate changes
on the Administrative Workstation.

Use the instructions in this tech note to make the appropriate changes
before installing.

2) Before installing this fix pack, configuration changes should be
applied to the Maximo database. Details can be found in the
Change and Configuration Management Database 7.1.1 Installation Guide in
the topic titled "Applying changes to the database".

3) In order to confirm that all changes have been committed, run the
following SQL query against the Maximo database.

SELECT count (*) from maxobjectcfg where changed != 'N'

If any entries are returned with a value of '0' instead of 'N', you will
have to manually set these entries to a value of 'N' using the methods
and tools appropriate for your database type.

4) Drop any temporary tables that are left in the Maximo database. Use the
following command to determine if there are any temporary tables:

SELECT count (*) from sysibm.systables where name like 'XX%'
and creator = 'MAXIMO'

SELECT count(*) from all_tables where table_name like 'XX%'

SQL Server
SELECT count(*) FROM sysobjects WHERE xtype = 'U' AND name
like 'XX%'

If any tables are listed, perform the following steps to drop them.

a) Log into the WebSphere administrative console and stop the MXServer
server. If you are using Oracle WebLogic server, shut down the server.

b) Run the following commands on the Administrative system.
1) cd <base_services_install_dir>\maximo\tools\maximo
2) configdb
3) restorefrombackup
4) dropbackup
5) dropbackup
Note that you are running the dropbackup command twice.

c) Restart the MXServer application server or Oracle WebLogic server

5) Unzip the file you downloaded,, into a
temporary directory on the administrative system.
For example, C:\temp

Use the checksum information provided in Section called "Checksum
information" of this document to confirm the download was not

6) Shut down the MXServer application server or Oracle WebLogic server

Installing the Fix Pack 7:

Using the GUI install interface to install the Change and Configuration
Management fix pack

1) Make sure you have read Pre-Installation Tasks section.
From the administrative system, launch the Base Services
installation program by navigating to the temp directory, and
executing install.exe for Windows 32-bit systems, or install_win64.exe
for Windows 64-bit systems.

2) Select a language for your installation, and then click OK.

3) From the "Introduction" panel, click Next.

4) Pre-installation activities will be performed in the next panel, the
installer will install or upgrade the IBM Autonomic Computing Deployment

5) At package summary panel, the fix pack life-cycle analysis will occur.
If the fix pack can be installed, clicking Next will move forward with
the installation process.

6) A message is presented in the next panel, warning about the upgrade of
the Birt Reporting System.

7) Next panel shows the license agreement, if you agree, select the correct
option, and continue the installation.

8) From the "Deploy Optional Content" panel, determine if you want optional
content, and then click Next. For most users, the default option
is preferred.

9) A new panel warning about the Upgrade of Maximo database will show up.
Be sure that you have a backup of your Maximo Database, check the box
titled "Database is ready for upgrade" and click next.

NOTE: You will be asked to provide SMTP server and administrator email
information if you have not set this up on a previously installation.

10) Next panel gives three different options of installation:
First: Copy files now but perform the installation configuration step
later In this option, you should complete the installation through the
Taskrunner utility. From C:\IBM\SMP\scripts, run the following command:
Second: Deploy application files manually later
In this option, you should deploy maximo.ear and maximohelp.ear manually
Third: Defer the Update of the Maximo Database
After the installation, run updatedb command and deploy maximo.ear and
maximohelp.ear manually.
Choose one of them and click Next.

11) Click through the summary panels, and click Install.

At this point, the Base Services installation program begins the package
installation process. A progress panel informs you of the deployment
progress of the installation.

Post Installation Tasks:

1) Deleting the Web browser cache

After you install the fix pack, and before your users begin to use the
updated software, delete the Web browser cache on every computer that uses
the product.

2) Updating your reports

The previous Base Services fix pack, version, upgraded the embedded
reporting tool BIRT to version 2.3.2 and contained updated report design
files. If you were using BIRT before Base Services fix pack and you
have not reviewed your customized or created reports to ensure they display
correctly with BIRT 2.3.2, you must review them now.

For more information, see the technotes "Upgrading to BIRT 2.3.2 in V7
Products" at and
"Configuring BIRT Designer 2.3.2 with V7 Products" at

This fix pack contains updated report design files. Updated report design
files include:


If you previously customized these reports, your customizations will be
overwritten if you follow these steps to update the reports using the
report design file included in this fix pack. Use caution when updating
the report design files.

If you are using WAS-ND 6.1 as your J2EE server, perform these steps to
configure a temp directory for BIRT reports:
- Create a temp directory for BIRT (e.g c:\tempReport\BIRT)
NOTE: The directory cannot contain a space in the path
- Login to the WAS console
- Expand Server
- Navigate to Application servers Application servers > MXServer >
Process Definition Process Definition > Java Virtual Machine
- In the Generic JVM arguments type\tempReport\BIRT
- Save
- Restart MXServer

If you want to use the updated report design files, complete the following

a) On the administrative workstation, go to the following directory:

For example, C:\IBM\SMP\maximo\reports\birt\tools

b) Update This file by default is located
in the following directory: C:\ibm\SMP\maximo\reports\birt\tools

c) Run the importreports.cmd to update your report design files.

You can also run variations of this command to import only a subset of
reports. For more information, see the Report Developer Guide in your
product information center.

3) Running your reports

After installing this fix pack, you must go to the Report Administration
application and regenerate the request pages for all of your reports.

4) Installing tasks for updating the VMMSync Cron Task

Changes have been made to the VMMSync cron task to use business object
validation. Please refer to the Technote entitled "LDAP and VMMSync
using business object validation as of" for additional details.

For Change and Configuration Management, if you are using the VMMSync
cron task, you must add Work (or similar translated value) to the EmailType
If additional customizations were made, similar changes will need to be
made. Please refer to the Technote for additional information.

IMPORTANT: Perform these steps only if you are updating from Base Services or earlier.

a) Login as maximo administrator to the Maximo Console.
b) Click Go To -> System Administration -> Cron Tasks.
c) Find VMMSync01 instance of the VMMSync cron task.
d) Find the "User Mapping" attribute and edit it.
e) Remove the following entries from where ever they appear in the mapping xml.
<column name="FAILEDLOGINS" type="YORN">{0}</column>
<column name="STATUS" type="UPPER">{ACTIVE}</column>
<column name="QUERYWITHSITE" type="YORN">{1}</column>
<column name="PASSWORD" type="CRYPTO">{0}</column>
<column name="SYSUSER" type="YORN">{0}</column>
<column name="INACTIVESITES" type="YORN">{0}</column>
<column name="SCREENREADER" type="YORN">{0}</column>
<column name="TRANSEMAILELECTION" type="UPPER">{NEVER}</column>
<column name="STATUSDATE" type="ALN">{:sysdate}</column>
<column name="ACCEPTINGWFMAIL" type="YORN">{1}</column>
<column name="LOCTOSERVREQ" type="YORN">{1}</column>
<column name="HASLD" type="YORN">{0}</column>
<column name="LANGCODE" type="UPPER">{en}</column>
f) Save the updates.
g) Reload the cron task.

NOTE: If you are applying CCMDB 7117 over CCMDB 7115 it is highly recommended
to follow the instructions of this technote (APAR IZ69077):

To prevent getting the following message when you open the Approval tab
under Process Request --> Log tab:
"BMXAA4210E - Database error number -104 has occurred. An unexpected
token ")" was found following "nsaction.processrev)". Expected tokens
may include: "END-OF-STATEMENT"...SQLCODE=-104, SQLSTATE=42601,
DRIVER=3.53.70 "

Post-installing tasks for installing on top of CCMDB 7.1.1:

Importing your report design files

After you install the fix pack, regardless of your BIRT version, you
must import your report design files.

To import your report design files:

1. On the administrative workstation, go to the following directory:


For example:

2. Open the file. This file indicates where
reports are imported to.

3. Edit the file to meet your system

4. Run the importreports.cmd to import your report design files. You
can also run variations of this command to import only a subset of
reports. For more information, see the Report Developer Guide in
your product information center.

Regenerating the request pages for your reports

After you install the fix pack, regardless of your BIRT version, you
must go to the Report Administration application and regenerate the
request pages for all of your reports. For more information, see the
Report Developer Guide in the product information center.

5. Integration Composer

This fixpack upgrades your Integration Composer installation from version
7.1.1 and above to version

IMPORTANT NOTE: Before you start notice that ITIC requires
TADDM (fixpack 6) or higher to work. In other words, you must have
your TADDM upgraded to at least FP0006 to upgrade your ITIC.
Also if your ITIC is lower than ITIC you will be requested to upgrade
your mapping and schema files, therefore any customizations will be lost.

After you have applied this CCMDB fixpack, copy the following files from
your administrative workstation to a temporary location on the server where
the Integration Composer is installed:

- The Integration Composer setup executable (setup.exe or setup.bin,
depending on your operating system)

For example, copy <fixpack_extraction_folder>\ITIC\setup.exe into
C:\temp_itic_files on the server where Integration Composer is installed.

- The zip file named, which contains the
adapters and will be used on the section "Integration Composer MAPPING

For example, copy the files in
to C:\temp_itic_files\ on the server where
Integration Composer is installed.

- Extract the file to a new folder, for
example adapters (this instructions will make use of the
C:\temp_itic_files\adapters folder as a reference during the next steps),
which you copied from your administration machine to the server where the
Integration Composer is installed.

Follow these steps to perform the setup:

1) Make a backup of your ITIC source and installation directories

2) Run setup.exe or bin depending on your server operating system.

3) Follow the on-screen prompts.

The setup replaces the current jar file in the Integration Composer home
directory with a new Integration Composer jar file.

IMPORTANT NOTE: While running the import using DB2 you might face the
following error:
DB2 error with SQLCODE -805 while importing actual CIs

Integration Composer MAPPING and DATASCHEMA files:

1) Under your new folder C:\temp_itic_files\adapters you will find the
following file structure:



2) If you have a version higher then ITIC you should go directly to
step 4, otherwise keep following the steps

3) Copy all the files under C:\temp_itic_files\adapters\data\schema to
<Integration Composer>\data\schema and overwrite any existing files

4) Copy all the files under C:\temp_itic_files\adapters\data\mappings to
<Integration Composer>\data\mappings and overwrite any existing files

5) Before continuing in this step you must be aware that this will remove
listed modelobjects bellow that ITIC used to import.
Those modelobjects has been removed because they are for internal use only
and as well will enhance performance during the import.

Will be removed:


If you have ever installed ITIC (no matter which version) you must copy
the appropriate <Integration Composer>\data\schema\,
file to the CCMDB database server and execute from your DB command window
(xxx stands for your database application, ora for Oracle, db2 for DB2 and
sqs for SQL Server).

6) If you have ITIC or higher go directly to step 8, otherwise keep
following the steps

7) Start the Integration Composer console.
- Change directories to <Integration Composer>/bin/. Start the
console by executing startFusion.bat for Windows or
for Linux/Unix.
- Alternatively on windows you can click on
Start > Programs > IBM Tivoli > Integration Composer > IBM Tivoli Integration Composer

Select "Delete Data Source", delete the CCMDB Actual CI and CI Types data
sources. (usually named taddm-actualci and taddm-citypes)

Select "Delete Mapping", delete the Actual CI mapping and CI Types
(usually named taddm-2-ccmdb-actualci and taddm-2-ccmdb-citypes)

Select "Delete Data Schema", delete the Actual CI and CI Types data
schema. (usually named CCMDB71ActualCI and CCMDB71Classification)

Select "Define New Data Source", create the Actual CI and CI Types data

Select "Define New Data Schema", create the Actual CI and CI Types data

Copy the appropriate files:
<Integration Composer>\data\schema\ and
<Integration Composer>\data\schema\
from your Integration Composer server to the CCMDB database server where
.xxx stands for your database application, .ora for Oracle, .db2 for DB2
and .sqs for SQL Server.

Execute the appropriate script files you have just copied.

Select "Create New Mapping", create the Actual CI and CI Types mapping.

8) Import the mapping for the CI Type adapter
IMPORTANT NOTE: This readme is assuming that step 4 were completed,
therefore the files referenced on this step are up to date.

- Select "Open Existing Mapping"
- Select the current mapping name
- Enter the password for the TADDM connection
- Press Finish
- Enter the password for the CCMDB database
- Press Finish
- Select Action "Import"
by default the directory selection is
Integration Composer\data\mappings
select "TADDM71CITypeToCCMDB71Classification.fsn"
- Select Action "Save"
- Exit the mapping panel

Import the mapping for the Actual CI adapter
- Select "Open Existing Mapping"
- Select the current mapping name
- Enter the password for the TADDM connection
- Press Finish
- Enter the password for the CCMDB database
- Press Finish
- Select Action "Import"
by default the directory selection is
Integration Composer\data\mappings
select "TADDM71ActualCIToCCMDB71ActualCI.fsn"
- Select Action "Save"
- Exit the mapping panel

9) Update the file located under
<Integration Composer>\data\properties
copy the following line into the file

Update the file located under
<Integration Composer>\data\properties\provider
copy the following line into the file
ccmdb.classification.default.depth=3 (set the depth as you desire)

In ITIC all the properties specific to CCMDB integration will
be on this file, therefore you should consult the
before setting any new properties on

10) Execute the CI Type mapping

Follow these steps to configure Integration Composer to import and
connect ITIC to a TADDM 7.1.2 server.

1) Integration Composer does not include the TADDM 7.1.2 client jar.
Copy taddm-api-client.jar from the TADDM 7.1.2 SDK on your TADDM server
to the Integration Composer/lib directory on your Integration Composer server

2) Edit the Integration Composer\bin\init.bat/sh file so that the TADDM 7.1.2
client jar will be added to the classpath:

REM ================================================
REM ================================================
set CMDBAPI=%COLLATION_HOME%\lib\taddm-api-client.jar
REM set CMDBAPI=%COLLATION_HOME%\lib\api-client.jar
REM set CMDBAPI=%COLLATION_HOME%\lib\platform-model.jar;%CMDBAPI%
REM set CMDBAPI=%COLLATION_HOME%\lib\oal-topomgr.jar;%CMDBAPI%
REM set CMDBAPI=%COLLATION_HOME%\lib\oal-common.jar;%CMDBAPI%
REM set CMDBAPI=%COLLATION_HOME%\lib\edm-server.jar;%CMDBAPI%

The example above shows the section of the init.bat file that must be

If you are using TADDM Insert the following line:
set CMDBAPI=%COLLATION_HOME%\lib\taddm-api-client.jar
and comment the eight lines containing the TADDM 7.1 jar files as shown in
the example. After editing the init file, run it to ensure that the classpath
is updated.

3) Edit the Integration Composer\data\properties\ file.
Uncomment the following line:
This change enables Integration Composer to import OMP data from TADDM 7.1.2.

6. Base Services new platform support
Added in

DB2 9.7 is now a supported database. However, DB2 9.7 is not
shipped with IBM Maximo 7.1 and a separate license is required if you
want to use it as your Maximo database. Customers who use DB2 9.7
must install and configure the database using the DB2 installation
program and configuration utilities.

Oracle WebLogic Server 10.0, 10.1, and 10.2 is now a supported
application server.

The following support was added in previous fix packs, and therefore
is supported by this fix pack.

Added in
No additional support was added in

Added in
BIRT 2.3.2
Oracle Database 11g
Microsoft SQL Server 2008
DB2 9.5
AIX 6.1
Microsoft Windows Server 2008

Added in
VMware ESX version 3.5
Mozilla Firefox browser 3.0 for Microsoft Windows XP and
Red Hat Linux desktop
WebSphere Application Server

7. Resolved issues for Base Services

The following issues are resolved in base services fix pack:

APAR: IZ16969
Issue: 08-13389
Application: RECEIPTS
Description: RECEIVEDTOTALCOST conflict between PO, POLINE, and

APAR: IZ44768
Issue: 09-11455
Application: COMMTMPLT
Description: Deleted attached docs in SR based COMM templates are
still sent.

APAR: IZ48451
Issue: 09-12730
Application: MEA
Description: Maximo integration framework - When importing CI/CISPEC

APAR: IZ49533
Issue: 09-13088
Application: SYSTEM-OBJ
Description: Some Maximo thread holds the references of the Maximo
objects and does not release them.

APAR: IZ52351
Issue: 09-14513
Application: CI
Description: Unable to change lifecycle status to build after required
relationship for computer system CI.

APAR: IZ52935
Issue: 09-14953
Application: RPT-ACT (version 6.2.4)
Description: Your immediate report print request cannot be processed
at this time. Please contact your system administrator.

APAR: IZ53663
Issue: 09-15309
Application: INVISSUE
Description: Implementation or customization error when adding
failure reports to a work order.

APAR: IZ54334
Issue: 09-15690
Application: PR
Description: PR Application: While creating PO, terms and
conditions are not copied from the master contract to the PO.

APAR: IZ55829
Issue: 09-16407
Application: CHANGE
Description: Cannot access the assets on Select Action >Move/Modify.

APAR: IZ57934
Issue: 09-17023
Description: Warranty contract lines are not copied over to
duplicated contracts.

APAR: IZ59578
Issue: 09-17751
Application: CONTLEASE
Description: Lease or rental contracts hang when revising.

APAR: IZ59594
Issue: 09-17800
Application: SYSTEM-UI
Description: Issue with the download link when the user has the
locale set to Swedish.

APAR: IZ60283
Issue: 09-18266
Application: INVENTOR
Description: Maximo 6.2.2 - Incorrect GL accounts display on
inventory transactions page.

APAR: IZ60370
Issue: 09-18329
Application: WOTRACK
Description: COPYLINKTOWO causes document to be attached to every

APAR: IZ60796
Issue: 09-18715
Application: SYSTEM-UI
Description: The tabs and menu bar items (advanced search) are not
translated to secondary language on cloned application (V6 and V7).

APAR: IZ60808
Issue: 09-18716
Application: RECEIPTS
Description: Maximo exchange rate greater than 1 incorrect.

APAR: IZ61116
Issue: 09-18789
Application: LOGGINGADM
Description: User update to root logging folder keeps disappearing.

APAR: IZ61463
Issue: 09-18944
Application: ASSETS
Description: The change item number lookup for rotating stocked
tools does not have an option to go to stocked tools.

APAR: IZ61464
Issue: 09-18938
Application: INVISSUE
Description: In application issues and transfers, wrong quantities
are being transferred.

APAR: IZ61871
Issue: 09-19197
Application: RECEIPTS
Description: Error when receiving an item with multiples condition

APAR: IZ62086
Issue: 09-19260
Application: LABOR
Description: Issue in labor craft rate APPVALIDATE method.

APAR: IZ62231
Issue: 09-19272
Application: INVENTOR
Description: Rotating items transfer inventory results mismatch.

APAR: IZ62298
Issue: 09-19366
Application: SYSTEM-UI
Description: Unable to set default value to 1 for company
application's pay-on-receipt field.

APAR: IZ62335
Issue: 09-19370
Application: INVENTOR
Description: Inventory expiration date year changes from 2064 to
1964 when the record is saved.

APAR: IZ62700
Issue: 09-19733
Application: PO
Description: The POCOST still has the old GL debit account from the
PRCOST even though the account was changed on the RFQ.

APAR: IZ62721
Issue: 09-19764
Application: RPT-HARE REP
Description: Gaps show in BIRT report when converted to PDF format.

APAR: IZ62722
Issue: 09-19760
Application: CONFIGUR
Description: BMXAA0658E error occurs when entering default value for

APAR: IZ62752
Issue: 09-19821
Application: SYSTEM-OBJ
Description: Changes to assignment in work flow admin app causes the
changed data to be saved to the communications template; the template
should not be altered like this.

APAR: IZ62753
Issue: 09-19822
Application: WOTRACK
Description: no debit GL account under the actuals tab for work
order tracking.

APAR: IZ62756
Issue: 09-19842
Application: LABREP
Description: Message "REGULAR HOURS XX IS NOT VALID" is not
displayed, even if a domain was created to control data on the
regular hours.

APAR: IZ63027
Issue: 09-20070
Application: MASTERPM
Description: The only work type that should be visible are work

APAR: IZ63079
Issue: 09-20149
Application: SYSTEM-UI
Description: UI: After clicking select records and checking a labor
transaction row, the screen scrolls down instead of staying on.

APAR: IZ63095
Issue: 09-20259
Application: LABOR
Description: Security restrictions are not working for Select Labor

APAR: IZ63112
Issue: 09-20260
Description: Assignment manager time zone differences.

APAR: IZ63119
Issue: 09-20266
Application: INVOICE
Description: Maximo 6.2.4 - null pointer exception occurs when
entering invoice for rotating items.

APAR: IZ63203
Issue: 09-20397
Application: TKTEMPLATE
Description: In the ticket template application, the long
description becomes read only when an activity is added.

APAR: IZ63205
Issue: 09-20508
Application: ASSETS
Description: If an asset that has no meter attached is moved, and
you then add a meter to it, the asset cannot be moved again.

APAR: IZ63303
Issue: 09-20505
Application: WOTRACK
Description: In work order tracking, the location and asset fields
are not editable on the Actuals tab for a child work order.

APAR: IZ63359
Issue: 09-20538
Application: WOTRACK
Description: If a refresh error occurs during CQIN processing,
duplicate work orders can get created.

APAR: IZ63641
Issue: 09-20718
Application: PR
Description: Incorrect ORGID is set in PRLINE when you duplicate the
PR from different site and ORG.

APAR: IZ63652
Issue: 09-20716
Application: INCIDENT
Description: The owner is not correctly set in the Incident

APAR: IZ63687
Issue: 09-20769
Application: INVENTOR
Description: Negative current balance shows, even when negative
balance is set to 'not allowed'.

APAR: IZ63698
Issue: 09-21323
Application: SYSTEM-UI
Description: 'STOP QUERY' button does not work.

APAR: IZ63947
Issue: 09-21135
Application: MEA
Description: Able to load non-work labor transactions with an
associated work order into Maximo via the integration framework.

APAR: IZ63962
Issue: 09-21136
Application: SYSTEM-UI
Description: Cannot log on to servers that have a server name of
"maximo", after the patch has been installed. Internet
Explorer returns 404 error.

APAR: IZ64015
Issue: 09-21198
Application: SYSTEM-UI
Description: If a record's description field contains the name of a
script, and that record is displayed in portlets in the Start Center,
the scripted mentioned in the description field gets run.

APAR: IZ64018
Issue: 09-21202
Application: RPT-ADHOC
Description: Ad hoc query report on person application reports
incorrect dates in Maximo 7114.

APAR: IZ64040
Issue: 09-21199
Application: INVENTOR
Description: No record exists on receipts and transfers tab in the
inventory application for the rotating item.

APAR: IZ64093
Issue: 09-21272
Application: INVOICE
Description: Invoice for service with large number of receipts loads
many SERVRECTRANS objects, causes out of memory error.

