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IBM Rational Functional Tester Version includes defect fixes to previous versions of Rational Functional Tester and the following enhancements:

  • Dojo 1.4 controls support: Record and test HTML applications that contain Dojo controls that are developed using Dojo Toolkit version 1.4.
  • Flex 4.0 support: Test functional aspects of applications developed using Adobe Flex 4.0. You can record and playback scripts against Adobe Flex 4.0 user interfaces inside a Web browser and verify that the application functions correctly.
  • Siebel 8.1 support: Rational Functional Tester provides extended functional testing support for Oracle Siebel 8.1 applications.
  • Mozilla Firefox 3.6 support: Supports testing of applications loaded in Mozilla Firefox 3.6.
  • PowerBuilder 12.0 support: Test Win32 applications that are created using Sybase PowerBuilder 12.0.
  • Federal Desktop Core Configuration (FDCC) support: Rational Functional Tester provides support for testing applications on a computer that has Federal Desktop Core Configuration (FDCC) setup on Microsoft Windows XP and Microsoft Windows Vista operating system.

Important note on PowerBuilder 12.0 support
Support for testing .NET applications created using PowerBuilder 12.0 is not available by default in this fix pack. You must install PB12DotNetSupport patch to enable Rational Functional Tester version to support testing of .NET applications.
If you install this patch, you cannot test .NET applications created using PowerBuilder versions 10.5, 11.2 or 11.5. However, uninstalling this patch should enable you to test .NET applications created using the earlier versions of PowerBuilder.

Note: The Rational Functional Tester Version release does not include the updated translation content for a small number of topics such as the help home page.

Supported Domains
For details on the list of domains supported for functional testing, integration of Rational Functional Tester with other Rational products and compatible shell sharing products, see technote 7017504: List of domains supported for functional testing.


IBM Installation Manager version 1.3.4 if you locally upgrade Rational Functional Tester.

  • Before you update Rational Functional Tester, close the Eclipse and Microsoft Visual Studio IDEs, as well as any open Web browsers, and all other applications that are enabled by Functional Tester.
  • If you are installing or upgrading Rational Functional Tester on Microsoft Windows , to use the .NET Scripting feature, you must copy msvcp71.dll into the System32 directory (C:\Windows\System32), if it is not already available. You can copy the msvcp71.dll file from any other Windows operating system such as Windows XP or download it from Internet.

Note: For details on the list of supported platforms on which IBM Rational Functional Tester can be installed, see List of supported platforms

Installation Instructions

Installing Rational Functional Tester, Version

You can install Rational Functional Tester, Version in two ways:

  • Using IBM Installation Manager
    If IBM Rational Functional Tester, Version 8.x is already installed on your computer, you can install this update using the Update Packages wizard in IBM Installation Manager.
  • Local upgrade of an existing installation
    1. Download the Rational Functional Tester fix pack from the location specified at the bottom of this page.
    2. Extract the files to a temporary directory. For example, extract the file to C:\temp
    3. In the IBM Installation Manager click File > Preferences and add the temporary directory to the list of repositories, for example, C:\temp\rft8112.update.disk1\disk1\.
    4. Use the Update Packages wizard of the Installation Manager to proceed with the update.

Support available for the help installation:
Rational Functional Tester help system is configured to use remote help. An internet connection is required to access help or to download and install help locally. For more information about configuring and accessing help, see Configuring help content in the Rational Functional Tester information center.

Additionally, see the following technotes:
Installing PowerBuilder 12.0 .NET support patch
  1. Download the patch from the location specified at the bottom of this page and extract the files to a temporary location.
  2. Run the pbinstall.bat file.
    Note: To uninstall the patch, run the pbuninstall.bat file.

Known problems
Known problems are documented in the form of individual technotes in the Support knowledge base at

As problems are discovered and resolved, the knowledge base is updated and maintained with new information. By searching the knowledge base, you can quickly find workarounds or solutions to problems.
The following links run customized queries of the live Support knowledge base:

Information Center for releases of Rational Functional Tester version 8.1

Download package

Problems solved

This release contains fixes for the following APARs:

Apars Description
PM08431 Rational Functional Tester Version 8103 : An error message is displayed when opening verification points on Microsoft Vista 64-bit mode.
PM12300 Verification point captured on a clipboard does not work on Rational Functional Tester .NET IDE
PM14156 Processes fail to close on Microsoft Windows 7 operating system
PM12445 Playback fails while testing Flex applications using Rational Functional tester Version version
PK91485 Rational Functional Tester is cannot perform recording on Flex combobox items with special characters
PM13688 Rational Functional Tester does not recognize the MS-DOS command window
PK97456 Incorrect cell clicked during playback against PowerBuilder 11.5 GridDataView
PM05773 The find() API does not honor classname in WPF testing
PM14438 Rational Functional Tester recording records a same PowerBuilder control with row and with edit.
PM15336 Rational Functional Tester Version An Siebel.SiebelMethodExecutionFailureException is displayed while trying to playback a Siebel ComboBox control
PM12193 Playback fails as the data is recorded as settext() with MVG applet fails during playback.
PM12194 Recording fails while trying to record radio buttons on a Siebel application
PM12870 The dialog object in a HTML application displays .visible=false
PM15845 Rational Functional Tester cannot recognize objects after upgrading to Rational Functional Tester Version 8.0
PM08306 Rational Functional Tester Version timesout while recording DataGrid controls with Simpilified Script
PM11591 Rational Functional Tester Version 8.1.1 : Playback monitor hangs while trying to debug Rational Functional Tester test script with XML log on Microsoft Visual Studio
PM13811 Rational Functional Tester cannot dynamically locate ActiveX object in a HTML document
PM13271 Dynamic find in Flex domain crashes Internet Explorer and Java Virtual Machine
PM12531 Rational Functional Tester Version 8.1.1: The RationalTestScript.getScreen() method returns a NULL object instead of a valid IScreen object
PM15849 A call to the CoInitialize() method returns a false value when the application is enabled by Rational Functional Tester
PM13317 Memory leak observed while using Rational Functional Tester Version 8 with Internet Explorer 7
PM13806 Performance issues seen when testing the find () method on SWT controls using Rational Functional Tester version 7.x to 8.1
PM13912 The ENABLE_LOGGING logging back option cannot be enabled in the script after it has been disabled for .NET scripting
PM14113 Rational Functional Tester Version v8.1.1.1 generates dupe screen shots for TPTP log
PM14317 Rational Functional Tester cannot recognize a 32-bit application control that is displayed on a 64-bit application in .NET IDE.
PM15112 A 'java.lang.NullPointerException' is displayed while playing back a script using datapool and enabling the 'Response Time Breakdown' option in Rational Functional Tester Version
PM00779 Preference Value must be inherited while upgrading Rational Functional Tester
PM04198 Rational Functional Tester cannot recognize some buttons of Lotus Notes attachment window in Linux
PM11099 Rational Functional Tester Version 8.1.1 on a 64-bit mode operating system cannot recognize any Microsoft Windows native domain application under tests running in 32-bit mode operating system
PM05088 Rational Functional Tester Version The gridInfo.countRows() method returns a value one even with an empty grid

For details on the list of resolved APARs for the 8.x series, see, APAR list of Rational Functional Tester Version 8 releases

Download RELEASE DATE LANGUAGE SIZE(Bytes) Download Options
Rational Functional Tester Disk 1 7/8/2010 English 593000000 HTTP
Rational Functional Tester Disk 2 7/7/2010 English 574000000 HTTP
PB12DotNetSupport Patch 7/8/2010 English 15500 FTP

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