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IBM Rational Synergy iFix for version 7.1

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IBM Rational Synergy iFix for version 7.1

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IBM Rational Synergy iFix for version 7.1 is now available


This iFix may only be applied to IBM Rational Synergy 7.1 with Fix Pack installed

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Windows readme English 18985

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Please reference the Readme for installation details.

This patch must be installed using ccm_patch version 43 or its replacement Download the ccm_patch file into $CCM_HOME/bin path, owned by ccm_root with execute permission (mode 0755)

Problems solved

iFix to Synergy Release 7.1 fixes the following problems:

    R#35386 Synergy DCM Event log fix causes database busy warnings
    R#34746 Can't check out a project with a UNC workarea path in web mode
    R#34924 Setting the platform on a top project will set the same platform on the working subprojects
    R#34942 Synergy puts automatically generated files under version control
    R#35100 Workarea Filters do not work as documented
    R#35146 Upgrading a database and converting it from Windows to Unix using -w does not handle MAC EOL characters
    R#35252 Copy project disregards translate ascii setting when writing static work areas to Windows.
    R#35303 Change State of a Object to test with the web-client
    R#35310 base.cpk corrupt in Synergy
    R#35339 _archive_info attribute missing from object versions DCM received in Synergy
    R#35379 multiple operations hitting the same cache file at the same time corrupts it
    R#35391 Lower the log level for Thread starvation messages.
    R#35393 Add more log information on session allocation error in asynchronous archive. Shutdown archiver if database has been removed from the server.
    R#35441 Read security is broken in web mode

iFix to Synergy Release 7.1 includes iFix, which fixes the following problems:
    R#34763 Router becomes unstable on some large sites with hanging startup sessions
    R#34854 URE when showing project's history after creating a baseline
    R#34862 Provide a keyword that will get the CLI session RFC address for use in plugins
    R#34889 DCM initialize or convert can fail due to trailing spaces in name or version
    R#35033 files truncated when copied in the workarea in Web Mode
    R#35091 WA population problem with nested static subprojects
    R#33613 Java CLI throws Socket Exception upon setting the workarea of the project.

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UNIX Download (AIX Linux Solaris) 3/4/2010 English 51484727 FTP
Windows Download 3/4/2010 English 73992589 FTP

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