APAR: IZ64130
Issue: 09-21280
Application: SYSTEM-UI
Description: Cannot open drill down from the location field on the
asset list screen (or in the Advanced Search dialog).

APAR: IZ64188
Issue: 09-21505
Application: ASSETS
Description: Invalid binding occurs when you click view asset details.

APAR: IZ64204
Issue: 09-21346
Application: INVISSUE
ISSUE & TRANSFER application.

APAR: IZ64443
Issue: 09-21516
Application: ASSETS
Description: Maximo 7 - After moving asset with rotating item to
storeroom, parent is not disassociated from the child asset.

APAR: IZ64495
Issue: 09-21517
Description: BMXAA4024E - External value cross reference is not in

APAR: IZ64497
Issue: 09-21519
Application: SYSTEM-UI
Description: "BMXAA6959E - The registry does not contain a property
named SIGOPTION for the DEFAULTVALUE control.

APAR: IZ64604
Issue: 09-21577
Application: SYSTEM-UI
Description: Work order tracking search issue.

APAR: IZ64611
Issue: 09-21576
Application: ROLES
Description: When creating a new role of type PERSONGROUP, it is
not possible to manually specify OWNERGROUP as the value.

APAR: IZ64622
Issue: 09-21582
Application: WOTRACK
Description: BMXAA4049E - The value specified exceeds the maximum
field length.

APAR: IZ64736
Issue: 09-21677
Application: PR
Description: Conversion factor did not display properly if you enter
GL debit in DEFAULT DATA area.

APAR: IZ64793
Issue: 09-21725
Application: RECEIPTS
Description: Invoice on receipt is from a payment schedule is
calculated incorrectly.

APAR: IZ64856
Issue: 09-21761
Application: APP DESIGNER
Description: When SSL is enabled, Maximo is unable to export the

APAR: IZ64921
Issue: 09-21788
Description: BMXAA6551E error occurs during upgrade integrity checker.

APAR: IZ64966
Issue: 09-21846
Application: SYSTEM-UI
Description: Start empty setting on lookup affects smart fill.

APAR: IZ65146
Issue: 09-21954
Application: LOCATION
Description: Long running query - ((SITEID =:SITEID AND LOCATION
LIKE %NYS114%)).

APAR: IZ65180
Issue: 09-21973
Application: RECEIPTS
Description: "Record has been updated by another user" occurs when
receipting at a new cost.

APAR: IZ65184
Issue: 09-21999
Application: WOTRACK
Description: Condition field becomes a required field in the
duplicate work order.

APAR: IZ65308
Issue: 09-22043
Application: ITEM
Description: Disqualified vendors displayed in the VENDOR SELECT
value list for item master.

APAR: IZ65319
Issue: 09-22042
Description: ORGANIZATION-> PMOPTION-> Site description filter error.

APAR: IZ65376
Issue: 09-22140
Application: PROBLEM
Description: Apply problem template does not copy activities from
template when the problem record was created from a service request.

APAR: IZ65426
Issue: 09-22156
Application: SYSTEM-OBJ
Description: Cannot attach a document to a closed work order in edit
history mode.

APAR: IZ65436
Issue: 09-22170
Application: PO
Description: Maximo 6.2.2 - Warning error is continuously displayed
on the service receipts.

APAR: IZ65438
Issue: 09-22202
Application: INVISSUE
Description: Object asset is read-only when you try to transfer out
rotating item, with the new asset number field populated.

APAR: IZ65442
Issue: 09-22203
Application: RECEIPTS
Description: Actual date on transfer for inspection required items
is the same as the actual date of the receipt.

APAR: IZ65448
Issue: 09-22204
Application: INVISSUE
Description: Material reservations for task work orders do not
populate issue details and cannot be issued.

APAR: IZ65450
Issue: 09-22208
Application: ITEM
Description: DB error 180 occurs when changing existing
classification with defined attributes to different classification
with new attributes.

APAR: IZ65454
Issue: 09-22206
Application: WOTRACK
Description: The message "CANNOT COPY JOB PLAN INS1002. TASK 10 IS
USED BY ANOTHER ASK" occurs when adding a job plan to a parent work

APAR: IZ65457
Issue: 09-22210
Application: CREATE_REQ
Description: If you have the same ITEMNUM in multiple storerooms,
the incorrect storeroom is populating in DESKTOP REQ application.

APAR: IZ65460
Issue: 09-22211
Application: RECEIPTS
Description: Items returned do not include tax on line cost.

APAR: IZ65464
Issue: 09-22209
Application: ITEM
Description: Hazard lookup does not return any rows when added to
the advanced search page in the item master application.

APAR: IZ65470
Issue: 09-22234
Application: COSTMGT
Description: Project ID and task ID not crossing over to INVRESERVE.

APAR: IZ65472
Issue: 09-22236
Application: PM
Description: Maximo allows a PM to generate work orders on an asset
with NOT READY status.

APAR: IZ65477
Issue: 09-22274
Application: MASTER_CONTR
Description: ACCTS: The end date must be greater than the start date.

APAR: IZ65586
Issue: 09-22379
Application: WOTRACK
Description: Estimated costs from child work order still showing on
parent work order after child work order is deleted.

Issue: 09-22388
Description: Changed the length of the "GROUPNAME" attribute in
MAXGROUP to longer than 30 ALN characters.

APAR: IZ65646
Issue: 09-22392
Application: CONTLEASE
Description: Client is getting "BMXAA0773E: ASSET ALREADY PRESENT IN
REV 0 OF CONTRACT" error on a lease contract.

APAR: IZ65647
Issue: 09-22391
Application: APP DESIGNER
Description: Application restrictions are not enforced in
presentation properties in base service

APAR: IZ65648
Issue: 09-22396
Application: ASSETS
Description: - BS table data type attribute not working in

APAR: IZ65653
Issue: 09-22395
Description: Migration manager uses report number seed from the
source DB instead of target system's AUTOKEY seed.

APAR: IZ65655
Issue: 09-22397
Application: INVOICE
Description: When receipted, the received cost does not equal
purchased cost, which leads to confusion and reconciliation problems.

APAR: IZ65656
Issue: 09-22394
Description: (Firefox only) Result set link does not work after
applying a hotfix.

APAR: IZ65667
Issue: 09-22508
Application: PR
Description: When regional settings are French Canadian, canceling a
PR created by an MR causes a database error on MRID.

APAR: IZ65668
Issue: 09-22393
Application: SYSTEM-UI
Description: Download output on MOVE/MODIFY assets still shows old

APAR: IZ65728
Issue: 09-22500
Application: INVENTOR
Description: SELECT ITEMS for return option in the issues and
transfer application only allowing to search for task work orders.

APAR: IZ65784
Issue: 09-22506
Application: INVOICE
Description: Cannot approve invoice XXXX. The difference in cost
between line 1 of the invoice and the purchase order line is -0 USD.

APAR: IZ65793
Issue: 09-22505
Application: CLASSCAT
Description: Cannot use a space as a delimiter for classifications.

APAR: IZ65744
Issue: 09-22511
Application: RECEIPTS
Description: Unable to receive direct issue items if default insert
site has different item set.

APAR: IZ65747
Issue: 09-22514
Application: RECEIPTS
Description: Quantity received is doubled in PO application if user
create attribute that is required is not populated before save.

APAR: IZ65853
Issue: 09-22565
Application: RECEIPTS
Description: Internal PO to transfer rotating item between sites not
updating balance at destination storeroom.

APAR: IZ65935
Issue: 09-22610
Application: SECURITY_AUTH
Description: Special characters >,<,% are not usable after
preventing cross-site script.

APAR: IZ65976
Issue: 09-22636
Application: UPGRADE
Description: Maximo 6 to 7 upgrade failed - INDEX OUTOFBOUNDS error.

APAR: IZ65978
Issue: 09-22637
Application: JOBPLAN
Description: Duplicate location STORELOCSITE will not be read only.
When location is read only, location is also required->BMXAA4195E -
Required field Location is blank.

APAR: IZ66080
Issue: 09-22639
Application: INVOICE
Description: Invoice MATUSETRANS.GLDEBITACCT has wrong values.

APAR: IZ66101
Issue: 09-22679
Application: MEA
Description: Update location deletes specs.

APAR: IZ66114
Issue: 09-22681
Application: RECEIPTS
Description: Return of a PO line type item does not return the tax1
field with a -VE value.

APAR: IZ66132
Issue: 09-22688
Application: LOCATION
Description: Out of memory issue.

APAR: IZ66201
Issue: 09-22724
Application: COMPANY
Description: BMXAA4210E - Database error number 102 has occurred -
incorrect syntax near 'S'.

APAR: IZ66207
Issue: 09-22718
Application: UPGRADE
Description: Upgrade 6 to 7 integrity checker repair mode does not
repair same-as columns.

APAR: IZ66225
Issue: 09-22722
Application: PR
Description: Inventory item transferred to new location, say BIN,
changes last receipt cost.

APAR: IZ66228
Issue: 09-22735
Application: WOTRACK
Description: Cannot add material into the WO in 'Edit history state'.

APAR: IZ66241
Issue: 09-22738
Application: SYSTEM-UI
Description: When user clicks on CLEAR CHANGES button in work order
tracking application, Maximo opens the list tab with all work order

APAR: IZ66309
Issue: 09-22770
Description: Maximo 6.2.2 - return with value on warranty contracts
allows vendor from different site than contract to be associated.

APAR: IZ66317
Issue: 09-22779
Application: SERVICE_DESK
Description: Duplicating an incident record with activities does not
carry the activities over to duplicated record.

APAR: IZ66326
Issue: 09-22782
Description: User in DEFLTREG group with no start center can still
see it.

APAR: IZ66348
Issue: 09-22803
Application: CREATE_REQ
Description: Not able to set a default value for LINETYPE in desktop

APAR: IZ66375
Issue: 09-22806
Description: When a global restriction is in place to make a record
read only when the condition is met, workflow errors out but the app
is OK.

APAR: IZ66405
Issue: 09-22847
Application: ASSETS
Description: Updates to CRON task log file parameters do not work
unless server is restarted.

APAR: IZ66418
Issue: 09-22854
Application: IAS
Description: Spare parts not copied over when receiving rotating
items and applying IAS.

APAR: IZ66444
Issue: 09-22846
Application: WOTRACK
Description: Remarks date field is not updated with latest entry,
always defaults to system date and time.

APAR: IZ66453
Issue: 09-22855
Application: ASSETS
Description: ASSET application: Adding subassembly on spare parts
tab is clearing previous changes.

APAR: IZ66471
Issue: 09-22888
Application: SYSTEM-UI
Description: Line does not expand after error message.

APAR: IZ66473
Issue: 09-22889
Application: RECEIPTS
Description: Lotted item received shelf life entered 20,000 days.
Year calculates to 2064. When the record is saved year changes to

APAR: IZ66537
Issue: 09-22892
Application: RECEIPTS
updated with LOADEDCOST rather than LINECOST for both RECEIPT and

APAR: IZ66500
Issue: 09-22893
Application: INVISSUE
Description: BMXAA4214E - An unknown error has occurred.

APAR: IZ66527
Issue: 09-22896
Application: RECEIPTS
Description: MATRECTRANS invoice transactions.

APAR: IZ66545
Issue: 09-22895
Application: ACTIONS
Description: SETVALUE in workflow actions does not work well when
setting values including Chinese characters.

APAR: IZ66548
Issue: 09-22910
Description: DMPACKAGEDEF source on the target is not large enough
in migration manager.

APAR: IZ66566
Issue: 09-22911
Application: MEA
Description: 7.x integration import from external system -
enterprise service - misleading error message.

APAR: IZ66657
Issue: 09-22936
Description: The search on the start center works differently than
the search on the list views.

APAR: IZ66671
Issue: 09-22947
Application: MEA
Description: Purchase contract of with type "purchase" cannot be
imported using integration framework.

APAR: IZ66672
Issue: 09-22948
Application: SYSTEM-OBJ
Description: Communication variables are not displayed correctly.

APAR: IZ66767
Issue: 09-22982
Application: RPT-HARE ENG
Description: New Xerces library was introduced in CCMDB 7115.

APAR: IZ66674
Issue: 09-22946
Application: INVOICE
Description: Average cost not updated when an item is returned and
it sets the current balance to 0.

APAR: IZ66766
Issue: 09-22973
Application: WOGEN
Description: Open cursors exceeded error during PM workorder

APAR: IZ66787
Issue: 09-23001
Application: CLASSCAT
Description: Slow performance in

APAR: IZ66809
Issue: 09-23183
Application: SYSTEM-UI
Description: Attribute TARGETFINISH is displayed as "null" instead
of being left blank.

APAR: IZ66810
Issue: 09-23000
Application: RECEIPTS
Description: BMXAA1196E - The financial period for the specified
date is closed. The next open financial period will be used.

APAR: IZ66811
Issue: 09-22997
Application: LOCATION
Description: Cannot delete location because it is referenced in

APAR: IZ66826
Issue: 09-23011
Application: RECEIPTS
Description: POLINE.RECEIVEDUNITCOST is not being updated properly.

APAR: IZ66868
Issue: 09-23029
Application: LABOR
Description: Change status for all labor records does not work.

APAR: IZ66870
Issue: 09-23028
Application: SYSTEM-UI
Description: Workflow canvas not visible when XCOORDINATE or
YCOORDINATE is greater than 999.

APAR: IZ66899
Issue: 09-23031
Application: ASSETS
Description: There are charge store purchase order line items.
Cannot move asset to inventory type location error.

APAR: IZ66930
Issue: 09-23037
Application: SYSTEM-OBJ
Description: Hidden data from SELECT VALUE lookup and APPLINK is not
masked through data restriction.

APAR: IZ66928
Issue: 09-23038
Application: WOTRACK
Description: Only one asset displays in asset drill down in asset
field in work order tracking.

APAR: IZ67109
Issue: 09-23074
Application: RPT-ADMIN
Description: In BIRT designer, Korean parameters works well, but,
from Maximo, it does not work.

APAR: IZ67129
Issue: 09-23076
Application: LOCATION
Description: LOCATION.SYSTEMID not being exported to XML via the
integration framework.

APAR: IZ67134
Issue: 09-23102
Application: MEA
Description: Receiving multiples of one rotating item with
MXRCVROTITM interface fails to create some assets.

APAR: IZ67154
Issue: 09-23103
Application: SYSTEM-UI
Description: Calendar issue. 30 day months show incorrect calendar

APAR: IZ67173
Issue: 09-23101
Application: SYSTEM-UI
Description: Clicking on mouse over on start center for KPI graph
goes to blank screen.

APAR: IZ67179
Issue: 09-23108
Application: UPGRADE
Description: Patch upgrades fail on script V7113_59 with unique

APAR: IZ67180
Issue: 09-23110
Application: LOCATION
Description: ORA-00001: Unique constraint (MAXIMO.LOCANCESTOR_NDX1)

APAR: IZ67187
Issue: 09-23119
Application: SYSTEM-UI
Description: Workflow node properties windows gets hidden.

APAR: IZ67197
Issue: 09-23144
Application: ASSETS
Description: Changing an item number causes an error.

APAR: IZ67225
Issue: 09-23140
Application: RPT-HARE ENG
Description: REPORT.REPORTNAME is not associated with related tables.

APAR: IZ67235
Issue: 09-23138
Application: RECEIPTS
Description: Prorating not working when receiving a POLINE (service)
with a negative value.

APAR: IZ67231
Issue: 09-23143
Application: INVISSUE
Description: BMXAA2956E-Please enter a requisition that already

APAR: IZ67236
Issue: 09-23139
Application: RECEIPTS
Description: With INVOICEMGT turned off, the receipt is not carrying
forward the prorated value through to the final receipt transaction.

APAR: IZ67262
Issue: 09-23150
Application: MEA
Description: Integration framework in 7.X: Null pointer occurs
during create operation when record is skipped during processing.

APAR: IZ67293
Issue: 09-23164
Application: RPT-HARE ENG
Description: Active X POWERHTML is not being used when installed and
always promotes.

APAR: IZ67291
Issue: 09-23169
Application: RECEIPTS
Description: The receipt cannot be created for the selected row.

APAR: IZ67295
Issue: 09-23166
Application: ASSETS
Description: Data restriction against LOCATIONS does not take the
drill down into account.

APAR: IZ67299
Issue: 09-23170
Application: ITEM
Description: Error when adding classification with mandatory
attribute to item.

APAR: IZ67301
Issue: 09-23173
Application: UPGRADE
Description: While performing the 6 to 7 upgrade, the WORKORDER_NDX1
does not remain as a clustered index.

APAR: IZ67309
Issue: 09-23176
Application: MEA
Description: User added cross-reference control in the integration
framework, but it does not show on subrecord fields.

APAR: IZ67316
Issue: 09-23177
Application: ASSETS
Description: Asset INVCOST got updated during receipt.

APAR: IZ66809
Issue: 09-23183
Application: SYSTEM-UI
Description: Attribute TARGETFINISH is displayed as "null" instead
of blank.

APAR: IZ67323
Issue: 09-23212
Application: INVISSUE
Description: Multiple inbound MATUSETRANS cause balance to go

APAR: IZ67332
Issue: 09-23190
Application: INVENTOR
Description: Inventory "Return" returns an item value on an item
with a PENDING or OBSOLETE status.

APAR: IZ67373
Issue: 09-23198
Application: INVENTOR
Description: Physical count item cost not reporting correctly
(follow up of IZ63840).

APAR: IZ67403
Issue: 09-23224
Application: SYSTEM-UI
Description: Order unit 'REQUIRED' is not functioning through
conditional express manager.

APAR: IZ67476
Issue: 10-10032
Application: WOTRACK

APAR: IZ67489
Issue: 10-10033
Application: INVENTOR
Description: BMXAA4214E-An unknown error occurred in pop-up window
when trying to transfer in and clicking new row.

APAR: IZ67504
Issue: 10-10078
Application: INSTALL
Description: DB2 SQL Error: SQLCODE: -104, SQLSTATE: 42601,

APAR: IZ67515
Issue: 10-10075
Application: WOTRACK
Description: Assign to new parent assigns all work orders.

APAR: IZ67533
Issue: 10-10076
Application: RECEIPTS
Description: BMXAA4214E - An unknown error has occurred. please
contact your system administrator for assistance.

APAR: IZ67541
Issue: 10-10083
Application: DOMAINS
Description: In Maximo, domain application user interface is
not user-friendly.

APAR: IZ67547
Issue: 10-10084
Application: SYSTEM-UI
Description: Maximo allows saving records without have entry on
required field.

APAR: IZ67680
Issue: 10-10139
Application: PO
Description: User can change the quantity when transfer in.

APAR: IZ67781
Issue: 10-10197
Application: WOTRACK
Description: Cannot change owner for multiple records in work order
tracking application.

APAR: IZ67795
Issue: 10-10196
Application: LABREP
Description: BMXAA4214E - An unknown error has occurred error in
LABOR REPORTING application when trying to enter by labor, work order.

APAR: IZ67847
Issue: 10-10239
Application: PO
Description: The cost of the release PO exceeds the maximum value of
xxx USD on the contract.

APAR: IZ67967
Issue: 10-10235
Application: RECEIPTS
Description: Receiving application incorrectly process line cost for
services with foreign currencies.

APAR: IZ68000
Issue: 10-10246
Application: PO
Description: Cannot approve the PO from the workflow.

APAR: IZ68045
Issue: 10-10272
Application: REORDER
Description: PR line and PO line numbers do not match when generated

APAR: IZ68090
Issue: 10-10292
Description: Issue related to security and independent groups and
"Authorize group for all sites?"

APAR: IZ68105
Issue: 10-10323
Application: PROBLEM
Description: BMXAA4313E Error occurs when applying work order change
to problem record.

APAR: IZ68109
Issue: 10-10321
Application: LABOR
Description: Mass status change from Labor List tab not changing

APAR: IZ68110
Issue: 10-10322
Application: ASSETS
Description: Unable to change the downtime on an asset in the manage
downtime history.

APAR: IZ68111
Issue: 10-10319
Application: PR
Description: PO/PR lines item SELECT VALUE filter not working

APAR: IZ68113
Issue: 10-10324
Application: SYSTEM-UI
Description: Section 508 (01 FEB)- The application needs to
implement a "SKIP TO CONTENT" link that allows users to skip the main
navigation links.

APAR: IZ68115
Issue: 10-10318
Application: SYSTEM-UI
Description: Section 508 (03 APR)- (menus): Using supplied hot key
combinations, the action with the screen reader active is

APAR: IZ68118
Issue: 10-10359
Application: SYSTEM-UI
Description: Section 508 (01 FEB)- Bulletin Board Dialog - The three
icons at the top right of this form are in the tab order of the form
but they are not labeled.

APAR: IZ68120
Issue: 10-10389
Application: SYSTEM-UI
Description: Section 508 (03 APR) - Form does not receive focus when
it is selected.

APAR: IZ68123
Issue: 10-10364
Application: SYSTEM-UI
Description: Section 508 (03 APR)- (Menus) Audible user guidance
within the "REPORTS" menu does not correspond with the guidance in

APAR: IZ68124
Issue: 10-10367
Application: SYSTEM-UI
Description: Section 508 (03 APR)- When using the first form,
screen reader focus is lost if a link is selected or a tab is pressed.

APAR: IZ68125
Issue: 10-10358
Application: SYSTEM-UI
Description: Section 508 (01 FEB)- A large number of images in the
application register as "IMAGES/BLANK GRAPHIC".

APAR: IZ68126
Issue: 10-10386
Application: INCIDENT
Description: Problem occurs when sending e-mail to over 30

APAR: IZ68127
Issue: 10-10368
Application: SYSTEM-UI
Description: Section 508 (02 MAR)- Items need to be in the tab order
of all forms, available to the screen reader and usable by keyboard.

APAR: IZ68128
Issue: 10-10385
Application: SYSTEM-UI
Description: Section 508 (02 MAR)- The "VIEW ATTACHMENTS DIALOGUE"
does not have focus when it is activated.

APAR: IZ68129
Issue: 10-10360
Application: SYSTEM-UI
Description: Section 508 (01 FEB)- In "CREATE A FILE ATTACHMENT
DIALOGUE", the "SELECT A FOLDER" field is mislabeled.

APAR: IZ68130
Issue: 10-10362
Application: SYSTEM-UI
Description: Section 508 (02 MAR)- The "SPECIFY A FILE" file upload
edit is not in the tab order directly after the "SELECT A FOLDER"

APAR: IZ68132
Issue: 10-10374
Application: SYSTEM-UI
Description: Section 508 (01 FEB)- The "SPECIFY A FILE" file upload
is mislabeled.

