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Rational ClearCase Fix Pack ( for version 7.1.1

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IBM Rational ClearCase Fix Pack ( for version 7.1.1

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Important Upgrade Information:

  • Before upgrading from version 7.1.1 to this release, please refer to technote 1420685 for important information regarding an Installation Manager rollback issue.

  • Refer to technote 1391475 for information about saving the Change Management (CM) Server configuration before upgrading or reinstalling ClearCase or ClearQuest.

If you wish to apply the latest updates to your system, check the Available Interim Fixes and Fix Packs for ClearCase Family 7.x technote for more details.

TestFixes included and excluded in this Fix Pack

Technote 1322828 lists TestFixes that are included in this release, as well as those that have not been incorporated into this release.

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Downloads available for:

Operating Systems:

Note: For Linux running on x86, AMD64 or EM64T select the linux_x86 download.

Descriptions of the resolved defects are included in the readme files associated with each patch download.

Each patch contains the cumulative fixes of its predecessor. All other patches referenced in this document are obsolete.

For your convenience, some of the obsoleted patches are still available from the Patch download area section of the table below. (Current)
Created to fix bug(s):
RATLC01534394 RATLC01370615 RATLC01303356 RATLC01303355
RATLC01299211 RATLC01298613 RATLC01298611 PM09576 PM08588
PM08391 PM07455 PM07187 PM07176 PM06938 PM06376 PM06339
PM06093 PM05958 PM05939 PM05132 PM05093 PM04784 PM04705
PM04688 PM04683 PM04409 PM04404 PM03840 PM03809 PM03783
PM03769 PM03366 PM03334 PM03326 PM03304 PM03201 PM02895
PM02519 PM02481 PM02355 PM02339 PM02295 PM01850 PM01791
PM01780 PM01653 PM01455 PM01280 PM01246 PM01175 PM00869
PM00643 PM00512 PM00469 PM00351 PM00114 PK99571 PK99410
PK99372 PK97847 PK97440 PK95956 PK94894 PK94710 PK94521
PK94065 PK92127 PK89025 PK86321 PK80969 PK78254 PK70528
PK67686 PK54038 PK47161 PK19937 IC64252


Installation Manager; Rational ClearCase Version 7.1.1

Installation Instructions

Refer to technote 1380386 for detailed installation instructions.

You must install this update using the Updates Packages wizard in IBM Installation Manager. For information on installing updates, see the topic 'Installing Updates' in the IBM Installation Manager Information Center at

  • By default, the update is installed from the IBM update repository located on a remote server.

    1. Extract files to a temporary directory. In the IBM Installation Manager, click File > Preferences and add the temporary directory location to the list of repositories.

For CCRC Extension offering installation instructions, please refer to technote 1382230.

  • If after installing ClearCase and ClearCase MultiSite on a Windows 2008 R2 Server, you notice that syncmgr_server is not running, please read technote 1328205 for instructions to start syncmgr_server.

  • (in the Download Package table below) contains files to update the Global Monitor support on Tivoli monitoring servers. See technote 1411399 for more information.

  • Descriptions of resolved defects are included in the ux_readme and win_readme files in the Download package table.

    Note: The readme files are also included in each patch bundle; therefore,
    you need not download the readme separately when downloading the patch.

    Download package

    Download RELEASE DATE LANGUAGE SIZE(Bytes) Download Options
    ux_readme 3/31/2010 English 10985 FTP 4/02/2010 English 543002255 FTP 4/02/2010 English 290138892 FTP 4/02/2010 English 356255604 FTP 4/02/2010 English 335133671 FTP 4/02/2010 English 421728472 FTP 4/02/2010 English 895724361 FTP 4/02/2010 English 318333695 FTP 4/02/2010 English 318549115 FTP
    windows_readme 3/31/2010 English 11601 FTP 4/02/2010 English 555687110 FTP 4/02/2010 English 143370904 FTP 4/02/2010 English 144971476 FTP 3/03/2010 English 797448350 FTP
    Patch_download_area 5/19/2009 English 100 FTP

    Cross reference information
    Segment Product Component Platform Version Edition
    Software Development Rational ClearCase Installation

    Document information

    More support for: Rational ClearCase

    Software version: 7.1.1,

    Operating system(s): AIX, HP-UX, Linux, Solaris, Windows

    Reference #: 4025562

    Modified date: 16 December 2010