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IBM Rational Synergy iFix 7.1a.01 for version 7.1a

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IBM Rational Synergy iFix 7.1a.01 for version 7.1a

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IBM Rational Synergy iFix 7.1a.01 for version 7.1a is now available


This iFix may only be applied to IBM Rational Synergy 7.1a

UNIX Readme English 16098
Windows Readme English 18216

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Please reference the Readme for installation details.

On UNIX, this patch must be installed using ccm_patch version 43 or its replacement.
Download the ccm_patch file into $CCM_HOME/bin, owned by ccm_root with execute permission (mode 0755)

Problems solved

iFix 7.1a.01 for Synergy Release 7.1a fixes the following problems:

  1. APAR <none> R#34498 Dates are sorted alphabetically instead of by date in the GUI
  2. APAR PM03064 R#34854 URE when showing project's history after creating a baseline
  3. APAR PM07284 R#35494 _archive_info attribute missing from object versions DCM received in Synergy
  4. APAR PM07306 R#35495 multiple operations hitting the same cache file at the same time corrupts it
  5. APAR <none> R#35496 Add more log information on session allocation error in asynchronous archive
  6. APAR PM04924 R#35686 files truncated when copied in the workarea in Web Mode
  7. APAR PM05634 R#35687 WA population problem with nested static subprojects
  8. APAR PM06754 R#35689 Copy project disregards translate ascii setting when writing static work areas to Windows.
  9. APAR PM07021 R#35690 Change state of an object to test with the web-client
  10. APAR PM08045 R#35691 Read security is broken in web mode
  11. APAR <none> R#35692 JC After copyproject from static subproject, workarea does not show the static files under its root directory
  12. APAR <none> R#35694 Relative work area directory not cleaned up when subproject is replaced with one with absolute work area
  13. APAR PM02629 R#35706 ascii files containing character 0d are corrupted by the sync in web mode
  14. APAR <none> R#35708 In HTTP mode after DCM receive, sync does not create links to sub-projects under top-project
  15. APAR PM01432 R#35709 Changing RDS password does not require old password
  16. APAR PM05209 R#35710 Users are not getting authenticated (as expected) to login to Synergy client (Web Mode) via RDS 5.0.
  17. APAR PK99813 R#35721 Project checkout with w/o subprojects and update turned on binds new static subprojects
  18. APAR <none> R#35722 Creation of prep project does not set the root dir to group writable in new wa.
  19. APAR PM01665 R#35724 Network errors cause intermittent ACcent aborts aborts in Synergy client using http mode
  20. APAR <none> R#35739 ccm_eng_inf.exe is terminated when logging on Windows as Administrator after reboot.
  21. APAR <none> R#35744 DCM receive can overwrite copy of folder template, process rule, process or release with older data
  22. APAR <none> R#35745 ccm reconcile is failing with object not a member error in Java CLI.
  23. APAR <none> R#35762 In HTTP mode, 'ccm dcm -s -el -index N -messages/-info' does not show correct details.
  24. APAR <none> R#35777 The value _archive_info of a 4.8GB file object remains none.
  25. APAR PM09593 R#35778 Symlink object source is lost after checking out the object
  26. APAR <none> R#35783 "ccm cr_summary" commands gives innacurate size of attachments
  27. APAR <none> R#35789 Process rules of the process are getting set to an empty set even though they are not modified.
  28. APAR <none> R#35791 In Synergy CLI, relate/unrelate fail if owner is static, even in ccm_admin role
  29. APAR <none> R#35794 Synergy/CRAPI should support Set-Cookie headers; work with load balancers
  30. APAR <none> R#35796 After central CR migrate, some ghost CRs don't have is_ghost_problem attribute
  31. APAR <none> R#35797 Change's Synergy sessions reload ccm users data twice when the Perl API RefreshUsers is called.
  32. APAR <none> R#35798 Java CLI throws Socket Exception upon setting the workarea of the project.
  33. APAR <none> R#35799 General IO error after stopping a Copy Project operation
  34. APAR <none> R#35800 ccm merge on a file with spaces in the name can delete other files in the work area
  35. APAR <none> R#36409 Archiving fails when server is restarted while archiving a large object

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What is Fix Central(FC)?
UNIX (AIX HP-UX Linux Solaris) 5/26/2010 English 21366898 FC FTP
Windows 5/26/2010 English 59983846 FC FTP

Problems (APARS) fixed
PM03064, PM07284, PM07306, PM04924, PM05634, PM06754, PM07021, PM08045, PM02629, PM01432, PM05209, PK99813, PM01665, PM09593

Document information

More support for: Rational Synergy

Software version: 7.1a

Operating system(s): AIX, HP-UX, Linux, Solaris, Windows

Reference #: 4026943

Modified date: 26 May 2010