APAR: IZ68133
Issue: 10-10366
Application: SYSTEM-UI
Description: Section 508 (01 FEB) - In "CREATE A URL ATTACHMENT
DIALOGUE", the "SELECT A FOLDER" field is not labeled. Provide a

APAR: IZ68135
Issue: 10-10375
Application: SYSTEM-UI
Description: Section 508 (02 MAR)- "SHOW TABLE HELP" link of "CREATE
does not respond

APAR: IZ68136
Issue: 10-10373
Application: SYSTEM-UI
Description: SECTION 508 (02 MAR)- When a "clickable" line such as
"complete air system picture" is selected, the form loses focus.

APAR: IZ68137
Issue: 10-10361
Application: SYSTEM-UI
Description: Section 508 (01 FEB))- Under "ADVANCED OPTIONS" all
three check boxes are mislabeled, they should reflect the text labels
as on the screen.

APAR: IZ68138
Issue: 10-10369
Application: SYSTEM-UI
Description: Section 508 (01 FEB)- The "PERSON" links cannot be
activated with the Enter key. Provide links that respond to the Enter

APAR: IZ68139
Issue: 10-10372
Application: SYSTEM-UI
Description: Section 508 (01 FEB)- "WHERE CLAUSE DIALOGUE FORM", the
"CURRENT QUERY" text field is not labeled - provide a label for this
text field.

APAR: IZ68140
Issue: 10-10363
Application: SYSTEM-UI
Description: Section 508 (02 MAR)- The "DELETE" button cannot be
activated with keyboard commands.

APAR: IZ68141
Issue: 10-10394
Application: SYSTEM-UI
Description: Section 508 (01 FEB)- The "USER" and "USER NAME" edits
are mislabeled and the labels are mispronounced by the screen reader.

APAR: IZ68142
Issue: 10-10388
Application: SYSTEM-UI
Description: Section 508 (02 MAR)- The form generated from the "SET
PASSWORD" button does not receive focus when it is activated.

APAR: IZ68143
Issue: 10-10370
Application: SYSTEM-UI
Description: Section 508 - The "CANVAS TAB" is a function that
requires vision to use it. It is graphical in nature.

APAR: IZ68145
Issue: 10-10391
Application: SYSTEM-UI
Description: SECTION 508 (03 APR)- "View/Modify Active Assignments"
- This form will not open with the Enter key.

APAR: IZ68146 Issue: 10-10371
Application: SYSTEM-UI
Description: SECTION 508 (03 APR)- "Stop process" (red stop sign)
will not open with the Enter key.

APAR: IZ68147
Issue: 10-10377
Application: SYSTEM-UI
Description: Section 508 (02 MAR)- The calendar table does not
provide row and header identification.

APAR: IZ68148
Issue: 10-10384
Application: SYSTEM-UI
Description: Section 508 (03 APR) - The "1600 hours" link does not
respond to the Enter key. All links must be activated by the Enter

APAR: IZ68149
Issue: 10-10378
Application: SYSTEM-UI
Description: Section 508 (02 MAR) - "SELECT KPIS TO COMPARE
DIALOGUE" - when CHECKOUT is checked or unchecked, the screen reader
focus is lost.

APAR: IZ68150
Issue: 10-10379
Application: SYSTEM-UI
Description: Section 508 (03 APR)- When expanded, the "VIEW DETAILS
GRAPHIC" focus lands on the "PAYMENT SCHEDULE" button and not the
"LINE ITEM" form.

APAR: IZ68151
Issue: 10-10376
Application: SYSTEM-UI
Description: Section 508 (02 MAR)- When expanded, the "VIEW DETAILS
GRAPHIC" focus lands on the "NEW ROW" button, and not on the
"DETAILS" form.

APAR: IZ68152
Issue: 10-10382
Application: SYSTEM-UI
Description: Section 508 (01 FEB)- "CLICK TO SEE IMAGE" - When an
image is displayed here, it has to have an alternate text description.

APAR: IZ68153
Issue: 10-10383
Application: SYSTEM-UI
Description: SECTION 508 (03 APR)- The "create/edit requisition
button" cannot be opened with the Enter key or the space bar.

APAR: IZ68154
Issue: 10-10393
Application: SYSTEM-UI
Description: Section 508 (03 APR)- The "DELETE ROW" graphic cannot
be opened with the Enter key or space bar.

APAR: IZ68155
Issue: 10-10380
Application: SYSTEM-UI
Description: Section 508 - Select Value dialogue - The links
beginning with "Name" can't be activated with the space bar or
Enter key.

APAR: IZ68156
Issue: 10-10387
Application: SYSTEM-UI
Description: Section 508 (01 FEB)- For the four edit fields in
"GROUPING" and "SORTING" part of the label for these fields is

APAR: IZ68158
Issue: 10-10390
Application: SYSTEM-UI
Description: SECTION 508 (03 APR) - For two edit fields for the
month and year, when a selection is made with the keyboard, focus
returns to main form.

APAR: IZ68163
Issue: 10-10413
Application: RPT-ADMIN
Description: Request pages freeze if a hard return is entered after
a value on a parameter box.

APAR: IZ68180
Issue: 10-10447
Application: SYSTEM-UI
Description: Cannot use relationship field(dot notation) in result
set graph.

APAR: IZ68188
Issue: 10-10418
Application: MEA
Description: BMXAA4146E - NOT A VALID GLACCOUNT is thrown after GL
accounts are removed in LABREP.

APAR: IZ68189
Issue: 10-10448
Application: REORDER
Description: When the item is planned on a task workorder the
resource code of the GL account is not populating.

APAR: IZ68203
Issue: 10-10416
Application: CONFIGUR
Description: WFACTION.INSTRUCTION is not multi-language enabled.

APAR: IZ68210
Issue: 10-10419
Application: LABOR
Description: Expiration date not updating from the labor application.

APAR: IZ68242
Issue: 10-10458
Application: PR
Description: Quantity reset to zero on PR LINECOST and UNICOST.

APAR: IZ68277
Issue: 10-10461
Application: RPT-ADMIN
Description: WOPRINT.RPTDESIGN BIRT report does not show data for
ONBEHALFOF field, or the label on the report.

APAR: IZ68294
Issue: 10-10470
Application: PR
Description: When you change a line type from ITEM to SERVICE,
Maximo generates error message BMXAA3432E when the PR is saved.

APAR: IZ68325
Issue: 10-10489
Application: LABOR
Description: Craft description does not carry over in the LABOR
application CRAFTS TAB.

APAR: IZ68329
Issue: 10-10487
Application: INVENTOR
Description: SENDERSYSID is not being populated with MX in INVTRANS.

APAR: IZ68343
Issue: 10-10498
Application: INVOICE
Description: Incorrect committed cost.

APAR: IZ68345
Issue: 10-10497
Application: LABOR
Description: Expiry date is not correctly populated after renewing
qualification for a labor.

APAR: IZ68382
Issue: 10-10512
Application: SYSTEM-OBJ
Description: Workflow conditions get a BMXAA3056E syntax error if an
EXISTS clause is used in the condition.

APAR: IZ68385
Issue: 10-10515
Application: ASSETS
Description: Crossover domain from classifications to asset
specifications is not functioning.

APAR: IZ68459
Issue: 10-10520
Application: SYSTEM-UI
Description: When using the TIVOLI09 skin, the Download button in
the app does not work.

APAR: IZ68489
Issue: 10-10549
Application: CLASSCAT
Description: When selecting edit history work order, in WOTRACK, the
classification field is still grayed out.

APAR: IZ68490
Issue: 10-10530
Application: RECEIPTS
Description: Invoice variance transaction updates MATRECTRANS
incorrectly in Maximo 6.2.2

APAR: IZ68523
Issue: 10-10547
Application: RPT-HARE REP
Description: Running maintenance cost rollup in Maximo 7114 does not
set the ROLLUP FLAG = 1 when finished.

APAR: IZ68547
Issue: 10-10548
Application: CONTPURCH
Description: Term flagged as editable cannot be edited in release PO.

APAR: IZ68549
Issue: 10-10544
Application: PO
Description: Default terms and conditions not editable on a PO
created from a contract.

APAR: IZ68556
Issue: 10-10550
Application: COMPANY
Description: Cannot set the default value to FALSE for companies
attribute INCLUSIVE1 (pay tax to vendor check box).

APAR: IZ68578
Issue: 10-10551
Application: CREATE_REQ
Description: A quantity must be entered before adding an item to
your requisition.

APAR: IZ68579
Issue: 10-10578
Application: PERSON
Description: Importing a person with the integration framework fails
to update changes to the first name.

APAR: IZ68588
Issue: 10-10563
Application: ACTUAL_CI
Description: Performance issue in promoting CIS to IGA.

APAR: IZ68591
Issue: 10-10572
Application: SYSTEM-UI
Description: Section 508 (03 APR) The "select a folder" field
identifies to the screen reader as an edit but it is actually a form
of combo box.

APAR: IZ68600
Issue: 10-10575
Application: INVOICE
Description: BMXAA4191E - Work order XX is not valid error trying to
invoice a PO that has a CLOSED work order associated with it.

APAR: IZ68605
Issue: 10-10574
Application: SYSTEM-OBJ
Description: When the WFSTOP COMM template has a two recipients on
it, errors BMXAA4407E and BMXAA4049E occur.

APAR: IZ68613
Issue: 10-10573
Application: RECEIPTS
Description: BMXAA3240E - The receipt cannot be created for the
selected row 1. BMXAA0913E - Zero is not a valid value.

APAR: IZ68614
Issue: 10-10577
Application: CLASSCAT
Description: Issue with classification being used as a description
on asset record.

APAR: IZ68634
Issue: 10-10584
Application: PO
Description: Added one conditional expression on PO, then cannot
delete POLINE when the associated PR is closed.

APAR: IZ68650
Issue: 10-10583
Application: SYSTEM-OBJ
Description: Filtering in date columns in Maximo 6.2.5 doesn't work.

APAR: IZ68682
Issue: 10-10604
Application: SECURITY_AUTH
Description: Leading and trailing spaces in PHONENUM causes LDAPSYNC
to fail with MBO errors.

APAR: IZ68785
Issue: 10-10649
Application: SYSTEM-UI
Description: Error occurs after applying

APAR: IZ68804
Issue: 10-10647
Application: WOTRACK
Description: Performance is slow when displaying change status
dialog box for a PM workorder.

APAR: IZ68991
Issue: 10-10679
Application: SYSTEM-UI
Description: February is not selectable on the date lookup on
SCHEDSTART of the workorder application. It skips to March.

APAR: IZ68992
Issue: 10-10681
Application: RPT-ADMIN
Description: Wrong current balance value in inventory balance report.

APAR: IZ69045
Issue: 10-10689
Application: LOCATION
Description: Unable to set default value of LOCATIONS.STATUS to 'NOT
READY" in Maximo 6.2.5.

APAR: IZ69052
Issue: 10-10692
Application: INVENTOR
Description: "RECONCILE BALANCES" action does not work if selected
on the STOCKED TOOLS application list tab.

APAR: IZ69091
Issue: 10-10706
Application: RPT-HARE REP
Description: Users who are not in maxdmin group cannot launch the
ABC update report.

APAR: IZ69113
Issue: 10-10718
Application: SYSTEM-UI
Description: Special characters in long descriptions are saved
differently in the database.

APAR: IZ69133
Issue: 10-10722
Description: Migration manager does not export internal objects

APAR: IZ69134
Issue: 10-10719
Application: SYSTEM-OBJ
Description: During daily cold backup of the database, connections
are not freed by Maximo, and they grow until database connections are

APAR: IZ69133
Issue: 10-10722
Description: Migration manager does not export internal objects.

APAR: IZ69143
Issue: 10-10744
Application: PR
Description: Cannot key inventory item numbers into PO or PR lines.

APAR: IZ69144
Issue: 10-10743
Application: MEA
Description: Transfer of rotating item between sites is doubling the

APAR: IZ69165
Issue: 10-10745
Application: WF-DESIGN
Description: Wait node firing even if event specified is not met on

APAR: IZ69169
Issue: 10-10763
Application: WOTRACK
Description: SOURCEMBO is not being populated in LABTRANS and

APAR: IZ69300
Issue: 10-10770
Application: SYSTEM-OBJ
Description: Workflow conditions get a BMXAA3056E syntax error if an
EXISTS clause is used in the condition.

APAR: IZ69492
Issue: 10-10788
Application: INVENTOR
Description: Incorrect inventory balance of rotating item occurs
when item is returned and moved to the salvage location, and then

APAR: IZ69575
Issue: 10-10810
Application: RPT-HARE ENG
Description: IMPORTREPORTS.CMD not disconnecting from MAXSESSION.

APAR: IZ69602
Issue: 10-10811
Application: ASSETS
Description: UPDATE MASTER PM removes the meters on associated PM

APAR: IZ69612
Issue: 10-10812
Application: SYSTEM-OBJ
Description: Hashmap errors occur when TRM modifies MBOSETINFO,
causing poor JVM performance.

APAR: IZ69614
Issue: 10-10814
Application: INVISSUE
Description: No reserved items when same requisition number is used
in two sites.

APAR: IZ69617
Issue: 10-10798
Application: MEA
Description: Update program V7115_28 tries to insert with wrong data
type for VALUE column.

APAR: IZ69678
Issue: 10-10825
Application: SYSTEM-OBJ
Description: See Long Description

APAR: IZ69679
Issue: 10-10823
Application: IAS
Description: The ancestor attribute of an asset object does not get
updated after receiving rotating item.

APAR: IZ69680
Issue: 10-10824
Application: WOTRACK
Description: In WORK ORDER tracking application, VIEW COSTS is not
updated correctly if user changes task id in PLANS - TOOLS tab

APAR: IZ69689
Issue: 10-10849
Application: DOMAINS
Description: Able to delete domain values with read only privileges.

APAR: IZ69739
Issue: 10-10842
Application: ASSETS
Description: "Life-to-date" and delta do not update correctly when
entering back-dated meter readings.

APAR: IZ69758
Issue: 10-10856
Application: ASSETS
Description: Error occurs when you click VIEW ASSET DETAILS on the
safety related assets subtab in the asset application.

APAR: IZ69780
Issue: 10-10855
Application: SYSTEM-OBJ
Description: Dead locks occur on cron tasks with low INTERVALS and
DBCONNECTION watchdog settings.

APAR: IZ69794
Issue: 10-10884
Application: COND
Description: Cannot delete a measure point once a work order has
been generated from it, when no open work orders currently exist.

APAR: IZ69805
Issue: 10-10887
Application: INVENTOR
Description: Record has been updated by another user, refetch and
try again if a spare part item is recorded against three assets and
task work orders.

APAR: IZ69889
Issue: 10-10916
Application: SYSTEM-UI
Description: Messaging reprocessing generates error when special
char. in corrected message transaction.

APAR: IZ69950
Issue: 10-10915
Application: ASSETS
Description: Moving asset with child asset associated from operating
location to a storeroom breaks parent/child association.

APAR: IZ69969
Issue: 10-10925
Application: WOTRACK
Description: Default query on WO removes the history and ISTASK 'N'.

APAR: IZ69973
Issue: 10-10946
Application: SLA
Description: In a cloned SRVCOMMOD, application type is specified as
PROCURE (rather than the required PROVIDE).

APAR: IZ70100
Issue: 10-10950
Application: PO
Description: PO number not getting displayed when created from PR.

APAR: IZ70103
Issue: 10-10951
Application: SYSTEM-UI
Description: Work order tracking application is listing all
workorders including task and history work orders.

APAR: IZ70109
Issue: 10-10952
Application: DOMAINS
Description: When comma is presented in the VALUEID, the
MAXDOMVALCON records are not shown for this domain value.

APAR: IZ70139
Issue: 10-10979
Application: ASSETS
Description: Move MODIFY function to mass update asset attributes.

APAR: IZ70180
Issue: 10-10976
Application: WOTRACK
Description: Tool description can be changed within the WORKORDER

APAR: IZ70185
Issue: 10-10987
Application: PO
Description: Incorrect LOADCOST in the MATRECTRANS table if you
change the tax amount in the POLINE.

APAR: IZ70186
Issue: 10-10988
Application: RPT-HARE ENG
Description: The password does not work if it does not have only
lower case letters.

APAR: IZ70258
Issue: 10-11018
Application: RPT-HARE REP
Description: Asset cost rollup does not roll up material costs when
assets and storerooms are in different site locations in

APAR: IZ70265
Issue: 10-11017
Application: SYSTEM-UI
Description: with SSL - pop-up messages states: "This page
contains both secure and non-secure items" displays.

APAR: IZ70288
Issue: 10-11028
Application: WOTRACK
Description: Some work orders do not have the item description field
updated in actuals->material tab that has just been issued.

APAR: IZ70291
Issue: 10-11019
Application: ASSETS
Description: Delete of subassemblies not being refreshed/saved.

APAR: IZ70319
Issue: 10-11035
Application: PR
Description: Unit cost on PR line gets recalculated when the PR is

APAR: IZ70327
Issue: 10-11043
Application: CRAFT
Description: UNDO DELETE causes a BMXAA4214E error in craft.

APAR: IZ70328
Issue: 10-11042
Application: REORDER
Description: Organizational-level settings in PO and Inventory
reorder conflict with each other.

APAR: IZ70329
Issue: 10-11044
Application: INVENTOR
Description: When transferring an item that has a value in the
commodity group to another storeroom, the commodity group become null.

APAR: IZ70407
Issue: 10-11064
Application: EMAIL_LIST
Description: Outgoing e-mail address does not populate, based on the
original incoming mailbox address.

APAR: IZ70491
Issue: 10-11070
Description: Doclink attachment file path is editable in IE 6 and IE
7, which allows documents to be saved with an incorrect file path.

APAR: IZ70568
Issue: 10-11082
Application: INVENTOR
Description: An unknown error has occurred in the issue & transfer.

APAR: IZ70592
Issue: 10-11083
Application: PR
Description: Wrong PR is reopened when PO is canceled in Maximo

APAR: IZ70601
Issue: 10-11092
Application: CONTPURCH
Description: Not a valid value when resetting a SEQ to 999.

APAR: IZ70610
Issue: 10-11080
Application: CLASSCAT
Description: Attributes do not come across after attempting to
delete the USE WITH ITEM in the classifications.

APAR: IZ70638
Issue: 10-11111
Application: INVISSUE
Description: BMXAA1822E- This material has been fully returned.

APAR: IZ70649
Issue: 10-11112
Application: VALIDATE
Description: 6 to 7 upgrade - Validation program fails to identify
invalid xml structure.

APAR: IZ70650
Issue: 10-11113
Application: UPGRADE
Description: Upgrade program fails to properly escape valid e-mail
address characters for SQL when processing/importing the UPGEMAIL.XML.

APAR: IZ70672
Issue: 10-11141
Application: INVOICE
Description: Service tolerance not being applied to service line.

APAR: IZ70699
Issue: 10-11147
Application: RPT-HARE REP
Description: Using the # character in user name causes ad hoc
reports to fail.

APAR: IZ70731
Issue: 10-11146
Application: REORDER
Description: "BMXAA3463E - Severe error. Please contact tech
support" when running reorder against contract in multiple

APAR: IZ70742
Issue: 10-11158
Application: COND
Description: When more than 1 CM point is assigned to an asset, the
asset meter screen shows an incorrect meter and CM point relationship.

APAR: IZ70857
Issue: 10-11198
Description: User validation takes a long time when AUTH FOR ALL
SITES is not selected and certain sites are defined.

APAR: IZ70871
Issue: 10-11203
Application: SYSTEM-OBJ
Description: LOGINTRACKING.CLIENTHOST is not being populated in 625
and 626. Some attributes are missing in that record (for example:

APAR: IZ70886
Issue: 10-11222
Application: WF
Description: The problem occurs when they try to include the object
name in the workflow inbox, on the Start Center.

APAR: IZ70916
Issue: 10-11220
Application: LABOR
Description: MEA - importing labor records with status INACTIVE -
ORA-00001: unique constraint (MAXIMO.LABORSTATUS_NDX2) violated.

APAR: IZ70950
Issue: 10-11227
Application: SYSTEM-UI
Description: Required field is set in the attention field from the
APP DESIGNER does not work properly when the PO is saved.

APAR: IZ71070
Issue: 10-11241
Application: PM
Description: Cannot delete a PM that is referenced by a measurement

APAR: IZ71075
Issue: 10-11274
Application: RECEIPTS
Description: Inventory issue with internal orders and UOM for

APAR: IZ71080
Issue: 10-11277
Application: MEA
Description: Integration framework loads flat file multiple times if
the file is locked by other application.

APAR: IZ71304
Issue: 10-11315
Application: CALENDR
Description: Calendar issue: When applying the shift 2nd time on a
different period, the system will delete the 1st applied period.

APAR: IZ71309
Issue: 10-11316
Application: MEA
Description: MXPERSON inbound fails with error. The primary record
can only be deleted if it is the last record, when deleting PHONE.

APAR: IZ71353
Issue: 10-13561
Application: ASSETS
Description: CI links (Assets, CI Location) validity is not being

APAR: IZ71778
Issue: 10-11342
Application: REORDER
Description: Direct issue items with price contracts across sites
not picked by reorder cron task.

APAR: IZ71817
Issue: 10-11348
Application: INVISSUE
Description: Closed and completed work orders can be filtered when
issuing items to work orders.

APAR: IZ71823
Issue: 10-11344
Application: CHANGE
Description: Please enter a storeroom location.

APAR: IZ71937
Issue: 10-11343
Application: LABREP
Description: Vendor/Contract should auto-populate with labor
Skill/Craft when entered in the Enter By Labor dialog box.

APAR: IZ71990
Issue: 10-11355
Application: RPT-HARE ENG
Description: Maximo BIRT report performance issue.

APAR: IZ71925
Issue: 10-11356
Application: ITEM
Description: For a rotating asset, cannot see list of items after
hyperlinking from the asset application to the inventory application.

APAR: IZ72063
Issue: 10-11382
Application: CONTPURCH
Description: Maximo 6.2.2 - CANCEL CONTRACT from PR does not reopen
PR when contract is canceled.

APAR: IZ72099
Issue: 10-11385
Application: SYSTEM-OBJ
Description: Searching for long description field is case-sensitive
in Maximo, with DB2 only.

APAR: IZ72084
Issue: 10-11388
Application: SYSTEM-OBJ
Description: ASSETNUM autokey not functioning when character exceed
one billion.

APAR: IZ72127
Issue: 10-11392
Application: INVENTOR
Description: INVCOST table cannot be updated correctly.

APAR: IZ72128
Issue: 10-11393
Application: INVENTOR
Description: GLACCOUNT value in INVENTORY table has been updated

APAR: IZ72130
Issue: 10-11383
Application: SYSTEM-OBJ
Description: "BMXAA2278E - You do not have authorization for
LOCATIONS applications."

APAR: IZ72172
Issue: 10-11409
Application: WOTRACK
Description: A rollover gets applied and no error message displays
when a meter reading is entered that is higher than the existing.

