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Rational ClearQuest Application Lifecycle Management packages for ClearQuest 7.0

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IBM® Rational® ClearQuest® Application Lifecycle Management Packages for ClearQuest 7.0.1. Provides support for ALM best practices.

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Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) enables streamlining a team's ability to produce a software release. It involves the coordination of software development activities and assets to produce and manage software applications throughout their life cycle. The application lifecycle management packages provide a solution for ensuring ALM best practices in your existing Rational® ClearQuest® 7.0.1 change management system.

The ClearQuest ALM packages provide a role-based process and security model that offers optimal performance. The packages comprise a collection of tightly integrated record types that create a foundation for managing software development projects. With ClearQuest ALM packages:

The benefits of this package are:


Rational ClearQuest V7.0.1 must be installed before applying the ClearQuest ALM package schemas.

Installation Instructions

Follow these steps to download and extract the ClearQuest ALM 7.0.1 download. Then install each of the zip files in the download.

  1. Download the file and extract the contents of the CQ_ALM_7.0.1 zip file into a directory of your choice.
  2. You will now have one zip file: (Note: there is also an obsolete zip file called Please ignore this zip file as it is no longer supported.)


Follow these steps to install and register the ALM Packages.

  1. Extract the contents of the CQ_ALM_Packages zip file into \Program Files\Rational\ClearQuest\Packages.
  2. From a Command Prompt, register the ALMProject and ALMWork 1.0 packages:
  • packageutil registerpackage ALMProject 1.0 "C:\Program Files\Rational\ClearQuest\packages\ALMProject\1.0"
  • packageutil registerpackage ALMWork 1.0 "C:\Program Files\Rational\ClearQuest\packages\ALMWork\1.0"

The ALMProject and ALMWork packages are now ready to be used by the ClearQuest Designer.
CQ ALM 1.0 Download Instructions English 33000

Download package

You can download the ClearQuest ALM 1.0 packages by using FTP from the table below. If you are unable to use this method, you can download the packages by using HTTP from this Web address:

Supplemental files, including examples and sample data as well as training materials, can be found in the Supplemental folder at

Download RELEASE DATE LANGUAGE SIZE(Bytes) Download Options
CQ ALM 1.0 packages download 7/8/2008 English 3014000 FTP

Technical support

Visit the Rational Support site on the web at:

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Software version: 7.0.1

Operating system(s): Windows

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Modified date: 14 January 2011