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IBM Rational Synergy iFix for version

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IBM Rational Synergy iFix for version is now available


This iFix may only be applied to Synergy Release 7.1 with Fix Pack installed.

Installation Instructions

Please reference the Readme for installation details.

On UNIX, this patch must be installed using ccm_patch version 45 or its replacement.
Download the ccm_patch file into $CCM_HOME/bin path, owned by ccm_root with execute permission (mode 0755)

UNIX Readme US English 23434
Windows README US English 24541

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How critical is this fix?

This iFix should be installed at all sites running Synergy Release 7.1.

Problems solved

iFix to Synergy Release 7.1 fixes the following problems:

1) R#34496 PM00315 Source file keywords not expanded in Synergy 7.1
web mode
2) R#34709 PM01883 Incorrect error message when Java Client in Web Mode
fails to start
3) R#34862 <none> Provide a keyword that will get the CLI session RFC
address for use in plugins
4) R#34922 PM03717 Formatting characters like tab are ignored by ObjectMake
in Synergy Client
5) R#34962 PM04131 ObjectMake in Java Client builds incorrect target on
6) R#35056 PM05209 Users are not getting authenticated (as expected) to
login to Synergy client (Web Mode) via RDS 5.0.
7) R#35098 <none> Support custom menu extensions by type in Synergy Client
8) R#35201 PM06354 ccmdb backup does not report problems with the bsdtar
9) R#35361 <none> In HTTP mode, 'ccm dcm -s -el -index N -messages/-info'
does not show correct details.
10) R#35416 PM07914 fs_check reports error for object with trailing space in
11) R#35473 PM08201 ccm_ui.log growing rapidly with error message: No server
for ArchiveObject requests
12) R#35579 <none> Wrong warning when unable to update cache file during
delete of projects
13) R#35591 <none> Relative work area directory not cleaned up when
subproject is replaced with one with absolute
work area
14) R#35623 <none> Unable to change the workarea path of relative copy
based project hierarchy to a UNC path.
15) R#35696 PM09593 Symlink object source is lost after checking out
the object
16) R#35714 PM09739 Array out of bounds URE in
17) R#35752 PM09782 Saving a shorter time value over a longer time value in
Oracle does not completely overwrite the old value.
18) R#35830 PM10619 ccm use -dir proj_spec for DCM project fails with
19) R#35853 PM10794 Unable to start a java cli/ JC(http) session, if the
user is added through Change
20) R#35889 PM10951 Trusted Clients prevents Linux Synergy Clients,
Traditional Mode, from starting
21) R#35931 PK98702 Synergy WebMode clients do not receive PopUps generated
from Triggers (MSG and ERROR_MSG).
22) R#35941 PM11182 CCM_Server cannot parse hostnames with underscores
23) R#36026 PM11599 ccm_eng_inf process taking up too much CPU time
for archiving
24) R#36096 PM12087 ccmwaid.inf not deleted in Windows when WA is turned off
25) R#36135 <none> Some ccm_engine processes taking lots of CPU in and 7.2
26) R#36206 PM12938 Wrong file name appears when open a file in history
27) R#36263 PM13287 Component Task Folder name is not consistent with
the properties of the folder
28) R#36297 PM13506 Local RDS Users unable to log in to Synergy Web Mode.
29) R#36314 <none> Archiving fails when server is restarted while archiving
a large object.
30) R#36342 PM10949 ESD may leak file handles
31) R#36369 PM14154 Linux PAM settings affect Synergy authentication
32) R#36372 PM14205 Synergy archive conversion process does not reduce size
of database
33) R#36468 PM14811 Work Area Conflict compare adds unnecessary quotes
34) R#36484 PM14918 java.util.NoSuchElementException typedef issue
35) R#36503 PM14997 Divide by zero in history view
36) R#36515 PM15057 Getting URE on deleting working project.
37) R#36593 PM15406 fs_check reports false unused archive entry for
new archiver
38) R#36577 PM15491 web-mode client does not recurse into subprojects using
ccm reconcile command
39) R#36539 PM15224 ccmdb backup truncates the cpk file
40) R#36654 <none> DCM receive in web mode may lose updates to non-static
41) R#36453 PM14645 Intermittent ESD Failures
42) R#36528 PM15273 Able to login Synergy web mode with no password
43) R#36873 PM16568 When using a web mode windows client the work area is
not updated after keyword expand on checkin.

iFix to Synergy Release 7.1 includes iFix,
which fixes the following problems:

1) R#34746 PM02249 Can't check out a project with a UNC workarea path in
web mode
2) R#34924 PM03725 Setting the platform on a top project will set the
same platform on the working subprojects
3) R#34942 PM05807 Synergy puts automatically generated files under
version control
4) R#35100 PM05698 Workarea Filters do not work as documented
5) R#35146 PM06120 Upgrading a database and converting it from Windows
to Unix using -w does not handle MAC EOL characters
6) R#35252 PM06754 Copy project disregards translate ascii setting when
writing static work areas to Windows.
7) R#35303 PM07021 Change State of a Object to test with the web-client
8) R#35310 PM07079 base.cpk corrupt in Synergy
9) R#35339 PM07284 _archive_info attribute missing from object versions
DCM received in Synergy
10) R#35379 PM07306 multiple operations hitting the same cache file at
the same time corrupts it
11) R#35386 PM08976 DCM Event log fix causes database busy warnings
12) R#35391 <none> Lower the log level for Thread starvation messages.
13) R#35393 <none> Add more log information on session allocation error
in asynchronous archive.
14) R#35441 PM08045 Read security is broken in web mode
15) R#35560 <void> Not able to unpack database from specific populated
pack file
16) R#35584 <none> Changing WA property from ABS to REL does not move
the subproject under parent project in workarea.

iFix to Synergy Release 7.1 includes iFix,
which fixes the following problems:

1) R#33613 <none> Java CLI throws Socket Exception upon setting the
workarea of the project.
2) R#34763 <none> Router becomes unstable on some large sites with
hanging startup sessions
3) R#34854 PM03064 URE when showing project's history after creating
a baseline for use in plugins
4) R#34889 <none> DCM initialize or convert can fail due to trailing
spaces in name or version
5) R#35033 PM04924 files truncated when copied in the workarea in
Web Mode
6) R#35091 PM05634 WA population problem with nested static subprojects

Download RELEASE DATE LANGUAGE SIZE(Bytes) Download Options
What is Fix Central(FC)?
UNIX (AIX Linux Solaris) 7/1/2010 US English 62935193 FC FTP
Windows 7/1/2010 US English 76988656 FC FTP

Problems (APARS) fixed
PM00315, PM01883, PM03717, PM04131, PM05209, PM06354, PM07914, PM08201, PM09593, PM09739, PM09782, PM10619, PM10794, PM10951, PK98702, PM11182, PM11599, PM12087, PM12938, PM13287, PM13506, PM10949, PM14154, PM14205, PM14811, PM14918, PM14997, PM15057, PM15406, PM15491, PM15224, PM14645, PM15273, PM16568, PM02249, PM03725, PM05807, PM05698, PM06120, PM06754, PM07021, PM07079, PM07284, PM07306, PM08976, PM08045, PM03064, PM04924, PM05634

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