APAR: IZ72158
Issue: 10-11421
Application: INVENTOR
Description: Maximo 6.2.2 GL shrinkage account should not be
required for reconciliation of inventory balances.

APAR: IZ72166
Issue: 10-11418
Application: INVISSUE
Description: Cannot move asset because asset XXXX in site XXXX
already exists.

APAR: IZ72171
Issue: 10-11424
Description: "Description" is shown in English on start center
(duplicate of 09-22476).

APAR: IZ72238
Issue: 10-11433
Application: SYSTEM-UI
Description: Not possible to jump from a result set list to a record in an

APAR: IZ72266
Issue: 10-11430
Application: SYSTEM-OBJ
Description: 'REPLYTO' is not working if the receipt is defined as a
role in COMMUNICATE template.

APAR: IZ72280
Issue: 10-11477
Application: RPT-HARE REP Description:
Maintenance (asset) cost rollup update report does not close cursors

APAR: IZ72289
Issue: 10-11481
Application: RECEIPTS
Description: Loaded COST and TAX1 return amount incorrect on receipt
and return transactions.

APAR: IZ72294
Issue: 10-11480
Application: APP DESIGNER
Description: Changes made in incident - SR- problem application,
using Application Designer, are not taken into effect.

APAR: IZ72323
Issue: 10-11535
Application: CRONTASK
Description: Growing number of REPORTSCHEDULE cron tasks.

APAR: IZ72332
Issue: 10-11540
Application: LOCATION
Description: Invalid binding is displayed when clicking on view work
details from the toolbar menu in LOCATIONS application.

APAR: IZ72408
Issue: 10-11542
Application: ESIG
Description: Multilanguage electronic signature text not showing

APAR: IZ72410
Issue: 10-11534
Application: REORDER
Description: Maximo - Reorder is not picking up service
lines with null qty and unit cost

APAR: IZ72470
Issue: 10-11599
Application: RPT-HARE ENG
Description: BMXAA4210E - Database error number 1795 has occurred.
ORA-01795: Maximum number of expressions in a list is 1000.

APAR: IZ72484
Issue: 10-11608
Application: PR
Description: Need to update OPENPOEXISTSFORCLOSE error message

APAR: IZ72680
Issue: 10-11718
Application: WOGEN
Description: Entering meter readings from a work order does not
generate a work order and units to go shows a negative value.

APAR: IZ72756
Issue: 10-11720
Application: SYSTEM-UI
Description: Focus is not on field within pop-up window after
choosing Select Owner from the Action menu.

APAR: IZ72757
Issue: 10-11727
Application: WF
Description: Invalid class cast into WFINSTANCE.

APAR: IZ72758
Issue: 10-11737
Application: APP DESIGNER
Description: Cannot view element type lookup in Select Action->

APAR: IZ72764
Issue: 10-11736
Application: WF-DESIGN-APP
Description: Problem exists when displaying the node title, in
Korean, in the workflow view map.

APAR: IZ72802
Issue: 10-11777
Application: SYSTEM-UI
Description: PMSCOAUSR is not able to approve SR by route icon.

APAR: IZ72815
Issue: 10-11774
Application: WOTRACK
Description: Invoicing against work orders could not change invoice
status to APPR.

APAR: IZ72873
Issue: 10-11783
Application: ITEM
Description: Unable to make an item with a 0 balance a rotating item
using the integration framework.

APAR: IZ72901
Issue: 10-11805
Application: RPT-HARE ENG
Description: Clicking the scheduling buttons for a KPI report takes
2 clicks.

APAR: IZ72904
Issue: 10-11808
Application: WOTRACK
Description: Must undo approval of work order to change work order
from WMATL to INPRG.

APAR: IZ72906
Issue: 10-11809
Application: SYSTEM-UI
Description: Static text control does not override label value.

APAR: IZ72938
Issue: 10-11844
Application: RECEIPTS
Description: "Record has been updated by another user" message
occurs while trying to change inspection status.

APAR: IZ72943
Issue: 10-11846
Application: PR
Description: PRLINES in WAPPR status show on the COPY PRLINES TO
CONTRACT in Maximo 6.2.2 - Only in southern VM.

APAR: IZ72975
Issue: 10-11885
Application: SECURITY_AUTH
Description: Global data restriction not working properly in
customers environment.

APAR: IZ72983
Issue: 10-11888
Application: INVENTOR
Description: Item cannot be changed to obsolete status if same item
exists at another site with pending transactions.

APAR: IZ73019
Issue: 10-11895
Application: INVENTOR
Description: With escalation turned on, get incorrect current
balance after return.

APAR: IZ73027
Issue: 10-11900
Application: SYSTEM-UI
Description: Added date field displays date one day earlier than

APAR: IZ73034
Issue: 10-11896
Application: WOTRACK
Description: Problem exists with contract lookup on duplicated work order

APAR: IZ73041
Issue: 10-11922
Application: UPGRADE
Description: UPDATEDB fails trying to insert already existing data

APAR: IZ73068
Issue: 10-11925
Application: DOCLINK
Description: Browser attached document Web site ends up with WWW
appended to address.

APAR: IZ73088
Issue: 10-11952
Application: ASSETS
Description: Error: BMXAA0139E - Asset item 0000001130 does not
match location item 0000001115 and is not an alternate item.

APAR: IZ73099
Issue: 10-11949
Application: ASSETS
Description: Meter Reading INSPECTOR field defaults to USERID
instead of PERSONID.

APAR: IZ73115
Issue: 10-11941
Application: WOTRACK
Description: It takes one minute for the change status dialog box to

APAR: IZ73123
Issue: 10-11956
Application: ASSETS
Description: BMXAA4146E - Not a valid GL account. Either the
required components are not filled or the component values are not

APAR: IZ73129
Issue: 10-11967
Application: APP DESIGNER
Description: Cannot add a field in WOTRACK/WORKLOG screen using

APAR: IZ73132
Issue: 10-11966
Application: CLASSCAT
Description: When using Advanced Search -> Attribute Search, the
search value is not restricted to the domain-specific attribute.

APAR: IZ73145
Issue: 10-11983
Application: RPT-HARE ENG
Description: NULLPOINTEREXCEPTION occurs when running
WRITEREPORTPROPERTIES as part of install or on its own.

APAR: IZ73150
Issue: 10-11986
Application: MEA
Description: Microsoft SQL specific: Error occurs using reprocessing

APAR: IZ73191
Issue: 10-11992
Application: WOTRACK
Description: When selecting an originating record, Maximo is showing
choices from sites and organizations that the user does not have
access to.

APAR: IZ73194
Issue: 10-11990
Application: RPT-HARE REP
Description: Cost roll up update report does not update the
database once it is scheduled.

APAR: IZ73197
Issue: 10-11991
Application: LOCATION
Description: Local systems created with incorrect ORGID.

APAR: IZ73224
Issue: 10-12035
Application: SYSTEM-UI
Description: Cursor moves to bottom of screen when records are

APAR: IZ73230
Issue: 10-12033
Application: WOTRACK
Description: Upgrade incorrectly numbers work order unique IDs for
existing work orders.

APAR: IZ73231
Issue: 10-12036
Application: WF
Description: Long delays on NOSTATUS reset when canceling out of

APAR: IZ73252
Issue: 10-12042
Application: INVOICE
Description: Application allows you to add an attachment into the
approved invoice.

APAR: IZ73253
Issue: 10-12041
Application: IAS
Description: Cannot create assembled rotating item asset as expected
using receiving application.

APAR: IZ73412
Issue: 10-12108
Application: RPT-HARE REP
Description: 7115 BIRT report. Labor reporting report does not show
workorders unless they are tasks.

APAR: IZ73413
Issue: 10-12104
Description: Security Application icon on go to menu.

APAR: IZ73425
Issue: 10-12106
Application: CLASSCAT
Description: Alphanumeric value is not validating.

APAR: IZ73442
Issue: 10-12111
Application: USERS
Description: E-mail notifications are one hour ahead of the time

APAR: IZ73483
Issue: 10-12148
Application: INVOICE
Description: BMXAA2013E could not change invoice XXXX status to APPR.

APAR: IZ73520
Issue: 10-12164
Application: SYSTEM-OBJ
Description: Error BMXAA4210E occurs on Solution application when
Hebrew language is used.

APAR: IZ73535
Issue: 10-12216
Application: SYSTEM-OBJ
Description: Tickets or work orders cannot be created correctly -
limited long description.

APAR: IZ73541
Issue: 10-12214
Application: PR
Description: Default GL account code for PR lines issue.

APAR: IZ73549
Issue: 10-12215
Application: RFQ
Description: Create PO from RFQ produces unexpected value for GL
debit account field.

APAR: IZ73561
Issue: 10-12217
Application: SR
Description: BMXAA4198E - Organization needed for GL attribute
GLACCOUNT on object 1.

APAR: IZ73567
Issue: 10-12228
Description: Migration manager data dictionary snapshot fails if
condition is attached.

APAR: IZ73695
Issue: 10-12261
Application: INVENTOR
Description: Able to change item to rotating even if added to item

APAR: IZ73703
Issue: 10-12260
Application: WOTRACK
Description: Work order change status crashes server when "run in
background mode" is not checked.

APAR: IZ73728
Issue: 10-12263
Application: INVISSUE
Description: When transfer in from the transit, the status of the
generated transaction (MATRECTRANS) is null.

APAR: IZ73851
Issue: 10-12309
Application: SYSTEM-UI
Description: Incorrect month displayed by date time widget.

APAR: IZ73859
Issue: 10-12310
Application: SYSTEM-OBJ
Description: Performance problem cause by row lock contention for
select DUMMY_BLOB from DUMMY_TABLE for update.

APAR: IZ74017
Issue: 10-12372
Application: INCIDENT
Description: The value from the alphanumeric value field does not
get copied over to incident record created from accounts receivable.

APAR: IZ74027
Issue: 10-12389
Application: ASSETS
Description: BMXAA4214E - an unknown error has occurred when
performing Move/Modify asset for work order.

APAR: IZ74031
Issue: 10-12619
Application: CI
Description: Unable to add multiple CI relationships.

APAR: IZ74032
Issue: 10-12390
Application: ASSETS
Description: Asset move dates incorrect.

APAR: IZ74035
Issue: 10-12392
Application: START CENTERS
Description: Result set does not order records according to "DECODE"
specification on the WHERE clause.

APAR: IZ74060
Issue: 10-12457
Application: INVOICE
Description: No contract reference number is recorded for invoice
when created from labor contract.

APAR: IZ74091
Issue: 10-12455
Application: DOMAINS
Description: Read-only user can modify domain properties.

APAR: IZ74112
Issue: 10-12465
Application: INVOICE
Description: Incorrect financial period in the SERVRECTRANS for
direct pay invoice.

APAR: IZ74153
Issue: 10-12504
Application: SYSTEM-OBJ
Description: Error occurred after applying 6.2.4 core hot fix and
nuclear hot fix

APAR: IZ74168
Issue: 10-12503
Application: ASSETS
Description: It is not possible to retrieve information from the
inventory application, when you change the item number of an asset. A
BMXAA4107E error occurs.

APAR: IZ74177
Issue: 10-12520
Application: SYSTEM-OBJ
Description: Error occurs after increasing

APAR: IZ74187
Issue: 10-12572
Description: On upgrade from 7.1 to on DB2, the script,
V7115_28, fails.

APAR: IZ74231
Issue: 10-12568
Application: SYSTEM-OBJ
Description: Searching in WOTRACK actuals tab with !=X in status
field is returning the incorrect values.

APAR: IZ74233
Issue: 10-12565
Application: INVOICE (version 6.2.2)
Description: Copying more than 2000 POLINES to Invoice or Approving
Invoice causes out of memory errors and system halt

APAR: IZ74252
Issue: 10-12570
Application: SYSTEM-OBJ
Description: BMXAA3056E The expression could not be parsed because
of a syntax error.

APAR: IZ74291
Issue: 10-12569
Application: SYSTEM-UI
Description: Additional issue with shortcut Ctrl+Down Arrow on
expanded line. The field focus is lost; related to APAR IZ54496.

APAR: IZ74357
Issue: 10-12610
Application: SYSTEM-UI
Description: Within the WOTRACK application, unable to navigate
within WOTRACK screens.

APAR: IZ74461
Issue: 10-12652
Application: INVOICE
Description: If buying currency differs from base currency, approval
of invoice writes wrong data to INVOICETRANS.

APAR: IZ74471
Issue: 10-12653
Application: WOTRACK
Description: Crossover fields are not crossing over from the work
order to associated task work orders in Maximo 6.

APAR: IZ74502
Issue: 10-12664
Application: PM
Description: Error occurs running PMWOGENCRONTASK:
"BMXAA3782E - The item set identifier is not valid"

APAR: IZ74557
Issue: 10-12693
Application: INVOICE
Description: Invoice field is not being cleared for a labor
transaction line in, the labor reporting application, after
invoice is canceled.

APAR: IZ74596
Issue: 10-12728
Application: COMMTMPLT
Description: Need the ability to use variables in the

APAR: IZ74626
Issue: 10-12721
Application: DRILLDOWN
Description: Text from the asset drill down is missing when there is
no asset listed.

APAR: IZ74666
Issue: 10-12760
Application: SYSTEM-OBJ
Description: Cannot query on field SENDTO on communication log.

APAR: IZ74669
Issue: 10-12759
Application: WF
Description: When multilanguage is enabled for workflow, the
multilanguage data is not copied over when a new revision is made.

APAR: IZ74679
Issue: 10-12765
Application: ASSETS
Description: Downtime report prompt upon workorder completion even
when asset is up.

APAR: IZ74683
Issue: 10-12767
Application: WOGEN
Description: OUTOFMEMORY when running PMWogen from PM app 'Generate
Work' menu action on a large set of PMs.

APAR: IZ74685
Issue: 10-12794
Application: WOTRACK
Description: Costs on the work order are not rolling up to the
parent view costs.

APAR: IZ74688
Issue: 10-12795
Application: PR
Description: Users can copy PR lines to approved PO, even if the
user does not have the rights to approve the PO. Also, the
application does not check for PO limits.

APAR: IZ74704
Issue: 10-12764
Application: WOTRACK
Description: WOPRLINE does not get populated with PR number and line
on direct issued items when Accept Charges is checked.

APAR: IZ74712
Issue: 10-12808
Application: RPT-ADHOC
Description: Cannot create a query based report with invoice cost

APAR: IZ74747
Issue: 10-12813
Application: INVISSUE
Description: Item description changed from the Issues Transfer
application filter row description field

APAR: IZ74757
Issue: 10-12816
Description: Change by change date is not updating properly in
warranty contract.

APAR: IZ74838
Issue: 10-13182
Application: WOTRACK
Description: Vendor read only for task work order with direct issue

APAR: IZ74893
Issue: 10-13206
Application: SYSTEM-OBJ
Description: E-mail authentication does not work in some cases.

APAR: IZ74911
Issue: 10-13209
Application: IAS
Description: Apply IAS incorrectly updating inventory balances.

APAR: IZ74954
Issue: 10-13217
Application: PM
Description: Null pointer exception errors on PMWO generation.

APAR: IZ74957
Issue: 10-13205
Application: INVOICE
Description: Uninvoiced quantity is incorrect if a PO has been
received, returned and any portion rereceived.

APAR: IZ74966
Issue: 10-13245
Application: EAUDIT
Description: E-audit can be selected for non-persistent attributes.

APAR: IZ74976
Issue: 10-13242
Application: CLASSCAT
Description: Specifications table value for attribute type of Table
does not show in asset description.

APAR: IZ75054
Issue: 10-13299
Application: ITAM-RECON
Description: Reconciliation issue.

APAR: IZ75056
Issue: 10-13298
Application: WF
Description: Workflow should allow you to change status even if you
have not been granted access to that status in security groups.

APAR: IZ75060
Issue: 10-13292
Application: CONTPURCH
Description: When in Purchase Contracts app, copy PR lines does not
copy the long description to the contract lines tab.

APAR: IZ75069
Issue: 10-13377
Application: SYSTEM-OBJ
Description: E-mail listener not working after upgrade.

APAR: IZ75087
Issue: 10-13313
Application: PM
Description: "BMXAA3210E Failure occurs when generating WO" in
English login from METERBASED PM with METERREADING entered in Dutch

APAR: IZ75118
Issue: 10-13391
Application: WF
Description: Workflow route icon grayed out on certain scenarios.

APAR: IZ75154
Issue: 10-13457
Application: ITM-MAXIMO
Description: ITM monitoring agent LDAP support for 6.2.5.

APAR: IZ75181
Issue: 10-13456
Application: RECEIPTS
Description: Receipts-line type service received a quantity doubled
on PO line.

APAR: IZ75209
Issue: 10-13490
Description: Start center bar chart is out of order.

APAR: IZ75216
Issue: 10-13566
Application: EMAIL_LIST
Description: E-mail listener attachment spaces have + signs instead
of % signs when opening the attachment.

APAR: IZ75217
Issue: 10-13568
Application: PO
Description: Canceled PO line not tied to original RFQ.

APAR: IZ75236
Issue: 10-13489
Application: SYSTEM-OBJ
Description: Date time search queries fail when time specified
(hh:mm) after updating AIX from TL06 to TL09.

APAR: IZ75253
Issue: 10-13565
Application: RECEIPTS
Description: Inconsistent/incorrect transactions in MATRECTRANS for
receipt of rotating items.

APAR: IZ75254
Issue: 10-13567
Application: SYSTEM-UI
Description: Users are not asked to save work before leaving screen.

APAR: IZ75267
Issue: 10-13562
Application: PO
Description: Core FLDPURORDERQTY class not recalculating UNITCOST
once PO is updated via the integration framework MEA after applying

APAR: IZ75271
Issue: 10-13571
Application: CLASSCAT
Description: Assets from classifications can be viewed from
different sites that users don't have access to view.

APAR: IZ75279
Issue: 10-13584
Application: ESCALATION Description: CHANGED BY and CHANGED DATE
fields are not updated in escalations applications when modifying

APAR: IZ75342
Issue: 10-13626
Application: PO
Description: Unable to set a default value for POLINE.STORELOC.

APAR: IZ75347
Issue: 10-13628
Application: SYSTEM-UI
Description: Maximo adds additional horizontal and vertical
padding of 5 pixels.

APAR: IZ75464
Issue: 10-13644
Application: WOTRACK
Description: Customer experiences out of memory condition when
updating 50 rows out of 1500 WO steps in quick reporting.

APAR: IZ75516
Issue: 10-13698
Application: SYSTEM-UI
Description: Calendars show incorrect date/data in February when
system date is the 30th.

APAR: IZ75592
Issue: 10-13788
Application: REORDER
Description: BMXAA3496E - Trouble processing item error when reorder
crontask with revised purchase contract.

APAR: IZ75642
Issue: 10-13857
Application: PM
Description: Job plans lookup enters TR application when TR access
has been disabled.

APAR: IZ75701
Issue: 10-13869
Application: LABOR
Description: Error occurred when trying to remove calendar value
from labor in labor application.

APAR: IZ75739
Issue: 10-13902
Application: INVENTOR
Description: Unable to receive rotating items (not condition based).

APAR: IZ75744
Issue: 10-13917
Application: INVOICE
Description: Incorrect remit to address got copied to the invoice.

APAR: IZ75755
Issue: 10-13916
Application: MEA-SAP
Description: MBS_7115_LAFIX.20100406-0659 causes WO.CLASS to not
send out task+child Workorders by integration framework.

APAR: IZ75783
Issue: 10-14002
Application: RPT-HARE REP
Description: Not authorized to run the report.

APAR: IZ75833
Issue: 10-14040
Application: ITEM
Description: Allowing item that is PENDOBS status at organization
level to be placed on a work order plan as a direct issue line.

APAR: IZ76002
Issue: 10-14161
Application: RPT-HARE ENG
Description: Query based reports and report icons disappear when
skin is used.

APAR: IZ76034
Issue: 10-14199
Application: CLASSCAT
Description: When using the advanced search in incident, get error

APAR: IZ76081
Issue: 10-14242
Application: SYSTEM-UI
Description: Users must type user ID and password twice after a
session timeout.

APAR: IZ76285
Issue: 10-14370
Application: INVOICE
Description: Invoice header APSUSPENSE account uses company default
account instead of PO vendor account.

The following issues are resolved in the Base Services fix pack:

APAR: IZ44238
Issue: 09-11219
Application: Invoice
Description: You cannot invoice for a vendor that has been disqualified after a
PO has been approved.

APAR: IZ47257
Issue: 09-12180
Application: System-OBJ
Description: LDAPSYNC released with cannot run two LDAPSYNC cron tasks
because the second one generates a unique constraint error.

APAR: IZ49320
Issue: 09-12937
Application: System-UI
Description: You cannot select labor records for approval in the labor reporting

APAR: IZ49790
Issue: 09-13234
Application: Work Order Tracking
Description: Work order status not updated from WMATL to APPR after received all
direct issues items.

APAR: IZ49886
Issue: 09-13268
Application: Secutity_Group
Description: During the migration of appsecurity, the following error is displayed:
"Sequence of condition XX is already in use."

APAR: IZ50341
Issue: 09-13518
Application: Maximo Enterprise Adapter
Description: If you do not use English as a base language and or use a synonym value
for Store­room, the following error occurs: "BMXAA4025E " Importing Storeroom
locations via MIF."

APAR: IZ50546
Issue: 09-13587
Application: All
Description: In Maximo, when you change a user profile, the following error occurs:
“BMXAA3821E – Multiple users named XXX are currently signed in.”

APAR: IZ50812
Issue: 09-13716
Application: RPT-ADMIN
Description: In the Incident application, if you run a filter in the Summary field,
run a report using the Select Action menu and try to create the report, this report
is displayed empty.

APAR: IZ50886
Issue: 09-13795
Application: Classifications
Description: In the Asses application, a classification attribute can only be seen
after you save the record.

APAR: IZ51052
Issue: 09-13866
Application: Inventory
Description: In the Inventory application, when you select an asset using the Where
Used tab, the wrong asset is selected.

APAR: IZ51060
Issue: 09-13871
Application: Maximo Enterprise Adapter
Description: In Maximo Enterprise Adapter, the Integration Framework file based
reprocessing reports an inaccurate count of errors. As a result, the system does
not detect when the file processing is complete.

APAR: IZ51103
Issue: 09-13904
Application: System-UI
Description: In Application Designer, you cannot set a query default value for
the WOCLASS field and the default value of "&" does not work.

APAR: IZ51209
Issue: 09-13961
Application: Migration Manager
Description: In Maximo, migration manager fails to migrate condition
expression on security restriction due to the read-only condition, this is
probably a Maximo core bug.

