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WebSphere Service Registry and Repository V7.0.0 Fix Pack 1

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This is Fix Pack 1 for IBM WebSphere Service Registry and Repository V7.0.0.

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Fix Pack 1 is the first maintenance release for the WebSphere Service Registry and Repository V7.0.0 product shipped December 2009.

Ensure that your environment meets the requirements specified in the v7.0 system requirements document: System Requirements.

Additional steps might be required to upgrade your configuration profiles.

If you have NOT modified any configuration items
in either the basic profile or governance enablement profile, then simply use the WSRR Web UI to load the new basic profile and or governance enablement profile from the v7.0.0.1 file system.

The profiles can be found at:

Where <WAS_INSTALL_ROOT> is the install location for the WebSphere Application Server that WSRR has been added to.

Because configuration profiles names must be unique, name the updated basic profile BasicProfile_v7001, and name the updated governance profile GovernanceEnablementProfile_v7001.

Once loaded, the appropriate profile can be made active and the original profiles deleted from the system.

If you HAVE modified either the basic profile or governance enablement profile
, export the modified profile and perform a difference comparison between the exported profile and the WSRR profile. Then, merge any of your changes into the files from v7.0.0.1. When you are satisfied that the merge is complete, load the modified v7.0.0.1 profile into WSRR.

Profile changes between WSRR and WSRR

Because configuration profiles names must be unique, name the updated basic profile BasicProfile_v7001, and name the updated governance profile GovernanceEnablementProfile_v7001.

The following APARs are fixed in this fix pack.

IZ65612 Email notification thread hangs due to invalid email template.
IZ65704 Improvements to service discovery.
IZ66279 Contents confidential.
IZ66291 Properties cannot be removed from business model instances.
IZ66605 Error in a business model file that is part of the default profile in WSRR 7.0.
IZ66656 Package not installed due to lack of administrator rights when installing WSRR 7.0.
IZ66823 Configuration profiles that contain Governance Policy Validator PluginAssertions dependent on a plug-in JAR fail to load.
IZ67230 Atom web 2.0 classification API returns HTTP 404 when using IBM HTTP Server (IHS) / WAS cluster.
IZ67306 When a manual SOAP endpoint is updated the child SOAP service endpoint correlator object is not updated to match.
IZ67530 GSR4904E when loading SCA module using GEP profile.
IZ67652 Policy service servlet throws ServiceRegistryRuntimeException with GSR0170E during policy retrieval.
IZ68085 Validation error for samples password when installing WSRR.
IZ68106 CWLDB0573E: database schema name with more than 8 chars is not supported.
IZ68742 WSRR cannot locate the soap:address element if SOAP 1.2 bindings are used in MQ WSDL.
IZ68806 Document dependencies are not automatically resolved using existing documents in WSRR if the import location contains a '\'.
IZ69096 GSR0104E occurs and appears in systemout.log when activating a WSRR configuration profile.
IZ69450 UDDI sync fails to detect WSDL document already in WSRR.
IZ70120 Configurable modifier might fail when autogoverning related documents.

IZ72466 Fixes to service registry in v7.0.0.1:
  • Unable to load WSDL due to stale connection to DB2 for z/OS Activity Logging database
  • SCA modules incorrect following upgrade from WSRR V6.3
  • Policy Authoring UI not refreshing the content of an AttributeSelector correctly
  • PolicyAuthoring UDD does not correctly support AttributeSelectors as a child of an Assertion
  • File locking during promotion
  • FFDC generation incorrect in the WSPolicy4J component
  • Not enough database checking during deployment
  • SAXParseException in java-serialize-schema-0.1.xsd
  • DB2 z/OS tables not dropped during delete
  • WSRR z/OS trace not showing class names
  • Daylight savings time not implemented correctly for modelled properties
  • Unaugment allowed when AppServer is running, but should not be
  • Schedulers do not start after activating a new configuration profile
  • Query results might be incomplete if the parent is more than one level above the target
  • Able to delete the generic object associated with WMQ Queue Manager
  • Authorization exception has incorrect substitution text in the message
  • Policy Authoring UI not refreshing the content of an AttributeSelector correctly
  • Silent failure when trying to access a business capability that no longer exists
  • WS-I validator throws SAXParseException for invalid UTF-8 characters, instead of WSRR exception
  • GSR8062E and NullPointerException when governing a service discovered from another system
  • PMT profile completion panel messages incorrect
  • If you activate the GEP for one cluster member, the perspective list on the other cluster member fails to update
  • Null pointer exception during configuration update
  • _versionProvider and _versionValue missing from Export after upgrade from 6.3 to version 7.0
  • Datasource property enable2Phase is incorrect for WAS V7
  • 'treat as' is implemented incorrectly in unions
  • UDDI configuration tool can't be launched
  • Trial expires after 30 days (for a 90 day license)
  • ServiceMessage correlated objects created even when NoSchemaTypes is specified
  • Some of the Policy domains are missing
  • WASX7122E: Expected "]" not found when creating JDBC data sources for DB2 for z/OS
  • templatePath incorrectly uses default.dmgr
  • JAXB parsing error for REST query from RAM
  • Info messages printed to console during augment profile
  • Unable to persist a document with an invalid import location
  • not deleted following unaugment
  • UDDI configuration tool displays incorrect (6.3) version information
  • NullPointerException seen in the SFM console if you delete an endpoint from WSRR
  • HTTP export binding fails due to missing _httpApplication
IZ72563 Contents confidential
IZ72569 NullPointerException in WSRR content servlet when using type=relative
IZ72570 DeadlockLoserDataAccessException and codes -913, 57033 using DB2 for Z/OS

Installation Instructions

For z/OS users please obtain the following PTFs:

UK55778 WSRR server part 1
UK55779 WSRR server part 2
UK55780 WSRR client

WebSphere Service Registry and Repository v7.0.0 Fix Pack 1 is now available from IBM Installation Manager. See the first of the following URLs for instructions covering how to apply the update.
If your WebSphere Service Registry and Repository server does not have access to the Internet, you can download the IBM Installation Manager repository using the second of the following URLs.

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Problems (APARS) fixed
IZ65612, IZ65704, IZ66279, IZ66291, IZ66605, IZ66656, IZ66823, IZ67230, IZ67306, IZ67530, IZ67652, IZ68085, IZ68106, IZ68742, IZ68806, IZ69096, IZ69450, IZ70120, IZ72466, IZ72563, IZ72569, IZ72570

Document information

More support for: WebSphere Service Registry and Repository
Fix Pack / Maintenance

Software version: 7.0,

Operating system(s): AIX, HP-UX, Linux, Solaris, Windows, z/OS

Software edition: All Editions

Reference #: 4026132

Modified date: 27 January 2011