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The SCLM Administrator Toolkit V5.1.0.2 release contains these changes:

  1. It is no longer possible to enter duplicate FLMINCLS names.
  2. Redundant words “Menu” and “Dialog” have been removed.
  3. The user is now prompted before deleting FLMINCLS and FLMSYSLB information.
  4. Data Set Names are now validated in AUZCUSTJ.
  5. On the "Validation Project Warnings" window the button names are now more understandable.
  6. In the ISPF panel AUZPLDW7, the validations for the Block Size, Record Length, and Num Records and the error messages are now consistent.
  7. Confirmation Dialogs were added to the EAC dialogs.
  8. The validation of parameters and reporting of errors was improved in AUZCUSTJ.
  9. It is now possible to create a new copybook member when editing project definition source code.
  10. When showing the Project's Assembler listing all relevant data sets are now searched.
  11. The BATCH mode was added for “Compile project” and “Import project”.
  12. The JCL that invokes BPXBATCH was simplified to improve reliability.
  13. When performing an action in BATCH mode the Batch Jobs no longer wait for the reports to be viewed and deleted.
  14. An erroneous message about a VSAM Data Set has been corrected.
  15. The project refresh process is now started asynchronously to reduce wait times.
  16. Blank nodes in reports have been eliminated.
  17. Message suppression on Preferences now operates correctly.
  18. The EAC "RACF Data Set Profile Dialog" window is now shown correctly.
  19. Hot keys were corrected in the GUI Language Definition Wizard to eliminate duplicate use of the same key.
  20. A problem where Clone Project failed was corrected.
  21. When deleting data in a Sandbox, all data is now deleted.
  22. When administering large projects errors occurring during Import are now corrected.
  23. An out of memory condition has been corrected.
  24. The AUZEACSC script now uses the correct temporary data set High Level Qualifier.
  25. After deploying a project the user is now asked if they want to see the deployed project list or editable sandboxes list.
  26. A situation where a crash occurred when deploying a project has now been corrected.
  27. It is now possible to move FLMCPYLB data set names up and down.
  28. The manually entered SYSLIB was not always saved after using the Dataset Selection Dialog.
  29. In the "RACF Data Set Profile Dialog" window, the "User Name" field is now validated.
  30. The custom logging was replaced with standard Java logging capabilities, reducing memory consumption and improving the system reliability.
  31. The validation of the AUZ_PORT parameter was improved.
  32. The "Call Name" field on the panel is no longer truncated.
  33. In the panel AUZSET1 field "Allow ignore errors", entering a blank was converted to either "N" or "/" depending on prior values.  This has been corrected.
  34. If scrolling was used on panel AUZPSTC the selected translator (step label) was added on panel AUZPLDW9 twice.
  35. In the GUI Translators Summary, the Edit button did not work under some conditions.
  36. On ISPF panel AUZPLDWB it was possible to add FLMTOPTS without parameters.
  37. In the GUI certain fields were incorrectly populated with data from previous panels during new DB2 Architecture Definition processing.
  38. An AUZ021E error appeared when the user returned from the AUZPREPL Panel (Reports List).
  39. Clone failed (clone level - 2,3) with large projects when “EAC Support"=Y.
  40. In the GUI "Default Types" Tab, "Type configuration" window, the "Reuse Days" field became available incorrectly for Default Types.
  41. In ISPF Panels AUZPLST and AUZPCMD, project action VAL is no longer allowed for “Not Imported” projects.
  42. The user may now specify temporary data set prefix using profile settings.
  43. In ISPF an AUZ021E error message was displayed when the user viewed allocation parameters of a data set with an incorrect type and then tried to close the AUZWZ4L Panel.
  44. The migration wizard was modified to use the LPEX Editor.
  45. In ISPF, if the source code was changed it was not used for the Compile operation.
  46. The order of displaying windows during Deploy/Build/Compile operations was standardized.
  47. On panel AUZPCBL, if you selected “Add” for a data set or non-existent member an AUZ666E error was displayed.
  48. If you went into panel AUZPGT1 and changed the data set allocation parameters, the new values were not shown on panel AUZPWZ7.
  49. Report processing was improved.
  50. On panel AUZJCL1, columns DD Substitution and Exclude were added for similarity with the GUI.
  51. ISPF panel AUZPWZ6 was modified to allow a multi selection of authorization groups when option command "U - Select Authorization groups" is selected.
  52. In ISPF panel AUZPWZ6, when the option command "U - Select Authorization groups" was selected the Authorization Codes contained within the Authorization Groups were added rather than the Authorization Groups.
  53. An OutOfMemoryError in the GUI when opening large projects was corrected.
  54. Unnecessary printf calls were removed from AUZMGRU1 to prevent spool exhaustion.
  55. Library datasets were created as sequential datasets under some conditions.
  56. Assembler statements within the project definition are no longer removed from the project definition source code.
  57. A problem with repetitive lines in Copybook Editor has been resolved.
  58. Change Log information was removed from AUUZCUSTJ, AUZJSTAR, AUZJSTOP and AUZIVPJ.
  59. The documentation was updated for Accessibility support.
  60. Increasing the number of translators in a Language Definition using the Copybook Editor could incorrectly modify the project under certain circumstances. This has been corrected.
  61. In ISPF, the project's code was not always saved automatically when exiting the Copybook Editor.
  62. Problems occurred during project deployment if the source was modified on deploy.
  63. Migrating large numbers of members in a single Migrate operation caused various problems.
  64. When deleting language definition, the corresponding copybook is now deleted if it only contains comments after the language definition was deleted.
  65. If the user tried to edit data set allocation parameters from the group/type panels in ISPF and the data set was a RECFM=U type data set with a non-zero LRECL value, the panel would not validate or allow the user to correct the  problem. Also, the project would not compile, build, or deploy unless the user ignored errors.
  66. Panel AUZPWZ7 only displayed 4 digits of the LRECL value.
  67. The limit on the number of types that can be specified for an FLMINCLS statement (include set) has been extended to allow all the types within the project as well as the designated SCLM variables or the assemble limit for a keyword parameter, whichever is shorter.
  68. It is now possible to customize the size of the heap used by Java for the AUZ daemon to be larger than 256MB when processing very large projects.
  69. A problem where a crash would occur when adding language definitions containing FLMINCLS referring to types not within the project has been resolved.


If at Version, the fixpack to upgrade to Version must be installed before installing this fixpack.

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PM06765 (PTF UK56983)

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