APAR: IZ51197
Issue: 09-13962
Application: Dbchange
Description: DB2 high availability disaster recovery (HADR) does not work for

APAR: IZ51216
Issue: 09-13994
Application: Assets
Description: If a location is associated with a network and or a non-network
system and you de­commission the location, the associated and other unrelated
systems are also decommissioned.

APAR: IZ51221
Issue: 09-13998
Application: Invoice
Description: In the Invoice application, when you try to import an invoice with
more than 100 lines, an error occurs. However, this error message does not specify
the GL account or the invoice line that is causing the problem.

APAR: IZ51287
Issue: 09-14027
Application: System-UI
Description: When you are using the workflow designer, and you have a properties
window for either a node or a line opened, the logout window opens in front of
the properties window.

APAR: IZ51458
Issue: 09-14079
Application: Upgrade
Description: When you upgrade from Maximo 6 - 7, the work floe process for the
LSNRBP process and the records associated to it are not added.

APAR: IZ51493
Issue: 09-14106
Application: Assets
Description: When you use the Move and or Modify action, a change of an attribute
does not modify the asset description.

APAR: IZ51567
Issue: 09-14110
Application: Doc link Browser
Description: In a clustered environment BS, when you view an attachment,
this attachment appears blank when the number of current users shows 100.

APAR: IZ51576
Issue: 09-14144
Application: Upgrade
Description: After you upgrade from Maximo 6 - 7, the LSNRBP workflow is missing.

APAR: IZ51587
Issue: 09-14145
Application: RPT-HARE REP
Description: BIRT inventory balance report shows incorrect values for some items.

APAR: IZ51593
Issue: 09-14147
Application: Preventive Maintenance
Description: Work orders generated with the PMWOGEN cron task are not auto
populating the Assets and or the Location Priority fields.

APAR: IZ51598
Issue: 09-14150
Application: RPT-HARE REP
Description: If you are using Maximo, you cannot create an On Demand report
using a multiple Language Environment.

APAR: IZ51715
Issue: 09-14194
Application: Secutity_Group
Description: You can access the maxreg profile, despite not having any Maximo

APAR: IZ51707
Issue: 09-14196
Application: Job Plan
Description: Job plan selection and flow action are read-only fields.

APAR: IZ51997
Issue: 09-14254
Application: System-UI
Description: The 'Select Owner' dialog box appears intermittently.

APAR: IZ52020
Issue: 09-14331
Application: Preventive Maintenance
Description: An error occurs while you are generating work orders.

APAR: IZ52085
Issue: 09-14337
Application: Purchase Order
Description: In work flow, you cannot close a PO.

APAR: IZ52130
Issue: 09-14338
Application: Assets
Description: The assets drill down on location shows only the first asset.

APAR: IZ52218
Issue: 09-14413
Application: System-OBJ
Description: In Maximo 7, the saved queries list order is not sorted by private
first and then public.

APAR: IZ52242
Issue: 09-14429
Application: RPT-HARE REP
Description: When you try to save a newly created QBR report, the error
BMXAA4210E occurs.

APAR: IZ52328
Issue: 09-14485
Application: System-UI
Description: If you leave an active WF record, a prompting warning message is
not displayed.

APAR: IZ52375
Issue: 09-14521
Application: Assets
Description: If you duplicate a location that has a parent with a name with more
than 12 characters, the value specified XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX exceeds the maximum field

APAR: IZ52382
Issue: 09-14548
Application: System-OBJ
Description: If you select a communication template that has assigned recipients
and search a name on the Recipients tab using any search criteria, the following
error message is displayed: "BMXAA4210E - Database error number -206 has occurred.
'COMMTMPLTSENDTO.RO­LEID' is not valid in the context where it is used."

APAR: IZ52423
Issue: 09-14550
Application: Receipts
Description: The systems hang when receiving a large quantity of rotating items
that have a number of attributes associated to it.

APAR: IZ52593
Issue: 09-14664
Application: View_SR
Description: Viewable and non-viewable work logs are shown in the login cloned

APAR: IZ52690
Issue: 09-14714
Application: Maximo Enterprise Adapter
Description: An extract error occurs when you are exporting with pipe or caret

APAR: IZ52735
Issue: 09-14741
Application: Inventory
Description: In the Item Master application, an unknown error occurs when you
clear a lot type field and then tab out.

APAR: IZ52839
Issue: 09-14811
Application: Dbchange
Description: When you install a PMP onto TPAE 7.1.1, the following error occurs:

APAR: IZ46819
Issue: 09-15037
Application: All
Description: A mass move does not update the CI location.

APAR: IZ53306
Issue: 09-15087
Application: Classifications
Description: When you are creating a change from a service request, the following
error is re­turned: "BMXAA4129E - Record already exists for WORK ORDER=XXXX,

APAR: IZ53350
Issue: 09-15089
Application: Receipts
Description: When you receive a rotating item with a MXRCVROTITM interface,
the system fails to create some assets.

APAR: IZ53408
Issue: 09-15155
Application: Maximo Enterprise Adapter
Description: When you use an exception destination on the sequential inbound or
outbound queue to prevent blocking of message, and the message fails to be delivered
and autocorrects, a message is left behind in the message reprocessing application

APAR: IZ53434
Issue: 09-15174
Application: Search Solutions
Description: In Service Request, if Search Solutions does not have any records and
you press the enter key on the list tab, an error occurs.

APAR: IZ53436
Issue: 09-15175
Application: Receipts
Description: Only one invoicetrans line is created in the database if the pay on
receipt flag is checked with more than one line with a tax line.

APAR: IZ53565
Issue: 09-15251
Application: System-UI
Description: You cannot delete a bookmark when the user ID and login ID values
are different for a user.

APAR: IZ53646
Issue: 09-15293
Application: Change
Description: When you try to change the status of multiple assets, the following

APAR: IZ53880
Issue: 09-15415
Application: Security_Auth
Description: LDAPSYNC fails when loading location and locationsite.

APAR: IZ53959
Issue: 09-15504
Application: RPT-HARE REP
Description: Asset availability does not always return correct results.

APAR: IZ54006
Issue: 09-15518
Application: System-UI
Description: When a user tries to approve and print multiple work orders the
following error occurs:
"BMXAA4210E - Database error number 0 has occurred. ResultSet is closed."

APAR: IZ54017
Issue: 09-15522
Application: System-UI
Description: You cannot clear select records check box in some of the single page

APAR: IZ54197
Issue: 09-15604
Application: System-OBJ
Description: If you create an organization that has more than 35000 items and then
try to create another organization, an out of memory error occurs.

APAR: IZ54256
Issue: 09-15605
Application: Receipts
Description: When you are receiving an item that needs to b inspected, the
MXRECEIPTIN­TERFACE for receipt leaves a line with the WINSP status and does not
update it.

APAR: IZ54312
Issue: 09-15665
Application: Change
Description: When a job plan is added to a change, the flow action is auto populating.

APAR: IZ54304
Issue: 09-15667
Application: Location
Description: Inconsistent UI behavior when Associate Services is used to add a
second service to the same service group.

APAR: IZ54295
Issue: 09-15668
Application: Calendar
Description: In the Calendar application, an error message of "The value specified
exceeds the maximum filed length" is displayed.

APAR: IZ54276
Issue: 09-15669
Application: RPT-ADMIN
Description: You receive the database error BMXAA4210E when using the filter option
within the run report menu.

APAR: IZ54300
Issue: 09-15672
Application: System-UI
Description: When you navigate to a new tab, without clearing the search criteria,
the error BMXAA4210E-ORA-20000 occurs causing the browser to hang.

APAR: IZ54496
Issue: 09-15736
Application: System-UI
Description: On Specifications tab, navigating using the short cut Ctrl+Down Arrow
causes a strange behavior.

APAR: IZ54509
Issue: 09-15738
Application: System-UI
Description: On Specifications tab, changes are not saved when you navigate
between alphanumeric value and numeric value fields.

APAR: IZ54536
Issue: 09-15769
Application: RPT-HARE REP
Description: If you are using Maximo with SQL 2005DB, if you try to
query using the descriptions, the work order list returns no data and just the
header if the report is returned.

APAR: IZ54568
Issue: 09-15778
Application: Users
Description: The session is not removed from the MAXSESSION table if the user
is inactive.

APAR: IZ54567
Issue: 09-15779
Application: Assets
Description: In the Assets application, autonumbering in working incorrectly.

APAR: IZ54590
Issue: 09-15807
Application: Purchase Requisitions
Description: In the Purchase Requisitions application, if you set a new default
siteid the positeid is not changed to this new default siteid.

APAR: IZ54632
Issue: 09-15841
Application: Work Order Tracking
Description: When you try to duplicate a work order, the error 'BMXAA4214E' occurs.

APAR: IZ54601
Issue: 09-15847
Application: Assets
Description: If you try to filter your search for an attribute using the detail
menu of the Feature field, the following error occurs: BMXAA4160E - A major
exception has occurred.

APAR: IZ54639
Issue: 09-15855
Application: Application Designer
Description: In Application Designer, any labels using {x} parameters disappear
after you save an application and the label is replaced by 'parentempylable'.

APAR: IZ54640
Issue: 09-15856
Application: Assets
Description: An asset assembly can be modified even when either the parent or
the child is in a storeroom.

APAR: IZ54854
Issue: 09-15960
Application: Change
Description: In the Changes application, after you change the job plan of a record,
the system populates the Owner and Owner Group fields of some tasks with the other
tasks owner information.

APAR: IZ54878
Issue: 09-15995
Application: Users
Description: When you try to create a user, the error message "BMXAA4129E" is

APAR: IZ54883
Issue: 09-16005
Application: System-OBJ
Description: When you try to create an SR, using an e-mail attachment, the
following error occurs:
"BMXAA4049E - The value specified LS14742X0 exceeds the maximum field length."

APAR: IZ54947
Issue: 09-16015
Application: Assets
Description: When you try to edit the alnvalue for an asset attribute, a MXEXCEPTION

APAR: IZ55016
Issue: 09-16033
Application: RFQ
Description: When you use the 'Copy PR Line Items to RFQ' action, the following

APAR: IZ55083
Issue: 09-16034
Application: Classifications
Description: Slow performance in service catalog.

APAR: IZ55278
Issue: 09-16106
Application: Application Designer
Description: An "Invalid Biding" message is display after you modify the external
systems using Application designer.

APAR: IZ55262
Issue: 09-16108
Application: Classifications
Description: You cannot define default value for numeric data type attribute in

APAR: IZ55430
Issue: 09-16194
Application: System-UI
Description: Attached documents are opening in the background.

APAR: IZ55455
Issue: 09-16197
Application: System-OBJ
Description: After you install hotfix 5/20, when you change a workflow, this
change is not saved to the Change record and does not appear when you try to requery
for the record.

APAR: IZ55431
Issue: 09-16198
Application:Search Solutions
Description: In the Search Solutions application, when you try to use the '*' as a
filter on the Description field, the following error occurs: 'BMXAA4210E -
Database Error 20000 Occurred.'

APAR: IZ55507
Issue: 09-16233
Application: Application Designer
Description: In Application Designer, any labels using {x} parameters disappear
after you save an application and the label is replaced by 'parentempylable'.

APAR: IZ55512
Issue: 09-16234
Application: Inventory
Description: In the Inventory application, if you select an item and try to issue
it using Issue Current Item, a high object count may occur when you manually enter
a Work Order.

APAR: IZ55520
Issue: 09-16240
Application: Users
Description: In the Users application, when you change the password for a user,
the new password is set to ':loginid' and not to the password entered.

APAR: IZ55546
Issue: 09-16253
Application: System-UI
Description: In Maximo 7, you cannot edit the sectionheader, paramvalues and or
paramvalue controls in application designer.

APAR: IZ55586
Issue: 09-16286
Description: You cannot update a software record.

APAR: IZ55594
Issue: 09-16291
Application: RPT-HARE REP
Description: When you use a user name that is close to the maximum length of 30
characters and you try to save QBRs, the following error occurs: 'BMXAA4049E -

APAR: IZ55637
Issue: 09-16317
Application: Assets
Description: You cannot use the features that are shared as reference points.

APAR: IZ55695
Issue: 09-16323
Application: Work Order Tracking
Description: In the Work Order Tracking application, when you manually enter a
start and or finish date on the Advanced Search Screen, an invalid Where Clause
is created and the results returned by the search are incorrect.

APAR: IZ55824
Issue: 09-16406
Application: Work Order Tracking
Description: In the Work Order Tracking application, when you try to duplicate a
job plan you receive a database error number 803.

APAR: IZ55875
Issue: 09-16423
Application: System-UI
Description: The read-only condition of the conditional UI works intermittently.

APAR: IZ55837
Issue: 09-16445
Application: System-OBJ
Description: In a communication template, an "Is Null" message appears when you try
to add date fields that are blank.

APAR: IZ56012
Issue: 09-16447
Application: System-OBJ
Description: patch results in unique constraints errors during updatedb.

APAR: IZ56103
Issue: 09-16481
Application: Cron task
Description: Multiple LDAPSYNC cron tasks cannot insert duplicate key row in
object 'DBO.LDAPSYNCPARAMS' with unique index 'LDAPSYNC_NDX1'.

APAR: IZ56165
Issue: 09-16527
Application: Maximo Enterprise Adapter-EXTSYSTEM
Description: The MAXVAR Maximo Enterprise Adapter Upgrade is installed only in
MAX­VARS and needs to be inserted to MAXVARTYPE or it causes MM to fail.

APAR: IZ56185
Issue: 09-16538
Application: Receiving
Description: If you approve a PO, and the PO has a rotating item that requires
inspection as a POLINE, and then receive the PO and change the inspection status,
two different statuses are displayed.

APAR: IZ56246
Issue: 09-16572
Application: Work Flow
Description: When WF process ends with a create WO action, the process is either
incorrect or does not occur.

APAR: IZ56247
Issue: 09-16573
Application: Maximo Enterprise Adapter
Description: When you try to receive a rotating item using the MXRCVROTITMINTERFACE,
the average cost does not update as it should.

APAR: IZ56294
Issue: 09-16617
Application: System-UI
Description: The AppBar does not display the links to any application in a module.

APAR: IZ56507
Issue: 09-16679
Application: All
Description: A performance issue is caused when you click the select value button
on the advanced search dialog box.

APAR: IZ56673
Issue: 09-16727
Application: MOVEEQ
Description: If you try to move more than 300 assets from one operating location to
another, the Java virtual machine locks up.

APAR: IZ56756
Issue: 09-16781
Application: Master Contracts
Description: When you try to copy a Purchase Requisition or a Material Line to a
Purchase Contract, the Item field remains as required and the field continues to be

APAR: IZ56754
Issue: 09-16787
Application: Routes
Description: In the Routes application, when you try to save a route after selecting
an asset from drill-down, the following error occurs: "Boolean value is blank and
requires a value."

APAR: IZ57368
Issue: 09-16850
Application: Assets
Description: In the Assets application, you cannot find an asset single feature or
multiple features by filtering for attributes.

APAR: IZ57509
Issue: 09-16884
Application: Work Order Tracking
Description: In Application Designer, a woclass default does not take precedence
over domain default.

APAR: IZ57964
Issue: 09-17082
Application: Assets
Description: A major exception occurs when you refine for asset linear attributes

APAR: IZ58195
Issue: 09-17115
Application: Updatedb
Description: When you try to update Arabic or Hebrew Yes or No values, the
database does not convert these Unicodes into question marks and a script
failure occurs.

APAR: IZ58355
Issue: 09-17126
Application: Preventive Maintenance
Description: Work order generation for a PM hierarchy does not always generate
work orders for all the current active children of the parent PM.

APAR: IZ58684
Issue: 09-17204
Application: Search Solutions
"Description: In the Search Solutions applications, if you use Oracle specific
word in the self service module, the 'ORA-20000' error occurs and the dialog box
that appears can only be cleared if you close the browser.

APAR: IZ58708
Issue: 09-17210
Application: Escalation
Description: In the Escalation application, if you have a secondary language set
as the default language in your Maximo user profile and you try to run an
Escalation cron task for an on object that has its own language table, an error
message is displayed and the Escalation cron fails.

APAR: IZ59107
Issue: 09-17424
Application: Drill down
Description: In the drill-down menu, the asset hierarchy is showing decommissioned

APAR: IZ59194
Issue: 09-17491
Application: Reorder
Description: Reordering not considering future date for direct issue item

APAR: IZ59238
Issue: 09-17537
Application: System-UI
Description: In the Assets application, when you try to make the To Location a
required field, the field is marked as required. However, you can still able to
move or modify an asset when you leave the To Location field blank.

APAR: IZ59272
Issue: 09-17602
Application: RPT-HARE REP
Description: The report footer displays the time and date that the report was
generated according to the server time zone and not according to the time zone
that you set.

APAR: IZ59312
Issue: 09-17611
Application: Service Desk
Description: Incorrect summary and details data for work log on service request
record in View Service
Requests application.

APAR: IZ59330
Issue: 09-17662
Application: System-UI
Description: In Application Designer, when you assign an image to a push button,
this image does not display.

APAR: IZ59368
Issue: 09-17663
Application: System-OBJ
Description: In Maximo Enterprise Adapter, if a default storage partition cannot
be identified, the error "BMXAA4195E" is displayed.

APAR: IZ59471
Issue: 09-17670
Application: Config Start Center
Description: Set incident view as a default page instead of start center but it
won't display any incident.

APAR: IZ59481
Issue: 09-17736
Application: Maximo Enterprise Adapter
Description: In Maximo Enterprise Adapter, when you set a rule for a field using
action SET, add a subrecord field to set a value, and try to use an object
relationship to retrieve this rule to use it on a second rule with action COMBINE,
you cannot access the first field rule that you set.

APAR: IZ59494
Issue: 09-17739
Application: Receiving
Description: In the Receiving application, an error occurs when you try to receive
a direct issue item.

APAR: IZ59508
Issue: 09-17747
Application: System-OBJ
Description: In the Migration Manager application, When you try to deploy a package
to the target system the following error occurs: "BMXAA4134E - LOGGER DID NOT

APAR: IZ59582
Issue: 09-17749
Application: Assets
Description: In the Assets application, when you try refine by Asset Linear
attributes, a major exception occurs.

APAR: IZ59510
Issue: 09-17752
Application: System-UI
Description: You cannot use APPFIELDDEFAULTS for customized fields.

APAR: IZ59659
Issue: 09-17863
Application: Maximo Enterprise Adapter for SAP
Description: When you try to send a partial receipt of rotating assets using the
Maximo Enterprise Adapter/IF, the following error occurs: "BMXAA1826E - ENTER All

APAR: IZ59732
Issue: 09-17911
Application: Item Master
Description: In Maximo 7, an error occurs when you use a synonym for the Storeroom.

APAR: IZ59736
Issue: 09-17914
Application: Classcat
Description: Ticket SPEC.ALNVALUE are not displaying the value from ALN domain

APAR: IZ59729
Issue: 09-17919
Application: RPT-ADMIN
Description: When you query for a result, certain queries return a result set to
Maximo. However, the list report fails when you use it against this resultset.

APAR: IZ59808
Issue: 09-17930
Application: Invoice
Description: In the Invoices application, if the conversion factor is higher
than 1, the system does not write the invoice variance to the Invoicetrans table.

APAR: IZ59824
Issue: 09-17974
Application: Item Master
Description: In Application Designer, when you copy the Items application,
change the default item type, and save this new application, the default item
type is set back to the item type specified for the original application.

APAR: IZ59833
Issue: 09-17977
Application: Secutity_Group
Description: When you create a user using lowercase and you set it to
MXE.CONVERT­LOGIN=1, this user can log in directly into Maximo.

APAR: IZ60066
Issue: 09-18109
Application: Preventive Maintenance
Description: In the Preventive Maintenance application, when you use the lookup to
search for a job plan, the following error occurs: “BMXAA4187E – A relationship
called location does not exist for the PM business object.”

APAR: IZ60238
Issue: 09-18184
Application: Assets
Description: In the Assets application, when you do an advanced search for a
Classification and the process returns no results, an error message is displayed.
However, the message does not inform that no search results were found.

APAR: IZ60268
Issue: 09-18201
Application: Job Plan
Description: In the Job Plan application, an error occurs when you try to readd a
deleted job plan from a change.

APAR: IZ60284
Issue: 09-18265
Application: System-UI
Description: The application linking option does not work when SSO is enabled.

APAR: IZ60291
Issue: 09-18628
Application: Upgrade
Description: Deploy_Error in Migration Manager.

APAR: IZ60377
Issue: 09-18323
Application: Work Order Tracking
Description: Regular hours cannot be modified. Want this value to be independent
from start/end time calculation as before.

APAR: IZ60376
Issue: 09-18324
Application: Work Order Tracking
Description: In the Work Order Tracking application, when you do an inbound
transaction using FR1CODE and FR2CODE, the following error message is displayed:
"The failure report code is not valid."

APAR: IZ60367
Issue: 09-18326
Application: Inventory
Description: In the Create Requisition application, if you are creating a
requisition and try to select an active item using the Inventory application,
this item becomes pending in Create requisition and an error occurs.

APAR: IZ60383
Issue: 09-18327
Application: System-UI
Description: The help link setting in the system property is not working.

APAR: IZ60409
Issue: 09-18383
Application: System-UI
Description: In Item Master application, if you are using Internet Explorer 7, an
error occurs when you try to upload a jpg file.

APAR: IZ60419
Issue: 09-18392
Application: Dbchange
Description: If you installed a previous hot fix that contains MaxVar and you try
to upgrade your system to a later version, a duplicated key error occurs.

APAR: IZ60503
Issue: 09-18405
Application: Reports
Description: QBR report is created but in a minimized window.

APAR: IZ60506
Issue: 09-18454
Application: System-Obj
Description: The description for US/Mountain is (GMT -8 DST/Y) Pacific Standard
Time is wrong.

APAR: IZ60456
Issue: 09-18522
Application: Work Order Tracking
Description: Inconsistency in Maximo core between individual and multiple record
work order change status.

APAR: IZ60547
Issue: 09-18525
Application: System-UI
Description: In Application Designer, you cannot add a signature option to an

APAR: IZ60600
Issue: 09-18526
Application: Inventory
Description: In the Item Master application, if an item exists on one or more
balance records at the item level, you cannot change the status of the item.

APAR: IZ60566
Issue: 09-18535
Application: Contract Warranty
Description: Person's location field view contracts receive error
BMXAA4187E-Relationship called viewcontinput does not exist.

APAR: IZ60597
Issue: 09-18536
Application: Job Plan
Description: In the Job Plan application, when you create a job plan, add a
flow action task to this job plan, and then add more tasks and save the job plan,
all tasks are defined as flow action when you try to check all the tasks.

APAR: IZ60604
Issue: 09-18588
Application: Kpi Manager
Description: The information about the kpi graph is not being displayed.

APAR: IZ60632
Issue: 09-18598
Application: Work Order Tracking
Description: Duplicate tool reservations are created on a WO when status changes.

APAR: IZ60790
Issue: 09-18659
Application: System-UI
Description: In the Result Set on the Start Center, you cannot display the
federated data from an external source.

APAR: IZ60784
Issue: 09-18661
Application: ITAM-RECON
Description: In TAMIT, the task filter in the Assets application is not
working as it should.

APAR: IZ60817
Issue: 09-18709
Application: Inventory
Description: A memory leak is occurring.

APAR: IZ60858
Issue: 09-18710
Application: Dbchange
Description: In the Assets (TR) application, you cannot create an asset.

APAR: IZ60826
Issue: 09-18712
Application: Updatedb
Description: The updatedb.bat file needs to be modified so that the IPV4 is set
as the preferred stack.

APAR: IZ60933
Issue: 09-18787
Application: System-UI
Description: The option of filtering for a record and then selecting it is working

APAR: IZ61294
Issue: 09-18800
Application: Work Order Tracking
Description: If you duplicate a work order without duplicating the tasks related
to this work order, the Storeroom and or Site attributes are editable when they
should be read only.

APAR: IZ61300
Issue: 09-18875
Application: RPT-HARE ENG
Description: When you run a large report and try to page through this report
from the initial re­port view, the system stops processing any other reports and
an error occurs.

APAR: IZ61302
Issue: 09-18877
Application: System-OBJ
Description: There is not a method to define the RMI port for each instance.

APAR: IZ61326
Issue: 09-18895
Application: Contract Purchase
Description: Contract total cost values displays total of all contract lines
regardless of revision, using Oracle Adapter integration.

APAR: IZ61660
Issue: 09-18955
Application: Assets
Description: On the Specification tab of the Assets application, if you select a
classification for an asset that you have not already saved, the system does not
display the classification.

APAR: IZ61516
Issue: 09-18959
Application: Master Contracts
Description: In the Warranty Contracts application, when you try to specify a cost
for a row in a warranty contract, the total cost of the warranty contract is not

APAR: IZ61692
Issue: 09-19030
Application: System-Obj
Description: Upgrade not removing MAXVARs causing Migration Manager to fail

APAR: IZ60518
Issue: 09-19103
Application: Job Plan
Description: In the Job Plan application, when you create a job plan, add a
flow action task to this job plan, add more tasks and then save the job plan,
all tasks are defined as flow action.

APAR: IZ62194
Issue: 09-19269
Application: Logging
Description: In the Logging application, if you use a cluster environment and
you apply a new value to the log level, the setting is effective only to the
JVM instance that you are connected to. On all other JVM instances, the setting
is effective only after you restart them.

APAR: IZ62164
Issue: 09-19271
Application: Assets
Description: If you clone the Asset application, the cloned application uses
the same permission setting as the one of the original application.

APAR: IZ62263
Issue: 09-19334
Application: Migration Manager
Description: A duplicated data dictionary group loses its core functionality such as
Admin Mode enforcement and the invoking of DBCONFIG.

APAR: IZ62302
Issue: 09-19367
Application; Migration Manager
Description: Integration object structure's exclude/include files are migrated.

APAR: IZ62549
Issue: 09-19556
Application: Start Center Configuration
Description: In the Start Center, a 'Request page has not been generated' error
is displayed on the report list portal.

APAR: IZ62560
Issue: 09-19579
Application: MEA
Description: Unable to define a load balanced Oracle connection string.

APAR: IZ62607
Issue: 09-19621
Application: RPT-HARE ENG
Description: Test connection for data source fails.

APAR: IZ62668
Issue: 09-19734
Application: ESIG
Description: The electronic signature application does not update the reason for
all records changed on the logintracking table.

APAR: IZ62704
Issue: 09-19759
Application: Maximo Enterprise Adapter
Description: If the The object structure web service xml schema is generated
incorrectly if it has an object that has been used more than once on a single
hierarchy path.

APAR: IZ62719
Issue: 09-19780
Application: Master Contracts
Description: In Maximo, when you copy a PR line to a contract, the Service
and Material fields become required and the Item field is blank.

APAR: IZ62752
Issue: 09-19821
Application: System-Obj
Description: Data entered on Comm template when reassigning a record in WF Admin gets
saved back to the Comm template.

APAR: IZ62781
Issue: 09-19844
Application: Reporting - HARE REP
Description: When you run a report and another user runs a report almost at the
same time, both your siteauth condition and the siteauth condition from the other
user are added to the report if both users belong to a group with limited site
authorization level.

APAR: IZ62828
Issue: 09-19914
Application: Performance
Description: A connection leak occurs in Service Desk.

APAR: IZ62827
Issue: 09-19915
Application: Performance
Description: If a main record contains an attachment control, the system
performance becomes slow when you try to open the main record and run the doc
links related query.

APAR: IZ62874
Issue: 09-19921
Application: Migration Manager
Description: In the Migration Manager application, if you try to deploy a package,
the following error occurs:
"ORA-00001: unique constraint (MAXTEST.MAXMENU_NDX2) violated."

APAR: IZ62979
Issue: 09-20069
Application: Workflow
Description: Some substitution variables do not substitute when reassigning a
workflow assignment.

APAR: IZ63037
Issue: 09-20072
Application: Work Order Tracking
Description: Measurement point should be blank on the WO tasks where a meter was
not referenced in job plan.

APAR: IZ63054
Issue: 09-20148
Application: System-Obj
Description: Default value not working against "Estimated Duration"
(WOACTIVITY.ESTDUR) in Work Order -> Activities and Tasks.

APAR: IZ63064
Issue: 09-20182
Application: Item Master
Description: In the Item Master application, you cannot set an item to obsolete if
this item is attached to a canceled work order.

APAR: IZ63065
Issue: 09-20183
Application: Receipts
Description: Receiving rotating items, items which were deleted get registered as

APAR: IZ63101
Issue: 09-20262
Application: Upgrade
Description: In DB2, upgrading from 6 to 7 fails on

APAR: IZ63120
Issue: 09-20265
Application: Receipts
Description: In the Receipts (Tr) application, the rights of the Select Item to
Return are not available if you do not have the rights to the core application.

APAR: IZ63118
Issue: 09-20268
Application: MEA
Description: Object structure web service create operation not returning alt key.

APAR: IZ63154
Issue: 09-20385
Application: All
Description: When you try to delete cron task history records, the deletion process
is slow and locks the tables.

APAR: IZ63142
Issue: 09-20386
Application: Maximo Enterprise Adapter
Description: In Maximo Enterprise Adapter, when you try to load xml information
using cron tasks, the following error message is displayed: "ORA-00001:

APAR: IZ63149
Issue: 09-20388
Application: Work Order Tracking
Description: Numerics value fields are not consistent in a Classification.

APAR: IZ63182
Issue: 09-20393
Application: Inventory
Description: Issuing material from Inventory app, entering new physical balance,
reconcile balancing, item issued twice from storeroom.

APAR: IZ63331
Issue: 09-20506
Application: System UI
Description: Maximo request URL not working properly.

APAR: IZ63360
Issue: 09-20539
Application: Assets
Description: In the Assets application, when you specify a numeric value for an
attribute in the specifications tab and then specify a value for another attribute,
the first value specified is cleared.

APAR: IZ63837
Issue: 09-20998
Application: System UI
Description: Greater than and less than characters in substitution variables with
double quotes appear incorrectly in the inbox.

APAR: IZ63921
Issue: 09-21089
Application: Email List
Description: Maximo, free form e-mail not processing with Outlook 2007

APAR: IZ64014
Issue: 09-21195
Application: ITAM-Recon
Description: Exception - Unable to format system date

APAR: IZ64128
Issue: 09-21274
Application: System UI
Description: Wrapping issue for title on long description box.

APAR: IZ64105
Issue: 09-21277
Application: System UI
Description: New row is missing from the conditional expression form in the domain.

APAR: IZ63698
Issue: 09-21323
Application: System UI
Description: Stop Query button doesn't work.

APAR: IZ64208
Issue: 09-21344
Application: Classcat
Description: Classstructure.Java performance, related to APAR IZ48298 for SRM.

APAR: IZ64359
Issue: 09-21414
Application: MEA
Description: Null pointer exception on inbound if when object has a date field in
primary key.

APAR: IZ64379
Issue: 09-21423
Application: Assets
Description: Toolbar missing after migration.

APAR: IZ64398
Issue: 09-21502
Application: Reports
Description: BIRT reporting time discrepancy when user profile contains an entry
for time zone.

APAR: IZ64495
Issue: 09-21517
Application: MEA
Description: BMXAA4024E - External value crossreference is not in domain controltype.

APAR: IZ64715
Issue: 09-21664
Application: Reports
Description: Randomly the users get an error 500 when running reports.

APAR: IZ64849
Issue: 09-21746
Application: PR
Description: Client is getting error when adding a synonym domain to item status.

APAR: IZ64902
Issue: 09-21790
Application: Security Groups
Description: TAMIT 7.2: Condition specified in the synonym domain does not take

APAR: IZ64904
Issue: 09-21792
Application: System Object
Description: TAMIT 7.2: Cannot add condition to a domain value without existing
condition associated to it.

APAR: IZ64975
Issue: 09-21901
Application: TDT
Description: During pmpupdate title is updated to null in l_maxattribute/-cfg for
records with only remarks in xliff files.


The following issues were resolved in the Base Services fix pack:

APAR: IZ23889
Issue: 08-17113
Application: Integration framework
Description: WONUM autokey values are being used up

APAR: IZ29126
Issue: 08-19667
Application: System object
Description: No attributes are added in Database Configuration during creation of
MBO on federated table.

APAR: IZ29220
Issue: 08-19781
Application: Integrity checker
Description: Unknown domain type defined for domain

APAR: IZ32505
Issue: 08-21714
Application: Assets
Description: Error BMXAA0112E - Cannot move asset since ASSET 1 in SITE 2 already

APAR: IZ35487
Issue: 08-23358
Application: System user interface
Description: Client cannot restrict new asset option in Assets (Oil and Gas)

APAR: IZ35631
Issue: 08-23473
Application: System user interface
Description: Unable to change default query after entering app restriction

APAR: IZ35736
Issue: 08-23622
Application: Assets
Description: (Integration framework) Concurrent session issues when loading data
into linear assets via integration framework

APAR: IZ35933
Issue: 08-23758
Application: Default value lists
Description: Client upgraded to 7.1 and field control has carried over and is
causing issues.

APAR: IZ36651
Issue: 08-24067
Application: Reports
Description: The Labor Reporting BIRT report yields no data

APAR: IZ37143
Issue: 08-24383
Application: Upgrade utility
Description: Validation phase completes with error BMXAA0525E, but no errors found
in validation log

APAR: IZ37427
Issue: 08-24486
Application: Cron tasks
Description: Parameter change doesn't work with VMMSYNC parameters until restart

APAR: IZ37478
Issue: 08-24525
Application: Report Administration
clicking a New Report button

APAR: IZ37821
Issue: 08-24717
Application: Report Administration
Description: Error BMXAA5502E when e-mailing report if user record does not match
person record

APAR: IZ37851
Issue: 08-24761
Application: Reports
Description: Inventory transaction reports error when storeroom data restrictions
applied from Inventory application

APAR: IZ38385
Issue: 08-24866
Application: Integration framework
Description: Using integration framework, unable to change status using inbound tool

APAR: IZ38412
Issue: 08-24877
Application: System user interface
Description: The Create SR application's Submit button conflicts with Workflows
pop-up message box

APAR: IZ38506
Issue: 08-24920
Application: System related
Description: Duplicated related ticket record created with no class data when user
does not have delete privilege in Incident application

APAR: IZ38487
Issue: 08-24923
Application: Reports
Description: Work order Pick report fails to include duplicate material items

APAR: IZ38840
Issue: 08-25060
Application: System user interface
Description: Asset installation date is shown one day ahead when application server
and clients are in different time zones

APAR: IZ39083
Issue: 08-25235
Application: Inventory
Description: Rotating asset moves when issued but the wrong balances are updated

APAR: IZ39106
Issue: 08-25312
Application: Start Center
Description: Adding an order by to a query causes error BMXAA4210E

APAR: IZ39309
Issue: 08-25350
Application: Reports
Description: Location cost by system report returns 0

APAR: IZ39321
Issue: 08-25358
Application: Login
Description: IZE() is leaking connections

APAR: IZ39409
Issue: 08-25398
Application: Receipts
Description: Transfer to capitalized rotating item uses incorrect GL debit acc

APAR: IZ39416
Issue: 08-25399
Application: Solutions
Description: Symptom, cause, and resolution data disappears from screen

APAR: IZ39462
Issue: 08-25512
Application: Start Center
Description: Template IDs are not stored for the portlet

APAR: IZ39444
Issue: 08-25517
Application: Job Plans
Description: Nested job plans do not work with PMs

APAR: IZ39541
Issue: 08-25522
Application: Work Order Tracking
Description: WOTASKRELATIONS should have an additional index on WONUM and SITEID

APAR: IZ39720
Issue: 08-25536
Application: Solutions
Description: Apostrophe (single quote) searches result in an error/hang

APAR: IZ39821
Issue: 08-25555
Application: Changes
Description: Predecessor field on task is empty on duplicate of change record

APAR: IZ40000
Issue: 08-25582
Application: System related
Description: Admin Mode hangs when placing cron tasks into sleep mode

APAR: IZ39989
Issue: 08-25583
Application: Assets
Description: Linear license problem

APAR: IZ40147
Issue: 08-25607
Application: System user interface
Description: Application Designer property filter expanded does not stay on

APAR: IZ40175
Issue: 08-25617
Application: Classification catalog
Description: Org becomes read-only when using the Move To option for child
specification on attribute new row

APAR: IZ40392
Issue: 08-25636
Application: Chart of Accounts
Description: Maximo allows labor entry for a closed financial period

APAR: IZ40376
Issue: 08-25639
Application: Integration framework
Description: The integration framework failed when importing classifications with

APAR: IZ40370
Issue: 08-25640
Application: Reports
Description: Attachments to a PM do not print on a WO generated from that PM

APAR: IZ40377
Issue: 08-25641
Application: Incidents

APAR: IZ40478
Issue: 08-25661
Application: E-mail listener
Description: E-mail listener used to close a ticker results in exception

APAR: IZ40481
Issue: 08-25662
Application: Integration framework
Description: With SSL turned on for app server, unable to granularly unprotect

APAR: IZ40634
Issue: 08-25674
Application: Work Order Tracking
Description: Poor performance when saving a work order with job plans

APAR: IZ40635
Issue: 08-25676
Application: Work Order Tracking
Description: Poor performance when saving a work order with job plans #2

APAR: IZ40666
Issue: 08-25689
Application: System object
Description: Admin Mode cannot be turned off in multiple-server clustered
environment except through the backend

APAR: IZ40731
Issue: 08-25706
Application: System related
Description: Invalid binding in Select Predecessor window in Work Order Tracking

APAR: IZ40908
Issue: 09-10058
Application: Assets
Description: Unable to associate multiple meters/points to an asset

APAR: IZ40966
Issue: 09-10071
Application: Assets
Description: Locations drilldown not sorting alphabetically

APAR: IZ41179
Issue: 09-10146
Application: Work Order Tracking
Description: Communication Log attachment has been attaching itself to every
work order

APAR: IZ41247
Issue: 09-10163
Application: Application Designer
Description: Cannot select presentation level of app to get to the presentation

APAR: IZ41257
Issue: 09-10172
Application: Classification Catalog
Description: The default alphanumeric value is added to the generated description
even if Generate Description is not checked

APAR: IZ41259
Issue: 09-10173
Application: System user interface
Description: Incorrect system date-time when in date and time fields

APAR: IZ41263
Issue: 09-10174
Application: Purchase Orders
Description: Maximo does not show * on Item field as mandatory on PO line and
PR line

APAR: IZ41658
Issue: 09-10190
Application: Integrity Checker
Description: Setting the storage partition to null for text search indexes

APAR: IZ41796
Issue: 09-10221
Application: Upgrade utility
Description: Domain type validation fails during integrity check in non-English

APAR: IZ41878
Issue: 09-10228
Application: Migration Manager
Description: A package created in a clustered environment sometimes cannot be

APAR: IZ41906
Issue: 09-10249
Application: Application Designer
Description: Image Not Found icon appears when rolling over the key value field

APAR: IZ42128
Issue: 09-10255
Application: System related
Description: Disable the auto bulletin board message when Admin Mode is turned on

APAR: IZ42125
Issue: 09-10272
Application: Reports
Description: BMXAA5214E - An unknown error has occurred.

APAR: IZ42183
Issue: 09-10279
Application: Reports
Description: Data was displayed incorrectly

APAR: IZ42171
Issue: 09-10280
Application: System UI
Description: Hitting Enter key to confirm DBCS characters in the filter field
launches searching on the List tab.

APAR: IZ42264
Issue: 09-10316
Application: Work Order Tracking
Description: Application restriction for Tasks for Work Order table does not work

APAR: IZ42348
Issue: 09-10365
Application: Upgrade utility
Description: Missing integrity check to identify tables that are defined in
MAXTABLE but not defined in MAXOBJECT

APAR: IZ42406
Issue: 09-10374
Application: Workflow
Description: Workflow button doesn't show the correct status when process
launches a dialog

APAR: IZ42408
Issue: 09-10375
Application: Classification Catalog
Description: Integration framework fails to update CLASSIFICATION.DESCRIPTION
when it updates CLASSSTRUCTURE.DESCRIPTION when importing

APAR: IZ42405
Issue: 09-10376
Application: Assets
Description: View Work Details action will not display work orders that have a
closed status

APAR: IZ42471
Issue: 09-10452
Application: Reports
Description: Work Order Detail report fails with max open exceeded after having

APAR: IZ42637
Issue: 09-10478
Application: Configuration Items
Description: Error displayed trying to relate a record to itself

APAR: IZ42652
Issue: 09-10483
Application: Actual CI
Description: The reconciliation full CI comparison is not comparing related.

APAR: IZ42684
Issue: 09-10487
Application: Communication Template
Description: Notification of escalation gets repeated

APAR: IZ42680
Issue: 09-10504
Application: Classification Catalog
Description: Inconsistency when clicking on Classification Description and getting
Select Value you get all classifications

APAR: IZ42714
Issue: 09-10505
Application: Locations
Description: System cannot be flagged as primary if it is the only system in the
site and is not flagged as primary upon creation

APAR: IZ42689
Issue: 09-10507
Application: DBChange Utility
Description: CONFIGDB fails with error when configuring MULTIASSETLOCCIPR

APAR: IZ42188
Issue: 09-10508
Application: Service Desk
Description: Affected / Reported By name lookup failure for duplicate person
display names

APAR: IZ42793
Issue: 09-10562
Application: System user interface
Description: Calendar lookup skips the month of February

APAR: IZ42795
Issue: 09-10572
Application: Work Order Tracking
Description: Poor performance when saving a work order with job plans #3

APAR: IZ42976
Issue: 09-10655
Application: Work Order Tracking
Description: 'Update Workorder set first APPRSTATUS' statement in 7.1.14,
takes days in a large database.

APAR: IZ42980
Issue: 09-10660
Application: System related
Description: Cannot use Korean OU for group VMM Sync

APAR: IZ43138
Issue: 09-10705
Application: Work Order Tracking
Description: When work order has children, changing status on parent does not
send outbound txn

APAR: IZ43196
Issue: 09-10893
Application: System Obj
Description: When turning the admin on, all logged in users are receiving
six e-mail notifications rather than one.

APAR: IZ43199
Issue: 09-10736
Application: Reports
Description: Service level exception not including closed status incident records
that have dates showing breach of SLA

APAR: IZ43203
Issue: 09-10737
Application: Domains
Description: Length is grayed out when adding LONGALN data type to ALN domain

APAR: IZ43280
Issue: 09-10773
Application: Receipts
Description: Rotating asset can be received without being numbered

APAR: IZ43282
Issue: 09-10774
Application: Reports
Description: SLA list reports error - invalid expression to retrieve value in

APAR: IZ43337
Issue: 09-10809
Application: System user interface
Description: Default values not working correctly in

APAR: IZ43338
Issue: 09-10808
Application: Release
Description: User shouldn't be thrown out of the dialog box after clicking on OK
on the message BMXAA5768E - Please select part of the time.

APAR: IZ43576
Issue: 09-10860
Application: Work Order Tracking
Description: Report downtime does not return correct time

APAR: IZ43587
Issue: 09-10894
Application: Upgrade utility
Description: Upgrade is trying to create an index named MAXSYSKEYS_NDX1, but the
database already has an index with that name

APAR: IZ43712
Issue: 09-10941
Application: Preventive Maintenance
Description: Average Meter Units/Day not calculating correctly using the
SLIDING calculation methods

APAR: IZ43633
Issue: 09-10897
Application: Reports
Description: Create report in Lab Reporting gives unknown error when submitting.

APAR: IZ43673
Issue: 09-10943
Application: Configure
Description: Error when adding a new user: Boolean field is blank and requires
a value

APAR: IZ43830
Issue: 09-11009
Application: Classification Catalog
Description: Classification search is not working for Assets application

APAR: IZ43823
Issue: 09-11011
Application: Integration framework
Description: Data migration issue

APAR: IZ43840
Issue: 09-11022
Application: Reports
Description: Using Chinese characters in parameters, cannot run a hyperlink
from first report to second report

APAR: IZ44038
Issue: 09-11099
Application: ITAM Reconciliation
Description: Reconciliation rules in Migration Manager package cannot be deployed

APAR: IZ44072
Issue: 09-11119
Application: System related
Description: List tab does not wrap nor truncate long data strings in
Description field

APAR: IZ41173
Issue: 09-11147
Application: Configuration Items
Description: Don't stop adding configuration items to collection on first duplicate

APAR: IZ44184
Issue: 09-11207
Application: Work Order Tracking
Description: Activities and tasks not copied over to new work order

APAR: IZ44233
Issue: 09-11211
Application: Classification Catalog
Description: We would like the integration facility to import data from an
existing customer-written database

APAR: IZ44290
Issue: 09-11269
Application: Security Groups
Description: VMMSYNC cron task for LDAP with mapping EMAILPSWD = 0 fails to
sync users

APAR: IZ44300
Issue: 09-11270
Application: Invoice
Description: Cannot approve invoice

APAR: IZ44498
Issue: 09-11283
Application: Reports
Description: Incorrect output in BIRT version of Inventory Balance report

APAR: IZ44420
Issue: 09-11316
Application: Application Designer
Description: Problem with Change Status action in cloned app

APAR: IZ44582
Issue: 09-11322
Application: Preventive Maintenance
Description: Job plan lookup not working from PM Advanced Search

APAR: IZ44553
Issue: 09-11323
Application: Assets
Description: Asset Manage Downtime History dialog not displaying filter fields
when selected

APAR: IZ44585
Issue: 09-11351
Application: Start Center
Description: Report list portlet option not in Security Groups

APAR: IZ44602
Issue: 09-11356
Application: System object
Description: Admin Mode request must be reflected on all JVMs at all times but
this is not stable

APAR: IZ44645
Issue: 09-11374
Application: Reports
Description: Failure class hierarchy BIRT report shows remedies outside of
the failure class specified

APAR: IZ44677
Issue: 09-11407
Application: Attached documents
Description: Error DOCLINK#ERRORPRINTTHRULINK when attaching an unknown document
type in the Create SR app

APAR: IZ44675
Issue: 09-11408
Application: Security Groups
Description: Forgot Password functionality is not changing the password

APAR: IZ44682
Issue: 09-11409
Application: System user interface
Description: HttpGZIPFilter with Korean language causes corrupt characters

APAR: IZ44755
Issue: 09-11450
Application: System user interface
Description: Maximo hangs when listing incidents

APAR: IZ44784
Issue: 09-11461
Application: Locations
Description: Location CONTROLACC when added to screen is read-only and type is Labor

APAR: IZ44796
Issue: 09-11465
Application: System user interface
Description: Return with value functionality is not refreshing

APAR: IZ44828
Issue: 09-11487
Application: Integration framework
Description: After installing, import preview does not display
Details dialog

APAR: IZ44820
Issue: 09-11491
Application: Migration Manager
Description: Migration issue with Start Center templates

APAR: IZ44835
Issue: 09-11493
Application: System object
Description: Searching for Turkish uppercase dotted I does not correctly map to
lowercase dotted/undotted I

APAR: IZ44827
Issue: 09-11495
Application: Start Center
Description: Imported start centers not working correctly

APAR: IZ44893
Issue: 09-11507
Application: Start Center
Description: Error: SQL0805N NULLID.SYSLH203

APAR: IZ44911
Issue: 09-11525
Application: Work Order Tracking
Description: Task route stops are placed in child table on a work order if a
job plan is first applied

APAR: IZ44919
Issue: 09-11527
Application: All
Description: JavaScript error when selecting Direct Print button from the
Job Plan application

APAR: IZ44950
Issue: 09-11538
Application: Purchase Orders
Description: Unexpected behavior with crossover domain from PR to PO

APAR: IZ44928
Issue: 09-11539
Application: Classification Catalog
Description: Issue with classifications advanced search

APAR: IZ44966
Issue: 09-11567
Application: Migration Manager

APAR: IZ45167
Issue: 09-11606
Application: Reports
Description: Labor Utilization Report returns no data and has EAGLENA hardcoded
for the ORGID

APAR: IZ45168
Issue: 09-11613
Application: Work Order Tracking
Description: No value is returned in the Location field of the search

APAR: IZ45222
Issue: 09-11616
Application: Reports
Description: Inventory balance report does not display the last issue date

APAR: IZ45229
Issue: 09-11617
Application: System object
Description: Date preview shows an empty list when selecting every 1 month on
day 31 while system date is set to a month with 30 days

APAR: IZ45334
Issue: 09-11691
Application: Application Designer
Description: CREATESR application fails to save in Application Designer

APAR: IZ45406
Issue: 09-11700
Application: Person
Description: Integration framework: updating a person record deletes the email
and phone information if not included on the XML

APAR: IZ45612
Issue: 09-11794
Application: Application Designer
Description: (Transportation) Cloning removes tag, found only in Transportation
applications, in cloned app and original app

APAR: IZ45536
Issue: 09-11795
Application: Reports
Description: EAGLENA is hardcoded in the master contract details report

APAR: IZ45597
Issue: 09-11796
Application: Migration Manager
Description: Where clause validation failure for a valid statement

APAR: IZ45672
Issue: 09-11802
Application: System user interface
Description: Long Description icon does not disappear when set to None

APAR: IZ45663
Issue: 09-11803
Application: Job Plans
Description: Job plan task attachment does not propagate to the Work Order/Change

APAR: IZ45675
Issue: 09-11841
Application: Work Order Tracking
Description: Job plan processing performance can be improved

APAR: IZ45706
Issue: 09-11843
Application: Changes
Description: Work log will get carried over on duplicated change records

APAR: IZ45712
Issue: 09-11845
Application: ITAM Reconciliation
Description: Asset/CI linking using reconciliation task and Asset/CI data sets

APAR: IZ45760
Issue: 09-11879
Application: System user interface
Description: Unable to terminate session with LDAP enabled

APAR: IZ45781
Issue: 09-11882
Application: Changes
Description: Extra children of change record created when using New Row >
Select Assets in Changes > Plans

APAR: IZ45148
Issue: 09-11885
Application: System user interface
Description: Error SRVE0068E is logged in SYSTEMOUT.LOG several times a day

APAR: IZ45856
Issue: 09-11894
Application: Translation Data Toolkit
Description: Tdtoolkit takes a long time to process values in upgrade from
Maximo 6 to Maximo 7

APAR: IZ44905
Issue: 09-11941
Application: Start Center
Description: SRM 7103 and MBS 7114 removed the Order By from SR result sets

APAR: IZ46041
Issue: 09-11944
Application: System user interface
Description: Memory leak in

APAR: IZ46118
Issue: 09-11978
Application: System user interface
Description: Date picker is returning incorrect date values. When selecting
date for second time, it is returning plus or minus one day.

APAR: IZ46713
Issue: 09-12006
Application: System object
Description: 911 lock timeout errors are causing performance problems

APAR: IZ46683
Issue: 09-12007
Application: Integration framework
Description: XMLFILECONSUMER cron task not closing producers or consumers

APAR: IZ46759
Issue: 09-12010
Application: Bulletin Board
Description: Bulletin board is holding a large amount of memory, causing
SQL0805N NULLID.SYSLH203 error

APAR: IZ46764
Issue: 09-12044
Application: Report Administration
Description: JavaScript error while running reports in

APAR: IZ46770
Issue: 09-12047
Application: Labor Reporting
Description: The labor GL account is being overwritten when associating a location

APAR: IZ46822
Issue: 09-12054
Application: Ticket Templates
Description: Error: Record already exists for ticket when selecting owner
in the Incidents app

APAR: IZ46917
Issue: 09-12106
Application: System user interface
Description: Unable to switch UI language when application server security
with forms-based login is enabled

APAR: IZ46969
Issue: 09-12146
Application: Upgrade utility
Description: An error occurs while executing the UPGRADEITEMORGINFO application

APAR: IZ47006
Issue: 09-12147
Application: Classification Catalog
Description: Record already exists

APAR: IZ47204
Issue: 09-12168
Application: Receipts
Description: When you have a stock tool on PO with distribute cost, you receive
an error when trying to receive the stock tool

APAR: IZ47222
Issue: 09-12169
Application: Migration Manager
Description: Changing package status from APPR to WAPPR or INPR or UNLOCKED

APAR: IZ47197
Issue: 09-12170
Application: System user interface
Description: Scheduling reports requires repeated clicking on Month Up arrow icon

APAR: IZ47257
Issue: 09-12180
Application: System object
Description: LDAPSYNC released with cannot run two LDAPSYNC cron tasks
because the second one generates a unique constraint error

APAR: IZ47390
Issue: 09-12212
Application: Issues and transfers
Description: Unable to issue to a person using Issues and Transfers application

APAR: IZ47447
Issue: 09-12217
Application: Work Order Tracking
Description: Error when clicking on a task or activity of a canceled work order

APAR: IZ47450
Issue: 09-12249
Application: System Properties
Description: Restoring the global defaults of the MAIL.SMTP.HOST parameter
does not prevent e-mail messages

APAR: IZ47476
Issue: 09-12252
Application: Start Center
Description: Error MXAA4025E - No external default value found for internal
value #800080 in domain PORTLETCOLOR.

APAR: IZ47483
Issue: 09-12259
Application: Reports
Description: The Login History report in 7112, Oracle 10G, doesn't display the
correct date format

APAR: IZ47010
Issue: 09-12266
Application: Communication Template
Description: E-mail is sent even if the incident record has not yet saved

APAR: IZ47523
Issue: 09-12271
Application: Reports
Description: Work order details services section does not show actuals
if they were from an invoice

APAR: IZ47601
Issue: 09-12296
Application: Migration Manager
Description: the Migration Manager restricts selection of certain groups
when preparing packages

APAR: IZ47676
Issue: 09-12325
Application: Ad Hoc Reports
Description: In French language only, received system message
REPORTS#FAILEDTO CREATELISTREPORT when tried to create a report

APAR: IZ47705
Issue: 09-12328
Application: System user interface
Description: Password masking feature for input mode in Application Designer
is not enforced

APAR: IZ47727
Issue: 09-12338
Application: Preventive Maintenance
Description: Location not populated for the asset on a work order generated
from a PM cron task

APAR: IZ47801
Issue: 09-12360
Application: Job Plans
Description: Duplicated job plan with JPTASKRELATION are duplicated twice

APAR: IZ47988
Issue: 09-12430
Application: System user interface
Description: Searching drilldown issues

APAR: IZ48033
Issue: 09-12495
Application: Integration framework
Description: Unable to override recurrence in MAXIMOEVENTFILTER

APAR: IZ48061
Issue: 09-12496
Application: System
Description: The validate() method is not called by the framework when a field
validation is set up on a Long Description field

APAR: IZ48059
Issue: 09-12497
Application: Items
Description: Workflow allows an item to change status to OBSOLETE when the
Item Master application would not allow it

APAR: IZ48087
Issue: 09-12521
Application: Security Authentication
Description: After applying hot fix 008, VMMSYNC function does not synchronize

APAR: IZ48064
Issue: 09-12524
Application: System related
Description: Communication template sent to wrong person when using workflow

APAR: IZ48088
Issue: 09-12579
Application: Start Center
Description: Graph view showing all SR records despite restriction

APAR: IZ48263
Issue: 09-12647
Application: Work Order Tracking
Description: Changing work order to Comp status returns error message and
opens old unrelated work order

APAR: IZ48265
Issue: 09-12648
Application: Work Order Tracking
Description: Downtime reporting on work order is recording cancelled input

APAR: IZ48281
Issue: 09-12677
Application: Translation data toolkit
Description: Out of memory errors

APAR: IZ48443
Issue: 09-12725
Application: Locations
Description: If a security group only as read access to locations in the
Locations app, users are not able to do an attribute search

APAR: IZ48487
Issue: 09-12729
Application: Warranty Contracts
Description: Approve Warranty contract option is not available in
Security Groups > Application > Warranty Contracts

APAR: IZ48595
Issue: 09-12812
Application: Database data
Description: Integrity Checker failure with default value lists -

APAR: IZ48621
Issue: 09-12814
Application: Report Administration
Description: Where clause handling for reports fails

APAR: IZ48624
Issue: 09-12818
Application: Reports
Description: Identical documents attached to multiple work orders do not
print when the work orders are printed at the same time

APAR: IZ48678
Issue: 09-12824
Application: Receipts
Description: Error BMXAA2660E - Storeroom boiler is not a valid inventory location

APAR: IZ48677
Issue: 09-12843
Application: Assets
Description: Invalid binding in Assets > Advanced Search > Rotating Item >
Select Value

APAR: IZ49115
Issue: 09-12880
Application: Assets
Description: If you populate the rotating item field then remove it before saving,
the record does not clear the Item Type field

APAR: IZ39742
Issue: 09-12909
Application: Translation data toolkit
Description: Toolbar buttons and Action Menu items disappeared in three applications

APAR: IZ49152
Issue: 09-12925
Application: Reporting
Description: User able to create report from site that user has no privileges to

APAR: IZ49479
Issue: 09-13033
Application: System user interface
Description: Show menu lost in 600 users run

APAR: IZ49478
Issue: 09-13034
Application: System user interface
Description: Lookup and dialog lost in 600 users run

APAR: IZ49437
Issue: 09-13035
Application: System user interface
Description: Users are not required to reauthenticate when refreshing browser
after using the Back button

APAR: IZ49499
Issue: 09-13065
Application: Integration framework
Description: Integration framework MICUTIL.GETKEYARRAY issue when alternate key
is modified

APAR: IZ49494
Issue: 09-13067
Application: Work Order Tracking
Description: Problem with person ID and user ID when creating an asset

APAR: IZ49640
Issue: 09-13136
Application: Work Order Tracking
Description: Can approve with negative available balances

APAR: IZ49642
Issue: 09-13151
Application: Purchase Requisitions
Description: Currency conversion not taking place for some types

APAR: IZ49605
Issue: 09-13152
Application: Changes
Description: Record type for Change, new activity is incorrect

APAR: IZ49664
Issue: 09-13154
Application: Job Plans
Description: Job plan does not write transaction in integration although listener
is enabled

APAR: IZ49871
Issue: 09-13267
Application: System related
Description: Error BMXAA4407E - A nested exception caused the WORKFLOWPROCESS to
fail - null

APAR: IZ49892
Issue: 09-13299
Application: Start Center
Description: Sorting a column in the Workflow Inbox by a column header and then
hitting Refresh for the list causes the icon to show a broken link

APAR: IZ50048
Issue: 09-13344
Application: System user interface
Description: SIGOPTIONS on a tab control are not working correctly for conditional UI

APAR: IZ50157
Issue: 09-13363
Application: Start Center
Description: Editing parts of Start Centers

APAR: IZ50200
Issue: 09-13426
Application: Assets
Description: The calendar appears behind the Report Downtime dialog and is not

APAR: IZ50197
Issue: 09-13427
Application: System object
Description: LDAPSYNC get value from LDAP, test for null, then trims. Space
can result in null. Required field ??? is blank.

APAR: IZ50261
Issue: 09-13468
Application: Assets
Description: When moving a capitalized rotating asset back to stores,
the LOCATION.CONTROLLACC is debited instead of INVCOST

APAR: IZ50327
Issue: 09-13517
Application: Classification Catalog
Description: Attribute search doesn't have an efficient SQL query command

APAR: IZ50663
Issue: 09-13640
Application: Work Order Tracking
Description: Communication log created an attached doc for every record

APAR: IZ50664
Issue: 09-13649
Application: System object
Description: Searching with commas in a description field results in a
database error

APAR: IZ50765
Issue: 09-13693
Application: Invoices
Description: Cannot copy PO lines on an invoice that is referencing a
price contract. The following error is displayed: BMXAA0799E

APAR: IZ50781
Issue: 09-13715
Application: ITAM Software Contracts
Description: Software contract has wrong status after duplicate

APAR: IZ50798
Issue: 09-13720
Application: Reports
Description: Jprint bug causing some PDFs to fail

APAR: IZ50797
Issue: 09-13721
Application: Reports
Description: Scanned PDF attachments are not printing via direct print

APAR: IZ58078
Issue: 09-13794
Application: System
Description: Go To menu does not launch the correct duplicated application
when security is removed from the
core application

APAR: IZ50882
Issue: 09-13798
Application: Assets
Description: Error BMXAA2660E - Storeroom HWSTOCK is not a valid inventory location

APAR: IZ51051
Issue: 09-13867
Application: Purchase Orders
Description: PO is getting closed on receipt if pay on receipt flag is chosen
and the option to automatically close POs on invoice is not checked

APAR: IZ51061
Issue: 09-13870
Application: Integration framework
Description: Integration framework file reprocessing does not correctly handle
error messages that contain end of message markers

APAR: IZ51139
Issue: 09-13913
Application: System related
Description: User can't associate or delete users or custodians on the Assets
application if new or delete options are not granted to the security group

APAR: IZ51560
Issue: 09-14103
Application: Issues and transfers
Description: MATUSETRANS records are being updated when TXN errors

APAR: IZ51707
Issue: 09-14196
Application: Job Plans
Description: Job plan selection and flow action is read only

APAR: IZ51656
Issue: 09-14325
Application: All
Description: Unchecked SR and Incident records status was changed

APAR: IZ52106
Issue: 09-14341
Application: Start Center
Description: Quick insert portlet will only support one ticket template

APAR: IZ52609
Issue: 09-14663
Application: System objects
Description: Lack of stack traces in fetch limit logging


The following issues were resolved in the base services fix pack:

APAR: IZ25543
Issue: 08-17806
Application: Workflow Designer
Description: Error occurs when revising a workflow.

APAR: IZ26724
Issue: 08-18476
Application: Assets
Description: Cannot change the length of the ASSETNUM field.

APAR: IZ27970
Issue: 08-18922
Application: Changes
Description: Third-level nested job plan saves a change instead of a linked activity.

APAR: IZ29846
Issue: 08-20194
Application: All
Description: In Application Designer, where clause value is lost.

APAR: IZ30079
Issue: 08-20419
Application: All
Description: Performance issues occur when checking selecting records on List tab.

APAR: IZ30206
Issue: 08-20458
Application: All
Description: Browser printing function cannot print full pages when an application
has multiple pages.

APAR: IZ30269
Issue: 08-20514
Application: Report Administration
Description: Direct print does not work in BIRT.

APAR: IZ30488
Issue: 08-20594
Application: ITAM
Description: All data types of CHAR are improperly mapped by Integration Composer.

APAR: IZ30657
Issue: 08-20706
Application: Lease Contracts
Description: WSTART displays as status option of an approved
rental/lease contract.

APAR: IZ31076
Issue: 08-21155
Application: Actual CIs
Description: Last modified time displays incorrectly.

APAR: IZ31188
Issue: 08-21121
Application: All
Description: Workflow canvas does not display.

APAR: IZ31200
Issue: 08-21126
Application: Workflow Designer
Description: In Workflow Designer, cannot activate or inactivate a
toolbar button.

APAR: IZ31242
Issue: 08-21167
Application: All
Description: Performance issues occur when selecting checkboxes.

APAR: IZ31244
Issue: 08-21164
Application: Labor Reporting
Description: Tab key does not work in single-page applications.

APAR: IZ31380
Issue: 08-21303
Application: E-mail Listener
Description: When an incoming e-mail is received, search for the sender
is case-sensitive.

APAR: IZ31411
Issue: 08-21305
Application: ITAM
Description: Memory error occurs in Integration Composer.

APAR: IZ31446
Issue: 08-21319
Application: Migration Manager
Description: Cannot deploy a change that calls for an attribute to be added to
an object that is audit-enabled.

APAR: IZ31447
Issue: 08-21316
Application: Configuration
Description: Error occurs when initializing cache.

APAR: IZ31485
Issue: 08-21315
Application: Application Designer
Description: Adding new text box in Application Designer does not
create a new control ID.

APAR: IZ31719
Issue: 08-21376
Application: Report Administration
Description: Reporting error occurs.

APAR: IZ31731
Issue: 08-21377
Application: Incident
Description: Application restrictions not working correctly.

APAR: IZ31779
Issue: 08-21431
Application: Classifications
Description: Search value is read-only during a classification search.

APAR: IZ31814
Issue: 08-21437
Application: Configuration
Description: Database privileges to views are lost after configuring on DB2.

APAR: IZ31854
Issue: 08-21469
Application: All
Description: Performance problem occurs with Tab key.

APAR: IZ31925
Issue: 08-21514
Application: Integration
Description: Transaction IDs are missing in GL interface table.

APAR: IZ31907
Issue: 08-21515
Application: Report Administration
Description: Direct print problem occurs after first user logs out.

APAR: IZ32350
Issue: 08-21644
Application: Locations
Description: For Locations integration, LOCATIONS.PARENT attribute must be populated.

Issue: 08-21698
Application: Report Administration
Description: Memory leak when running BIRT to display report output. Using
Microsoft Internet Explorer Version 7, if a number of BIRT Reports are executed from
the same report browser, the memory usage of iexplore.exe grows progressively.
If the reports are large and complex, the report browser can hang.
Workaround: Close the report browser after executing a few reports to release memory.

APAR: IZ32502
Issue: 08-21716
Application: Migration Manager
Description: When user ID and person ID do not match for a user record, migration
package deployment sets person ID to user ID.

APAR: IZ32571
Issue: 08-21754
Application: Configurable Start Center
Description: Quick insert setup for apps that contain an underscore in their
name causes error.

APAR: IZ32596
Issue: 08-21779
Application: All
Description: In the Select Date and Time dialog box, hours appear incorrectly.

APAR: IZ32883
Issue: 08-21883
Application: Integrity Checker
Description: Integrity checker problem with user-defined data type.

APAR: IZ33066
Issue: 08-21964
Application: All
Description: Problem viewing attachments in web browser.

APAR: IZ33200
Issue: 08-22027
Application: All
Description: Cannot create interface tables with hotfix applied.

APAR: IZ33444
Issue: 08-22148
Application: Work Order Tracking
Description: Asset/Location priority that is on the parent work order does not
copy to the task work order.

APAR: IZ33446
Issue: 08-22215
Application: Bulletin Board
Description: Performance problems occur when there are a large number of messages in
Maximo bulletin board.

APAR: IZ33603
Issue: 08-22255
Application: All
Description: Instance properties are not loaded when Maximo application server
name does not match name in MAXIMO.PROPERTIES file.

APAR: IZ33820
Issue: 08-22479
Application: Assets
Description: Maximo does not delete a relationship when a linear asset is deleted.

APAR: IZ34021
Issue: 08-22584
Application: Incident
Description: Inactive person appears in Reported By field.

APAR: IZ34135
Issue: 08-22611
Application: All
Description: Validation error in Premium Pay Code field.

APAR: IZ34219
Issue: 08-22714
Application: All
Description: Cannot set restrictions in single-page custom applications.

APAR: IZ34249
Issue: 08-22742
Application: All
Description: Search More dialog box contains invalid binding errors.

APAR: IZ34256
Issue: 08-22743
Application: ALL
Description: Workflow routing button is disabled.

APAR: IZ34254
Issue: 08-22745
Application: All
Description: Notification e-mails are sent to all users instead of only ones
that are logged in.

APAR: IZ34258
Issue: 08-22787
Application: All
Description: Hidden fields display after applying

APAR: IZ34322
Issue: 08-22788
Application: Purchase Requisitions
Description: Error occurs when creating a PO from a PR that references a contract.

APAR: IZ34259
Issue: 08-22792
Application: All
Description: Main tab calendars not working correctly.

APAR: IZ34145
Issue: 08-22839
Application: Purchase Orders
Description: Users can change the order quantity in a PO to a quantity
less than already received.

APAR: IZ34679
Issue: 08-22907
Application: Configurable Start Center
Description: Color error occurs in Start Center.

APAR: IZ34974
Issue: 08-22991
Application: Application Designer
Description: Setting part two of a multi-part text box to read-only does not work.

APAR: IZ35160
Issue: 08-23200
Application: All
Description: Scroll bar for attachments does not work correctly.

APAR: IZ35168
Issue: 08-23130
Application: Cron Task Setup
Description: Cron task can run twice.

APAR: IZ35527
Issue: 08-23435
Application: ITAM
Description: Integration Composer does not batch update classes.

APAR: IZ35592
Issue: 08-23467
Application: Configurable Start Center
Description: When specifying a query to a portlet, cannot sort by column.

APAR: IZ35627
Issue: 08-23470
Application: Configurable Start Center
Description: Condition attribute cannot be entered manually in Start Center set up.

APAR: IZ35598
Issue: 08-23472
Application: ITAM
Description: Memory error occurs with DPA adapters.

APAR: IZ35676
Issue: 08-23596
Application: Assets
Description: Error occurs with 50 or more children in drilldown hierarchy.

APAR: IZ35852
Issue: 08-23692
Application: All
Description: RMI invocation of objects results in an error due to a mismatch in files.

APAR: IZ35872
Issue: 08-23694
Application: Configurable Start Center
Description: Clicking on new result set graph brings up a blank page.

APAR: IZ36016
Issue: 08-23755
Application: TADDM
Description: Security authorization synchronization does not work in TADDM.

APAR: IZ36139
Issue: 08-23836
Application: Report Administration
Description: Attachments do not print with detail report.

APAR: IZ36177
Issue: 08-23840
Application: All
Description: Incorrect message displays.

APAR: IZ36185
Issue: 08-23855
Application: Classifications
Description: Unable to assign a classification to a tool attached to rotating assets.

APAR: IZ36189
Issue: 08-23857
Application: All
Description: Calendar control disappears.

APAR: IZ36190
Issue: 08-23858
Application: All
Description: Calendar control disappears.

APAR: IZ36473
Issue: 08-23919
Application: All
Description: Wrong date displays.

APAR: IZ36477
Issue: 08-23921
Application: All
Description: Error message needs more detail.

APAR: IZ36475
Issue: 08-23923
Application: All
Description: Text from List tab does not get truncated correctly.

APAR: IZ36501
Issue: 08-23979
Application: Configurable Start Center
Description: Error occurs in result set filters of attributes with an underscore in
the name.

APAR: IZ36604
Issue: 08-24051
Application: Service Requests
Description: Cannot import ticket templates via integration framework.

APAR: IZ36245
Issue: 08-24086
Application: Assets
Description: Incorrect location appears when item number does not validate via
Integration framework.

APAR: IZ36710
Issue: 08-24123
Application: Application Designer
Description: Value entered in WHERE clause causes unknown error.

APAR: IZ36700
Issue: 08-24127
Application: Assets
Description: Maximo generates incorrect description for asset record.

APAR: IZ36739
Issue: 08-24129
Application: All
Description: Need to validate all incomplete configuration changes.

APAR: IZ36764
Issue: 08-24185
Application: Integration
Description: Integration framework can only consume XML for file Import
functionality of UTF-8 encoding.

APAR: IZ36920
Issue: 08-24229
Application: All
Description: Error occurs when WHERE clause contains 1=1.

APAR: IZ36975
Issue: 08-24264
Application: All
Description: When logging level is changed, integration framework locks messages
in the queues.

APAR: IZ37057
Issue: 08-24307
Application: All
Description: Images are not absolute even when set as such.

APAR: IZ37093
Issue: 08-24331
Application: All
Description: Cannot delete in Long Description field.

APAR: IZ37094
Issue: 08-24332
Application: Chart of Accounts
Description: Edit Dialogs button does not work.

APAR: IZ37097
Issue: 08-24336
Application: Inventory
Description: Cannot record item availability in reorder preview screen.

APAR: IZ37154
Issue: 08-24387
Application: All
Description: Tab error occurs after editing a field.

APAR: IZ37368
Issue: 08-24481
Application: Assets
Description: Move/Modify Asset dialog box does not filter records.

APAR: IZ37479
Issue: 08-24528
Application: Report Administration
Description: Direct Print icon does not work.

APAR: IZ37774
Issue: 08-24695
Application: All
Description: Date format error occurs.

APAR: IZ37785
Issue: 08-24714
Application: Incidents
Description: Access modifier is not used when deleting a Maximo business object.

APAR: IZ37450
Issue: 08-24762
Application: All
Description: User needs delete privileges to cancel attachment creation.

APAR: IZ37834
Issue: 08-24763
Application: All
Description: Values for third column do not display when downloading system

APAR: IZ37946
Issue: 08-24783
Application: All
Description: Users with read-only access cannot cancel attachment creation.

APAR: IZ37911
Issue: 08-24784
Application: Configuration
Description: Value of MAXSYSINDEXES.CLUSTERRULE is incorrect.

APAR: IZ38282
Issue: 08-24821
Application: All
Description: MAXVARS updates are not written to log when applying

APAR: IZ38341
Issue: 08-24850
Application: Work Order Tracking
Description: When duplicating a work order with a hierarchy, tasks from the
activity/job plan are visible on the new work order before saving the record.

APAR: IZ39641
Issue: 08-25527
Application: ITAM Reconciliation
Description: Making measure unit optional for comparison rules


The following issues were resolved in the Base Services fix pack:

APAR: IZ24840
ISSUE: 08-17504
Application: Application Designer
Description: Japanese translation incomplete.

APAR: IZ25897
ISSUE: 08-17957
Application: Ticket Templates
Description: Job Plan Description doesn't copy to template.

APAR: IZ25946
ISSUE: 08-18016
Application: All
Description: Crontask VMMSYNC instance VMMSYNC01 ldap sync task sets an invalid
value into person record in field 'VIP.'

APAR: IZ26566
ISSUE: 08-18363
Application: Classifications
Description: Apply Down Hierarchy does not work.

APAR: IZ26722
ISSUE: 08-18475
Application: Configure
Description: Federated table in CCMDB 7.1.1 which comes with Base Services is
not working.

APAR: IZ26692
ISSUE: 08-18477
Application: All
Description: Error occurs when exporting custom applications.

APAR: IZ26878
ISSUE: 08-18582
Application: Application Designer
Description: Error occurs when trying to modify a field's properties.

APAR: IZ26949
ISSUE: 08-18588
Application: Warranty Contracts
Description: Can't associate more than one asset on a warranty contract.

APAR: IZ26906
ISSUE: 08-18593
Application: All
Description: Read-only combo box can still be edited.

APAR: IZ27040
ISSUE: 08-18620
Application: Reorder
Description: Expected list of items to be reordered does not come up after clicking

APAR: IZ27272
ISSUE: 08-18663
Application: All
Description: Cannot delete attached document records in the Change application if the
user's security group does not have Delete
rights to the Change app and does not have rights to all sites.

APAR: IZ27244
ISSUE: 08-18667
Application: Application Designer
Description: Cannot remove default property in Application Designer.

APAR: IZ27527
ISSUE: 08-18737
Application: All
Description: Error occurs in date/time select dialog.

APAR: IZ27545
ISSUE: 08-18738
Application: Drilldown
Description: Wrong Asset is getting selected from drilldown.

APAR: IZ27591
ISSUE: 08-18791
Application: Security Authentication
Description: Case-sensitive and mixed-case passwords fail at log in.

APAR: IZ27869
ISSUE: 08-18905
Application: All
Description: Configuration users cannot populate Organization field on the Security
Groups application.

APAR: IZ27999
ISSUE: 08-18983
Application: Integration
Description: Unable to import Polish Characters.

APAR: IZ28119
ISSUE: 08-19065
Application: Upgrade
Description: UPDATEDB script contains the same insert statement twice.

APAR: IZ28090
ISSUE: 08-19066
Application: All
Description: Request date appears incorrectly.

APAR: IZ28100
ISSUE: 08-19068
Application: All
Description: Request Date on reservation is not modified if request date is changed
in Work Order Tracking.

APAR: IZ28229
ISSUE: 08-19143
Application: Job Plans
Description: Duplicating a job plan that has tasks with predecessors does not copy
predecessors to new record.

APAR: IZ28291
ISSUE: 08-19170
Application: Change
Description: Flow Control? check box in a job plan is checked by default.

APAR: IZ28340
ISSUE: 08-19192
Application: All
Description: Calendar errors occur in Government.

APAR: IZ28341
ISSUE: 08-19220
Application: All
Description: Read-only combo box can be modified.

APAR: IZ28342
ISSUE: 08-19223
Application: All
Description: Create Communication dialog box rejects Japanese character when
selected by mouse.

APAR: IZ28326
ISSUE: 08-19230
Application: Migration Manager
Description: System XML files are not deployed.

APAR: IZ28482
ISSUE: 08-19299
Application: Integration
Description: Invalid Alt key.

APAR: IZ28470
ISSUE: 08-19300
Application: Migration Manager
Description: Long Description of Workflow is not included.

APAR: IZ28471
ISSUE: 08-19301
Application: Integration
Description: Error occurs in classifications for asset attributes.

APAR: IZ28474
ISSUE: 08-19302
Application: Integration
Description: Error occurs in classifications for Use With.

APAR: IZ28484
ISSUE: 08-19303
Application: Workflow Designer
Description: Incident Route Workflow icon is not enabled.

APAR: IZ28623
ISSUE: 08-19379
Application: Classifications
Description: Error occurs when updating the classification attribute when the Apply
Down Hierarchy flag is true.

APAR: IZ28717
ISSUE: 08-19506
Application: Classifications
Description: Error occurs when you classify in service request.

APAR: IZ29105
ISSUE: 08-19664
Application: All
Description: Cannot turn off global catalog.

APAR: IZ29107
ISSUE: 08-19665
Application: All
Description: Database sync error does not appear in log.

APAR: IZ29210
ISSUE: 08-19776
Application: Application Designer
Description: Error occurs with Signature options.

APAR: IZ29531
ISSUE: 08-19916
Application: All
Description: Enterprise services not available in all clusters until restart.

APAR: IZ29536
ISSUE: 08-19917
Application: All
Description: Properties from installation are not added to the upgraded database

APAR: IZ29612
ISSUE: 08-19999
Application: All
Description: Error occurs when clicking Save icon after backspace in read-only field.

APAR: IZ29640
ISSUE: 08-20010
Application: Work Order Tracking
Description: Error occurs when using quotation marks in text field.

APAR: IZ29800
ISSUE: 08-20140
Application: All
Description: Integrity Error checker error.

APAR: IZ29902
ISSUE: 08-20201
Application: All
Description: Exception does not appear when deleting bookmark.

APAR: IZ30013
ISSUE: 08-20368
Application: Crontask Setup
Description: Unable to execute crontask more than once.

APAR: IZ30028
ISSUE: 08-20381
Application: Application Designer
Description: Error occurs with Signature options.

APAR: IZ30206
ISSUE: 08-20458
Application: All
Description: Browser printing function cannot print full pages when an application
has multiple pages.

APAR: IZ30664
ISSUE: 08-20704
Application: Preventive Maintenance
Description: Generated work orders from crontasks fail due to date/time format.

APAR: IZ30954
ISSUE: 08-20857
Application: Classifications
Description: Error in classification logic.

APAR: IZ31061
ISSUE: 08-20945
Application: Application Designer
Description: Error occurs when adding a new combo box.

APAR: IZ31188
ISSUE: 08-21121
Application: All
Description: Cannot view Workflow canvas.

APAR: IZ31297
ISSUE: 08-21163
Application: Workflow
Description: Error occurs when stopping a workflow via custom actions.

APAR: IZ31305
ISSUE: 08-21179
Application: Doclink Browser
Description: Print with Work Pack option can't be set to No by default.

APAR: IZ31412
ISSUE: 08-21301
Application: Work Order Tracking
Description: Workflow action not executed.


The following issues were resolved in the Base Services fix pack:

APAR: IZ18168
ISSUE: 08-14250
Application: KPI Manager
Description: Cannot search for historical values on DB2 database2.

APAR: IZ20132
ISSUE: 08-15443
Application: MEA Integration Framework
Description: MXOBJECTCFG interface fails when you import a customized object.

APAR: IZ21273
Issue: 08-15969
Application: Security Groups
Description: Wrong list is displayed if access to security groups is removed.

APAR: IZ21976
ISSUE: 08-16220
Application: ITAM - Fusion
Description: Relationships do not exist between parent and child configuration items.

APAR: IZ22818
ISSUE: 08-16598
Application: Configurable Start Center
Description: Cannot sort Inbox/Assignment portlet by description.

APAR: IZ23241
ISSUE: 08-16764
Application: Security Authentication
Description: You are blocked from system access after entering five non-sequential
incorrect passwords.

Defect: 220950
Application: Common Code
Description: Upgrade failed to remove the Portal Log Trace Analyzer WAR.

Defect: 221084
Application: Common Code
Description: Upgrade failed during the uninstall of Maximo help.


The following issues were resolved in the Base Services fix pack:

Issue: 08-15713
Application: Application Designer
Description: Cannot select attribute2 of multi-part text on Application Designer.

Issue: 08-15973
Application: TD Toolkit
Description: No start center on German installation.

Issue: 08-15812
Application: Application Designer
Description: Search filter of LONGALN type field in list tab is not shown.

Issue: 08-15814
Application: Migration Manager
Description: Windows DB2 to AIX DB2 migration fails with platform validation error.

Issue: 08-16116
Application: Calendars Application
Description: The date control in the UI does not display properly.

Defect: 220649
Application: Common Code
Description: The Process Management Requester start center would not display on
German systems.

8. Resolved Issues for Change and Configuration Management

Change and Configuration Management Fix Pack 7 is a cumulative fix pack that
includes resolved issues from Change and Configuration Management Fix Pack 1,
2, 3, 4, 5 and 6. This section lists the resolved issues from the previous
fix packs as well.

Note: a few issues are related to technotes. In these cases, find the
technote using these steps:
1-Go to
2-Click on 'Search' on the 'Tivoli support' box
3-Enter the technote number in the search terms box
4-Click 'Search'

The following issues were resolved for Change and Configuration Management

APAR: IZ52351

APAR: IZ67596

APAR: IZ68379

APAR: IZ68588

APAR: IZ68731

APAR: IZ69059

APAR: IZ69077
IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are facing this issue please refer to

APAR: IZ69142

APAR: IZ70402

APAR: IZ70603

APAR: IZ70844

APAR: IZ73454

APAR: IZ73455

APAR: IZ73085

APAR: IZ74031

APAR: IZ75106

The following issues were resolved for Change and Configuration Management

APAR: IZ29194
IMPORTANT NOTE: To fully apply this APAR you must follow the technote

You may also refer to the section: 10. Known Defects or Limitations

APAR: IZ47651.1
Promotion checks cardinality value during promotion and errors

APAR: IZ47825
When importing business applications from TADDM to CCMDB using

APAR: IZ48451
CI: maximo integration framework: when import CI/CISPEC data

APAR: IZ51756

APAR: IZ52351
Unable to change lifecycle status to build after required

APAR: IZ54562
Error when processing the max last scan date (ITIC CI diff run)

APAR: IZ57724
IMPORTANT NOTE: This APAR will be delivered through the first Interim Fix of CCMDB

APAR: IZ59666

Defect: 221184
7116Coll/Loc: Need more precise error meesage for dec location

Defect: 221237
7116: CI app - Site value cannot be saved for authorized CI

Defect: 224480
ACTCI: Msg displayed needs Complete Capitalized

Defect: 226242
Relationships: Cannot add rule with existing src classfcn

Defect: 226715
7116:CI: Poorly written pop-up message needs work

Defect: 229288.1
AUTOMATION: Null Pointer Excpt when Type deleted

Defect: 231519
CI: Message suffixed as error E but should be Info I

Defect: 232113
Cardinality of Relation Rules report BMXAA4214E

Defect: 234276
Creating new CI attribute shows incorrect message

Defect: 236360
7115:mm: BMXAA4211E - could not deploy package

Defect: 236853
7116: Deleting a Looping CITree causes a rowupdateexcep.

Defect: 238736
SetDefaultStoragePartition failure with TPM 7.1.1. installed

Defect: 239581
Integrity Checker error under CCMDB 7.2 + MSSQL Server 2005

The following issues are resolved for Change and Configuration Management

APAR: IZ43616
Application: ITIC

APAR: IZ44961
Application: install

APAR: IZ45908
Application: install

APAR: IZ47688
Application: Change Management PMP

APAR: IZ49155
Application: Change Management PMP

APAR: IZ50187
Application: Common PMP

APAR: IZ52514
Application: Configuration Mgmt PMP

APAR: IZ47442
Application: Language Pack

APAR: IZ51674
Application: Install
This APAR is solved via a procedure which is explained in DCF record 1394838 which can be found by going to then clicking on 'search' on the Support tab, entering the DCF record number in the search terms box and clicking 'Search'.

APAR: IZ47651
Issue: 09-12811
Application: CI
This APAR fix is going to be delivered on the next Interim Fix (IF) for CCMDB

APAR: IZ49887
Application: Change Management PMP
Description: CCMDB Impact Analysis assigned to MAXADMIN

APAR: IZ49935
Application: Change Management PMP
Description: Assisted workflow is not routing the user to the correct tab

APAR: IZ40856
Application: Collections

APAR: IZ41173 jasonbro
Application: CI application

APAR: IZ42652
Application: Actual CI

Description: This interim fix makes two updates to the Change Window application.
1. Merged change windows
2. Change windows longer than 24 hours


The following issues were resolved for Change and Configuration Management

Defect: 224254
Application: Config PMP
Description: Automatic Flow Control not set correctly.

Defect: 221948
Application: Process Solution Installer
Description: Support Reapplication of Upgrade Package With Features

Defect: 223239
Application: Process Solution Installer
Description: Showfixes command did not work property when given an incorrect

Defect: 224511
Application: Process Solution Installer
Description: Display a meaningful error when database has been reinitialized.

ISSUE: 08-11029
Application: Configuration Items application
Description: Add the ability to delete more than one configuration item at
a time from the list view.

9. Checksum information

Use this information to verify that you have successfully downloaded
and unpacked the files in this update package.

MD5 checksum File name
A3A18D3E56BD13B56970802319D5F2D4 install.exe
C5E685E3358BF389346CC6CD6C97BD65 install_win64.exe

10. Known Defects or Limitations

BMXAA4210E when opening the Approval tab under Process Request -> Log tab.
BMXAA4210E is received when you open the Approval tab under Process Request --> Log tab.

Can not access information in the Approval tab. Following error is received when going to the Approval tab:
BMXAA4210E - Database error number -104 has occurred. An unexpected
token ")" was found following "nsaction.processrev)". Expected tokens
may include: "END-OF-STATEMENT"...SQLCODE=-104, SQLSTATE=42601,

Resolving the problem:

- Go to System Configuration -> Platform Configuration -> Database Configuration;
- On Object field, choose PMCOMSR;
- Click on Relationships tab and choose APPROVALLOG;
- On Where Clause, remove the last parenthesis and save.

Please use refer to the technote below to fix the issue (APAR IZ69077):

When upgrading from 7112

CCMDB7116 fails to upgrade when the installed version is 7112.

CTGIN0005E: The deployment of C:\DOCUME~1\ADMINI~1\LOCALS~1\Temp\1\pmp\ failed. The error text is
CTGIN0143E: An action error occurred during the processing of a deployment operation.
Action identifier:"Upgrade_Maximo_Update_DB". Action display name: "Stop Application Server, Run Maximo UpdateDB Script, Start Application Server".

updatedb log:
-- Error running file: V7113_59
-- UPDATEDBFILE:V7113_59.dbc
-- Script: Error
RA-00001: unique constraint (MAXIMO.MAXRELATIONS_NDX1) violated

Please use refer to the technote below to fix the issue:

RPM upgrade issue

CCMDB7116 fails to upgrade when any shipped level of RPM is installed (GA, Refresh, 1 or 2 or Fixpack 7112)
The failure happens during PMPs updatedb processing. It fails because of an error on the product xml file for RPM
(the file that controls what gets run by updatedb). A misspelling has been present since RPM 7.1.0
but it's being exposed now due to a code change in Maximo base services
This issue is being addressed by RPM Refresh 3 and RPM Fixpack 7116, but customers that have other RPM levels
installed will encounter this issue.

ERROR SHOWN (c is missing here)
-- Type: class For object: Product class : Super class: java.lang.Object
-- Start processing first class:
-- Extension updating class file: InputFile extending from java.lang.Object , already super , returning.
-- Type: class For object: Product class : Extend from: null
java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: Exception while looking for class Couldn't find: om/ibm/ism/pmrel/app/release/PmRelWOReleaseSetRemote.class
at org.apache.bcel.util.SyntheticRepository.loadClass(
at org.apache.bcel.Repository.lookupClass(
at Source)
at Source)
at Source)
at Source)
at Source)

Temporary fix (do this before running the CCMDB 7116 installation, if you have Release PMP installed)
Edit file <CCMDB_install_dir>\maximo\applications\maximo\properties\product\release_pmp.xml

and add the letter c to the line that says
it should be

Fully applying APAR IZ29194 on CCMDB

APAR: IZ29194

After installing CCMDB there are pending steps to resolve
APAR IZ29194 due to special changes required.

In most of the systems <maximo_root> is C:\ibm\SMP\maximo

1 Ensure that no database configuration changes are pending
(You may run configdb from <maximo_root>\tools\maximo if you are not sure).

2 Shut down the Maximo application server.

3 Back up the database.

4 Make a copy of the Maximo directory.

a) Copy the file HF7116_001.dbc from the <maximo_Root>\hotfix_scripts directory into the
following directory:
b) Open a DOS prompt:

i) cd <maximo_root>\tools\maximo\internal

ii) runscriptfile -fHF7116_001

iii) After successful execution of the script configdb is required.
Run configdb from <maximo_root>\tools\maximo

6 Delete the application server cache, for example:

Oracle WebLogic Server - <BEA_Root>\user_projects\domains\mydomain\MAXIMOSERVER\.wlnotdelete

IBM WebSphere(R) Application Server - <WebSphere_Root>\AppServer\profiles\Custom01\temp\<machinename>Node01\MAXIMOSERVER

7 Delete the browser cache.

8 Rebuild and redeploy the EAR files and then restart the application server.

For additional information please refer to:

DB2 error with SQLCODE -805 while importing actual CIs

When importing actual configuration items into CCMDB, you may encounter a
DB2 error with SQLCODE -805.

Resolving the problem
To resolve this issue, use the DB2 db2jdbcbind command to allocate more packages.
To execute the command:
1) cd to <db2_install>\bin on the DB2 server.
2) Issue the command:
db2jdbcbind -url jdbc:db2://<server>:<port>/<dbname> -user <username> -password <password> -size 5
An example is:
db2jdbcbind -url jdbc:db2://localhost:50000/max72 -user db2admin -password d2admin -size 5

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IBM Tivoli Change and Configuration Management Database 7.1.1

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Problems (APARS) fixed
IZ52351, IZ67596, IZ68379, IZ68588, IZ68731, IZ69059, IZ69077, IZ69142, IZ70402, IZ70603, IZ70844, IZ73454, IZ73455, IZ73085, IZ74031, IZ75106

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More support for: Tivoli Change and Configuration Management Database

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