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This is Fix Pack 2 for IBM WebSphere Service Registry and Repository V6.3.0.

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Fix Pack 2 is the second maintenance release for the WebSphere Service Registry and Repository V6.3.0 product shipped June 2009.

Important notes:
Ensure that your environment meets the requirements specified in the v6.3 system requirements document: System Requirements. Note that WSRR on WebSphere Application Server 6.1 requires at least Fix Pack 25.

If you are using DB2 see additional notes about APAR IZ65855.

Additional steps might be required to upgrade your configuration profiles.

If you have NOT modified any configuration items in either the basic profile or governance enablement profile, then simply use the WSRR Web UI to load the new basic profile and or governance enablement profile from the v6.3.0.2 file system.

The profiles can be found at:

Where <WSRR_INSTALL_ROOT> is the install location for WSRR v6.3.0.2.

Because configuration profiles names must be unique, name the updated basic profile BasicProfile_v6302, and name the updated governance profile GovernanceEnablementProfile_v6302.

Once loaded, the appropriate profile can be made active and the original profiles deleted from the system.

If you HAVE modified either the basic profile or governance enablement profile, export the modified profile and perform a difference comparison between the exported profile and the WSRR profile. Then, merge any of your changes into the files from v6.3.0.2. When you are satisfied that the merge is complete, load the modified v6.3.0.2 profile into WSRR.

Profile changes between WSRR and WSRR

Profile changes between WSRR and WSRR

Because configuration profiles names must be unique, name the updated basic profile BasicProfile_v6302, and name the updated governance profile GovernanceEnablementProfile_v6302.

The following APARs are fixed in this fix pack.
IZ52072 GSR0084E alternating with ConcurrentModificationException.
IZ56148 bsrURI property not returned correctly from query.
IZ59696 Promotion fails due to existing content in target environment.
IZ60408 Database verification during manual database creation fails when using Microsoft SQL server.
IZ60411 NullPointerException occurs during edit classifications when access control for property queries is enabled.
IZ60819 Service discovery does not continue for other modules if one module is invalid.
IZ61687 Using a non-default SQL server port causes preload checks to fail during WSRR deployment.
IZ62275 Reporting plugin might throw NullPointerException from Tivoli common reporting when using https connection to WSRR.
IZ63162 Update dojo to avoid IE security prompt.
IZ63659 Multiple entities might be created from the business model creation wizard using certain web browsers.
IZ64200 Allow same userid for concurrent logins.
IZ64686 ConfigureUDDI script throws Java exceptions.
IZ64967 Import of an SCA module with JMS or MQ bindings causes a NPE.
IZ65612 Email notification thread hangs due to invalid email template.
IZ65704 Improvements to service disvovery.
IZ65854 NumberFormatException during install of WebSphere AppServer.
IZ65855 DeadlockLoserDataAccessException with WSRR and DB2.
IZ66279 Security enhancement, contents confidential.
IZ66583 Performance fixes.
IZ66823 Configuration profiles that contain governance policy validator plugin assertions dependent on a plug-in jar fail to load.
IZ64701 Exporting WSRR configuration profile or generating artifacts might fail after moving project between workspaces.

IZ67237 Fixes to service registry in v6.3.0.2

Null pointer error during configuration update
PropertyQuery for _sdoType returns null
Behavior of nested API calls in plugins changed to match previous releases
Improved handling of JMS topic limit being reached
Unable to load WSDL due to stale connection to DB2 for z/OS Activity Logging database
Transition attribute in configurable modifier trigger files is being ignored
Improvement to handling of SCA modules during upgrade to WSRR V7.0
Exception thrown in RequiredModelMBean during export of SCA module
Retrieving an SCA Export Object does not return its contained module
Improved DB2 configuration in the installer, to reduce database deadlocking
Delete does not remove content from the W_ARTIFACT_BLOB table
Performance improvement for Activity Logging
Performance improvement loading WSDLs
No WSDL port under the SCA WebService export binding
Property Queries can now handle properties of type date
Improvement to concurrency behavior when using DB2 V9.7, V9.5, V9.1 and Oracle databases
Missing message when creating Capability Version, message created
Null pointer error when updating a WSDL after generating a WS-I validator report
ServicePolicy now included in the Technical Model Class
RAM sync fails relationship on Specification
Publishing WSDLs from RAM fails to load imported XSDs
When loading a WSDL document the relationship from GlobalType to XSDType not always created
Error deleting WMQ Queues
When loading WMQ WSDLs links to WSDL ports not being created for Queues and Queue Managers
Incorrect path setting in the updatewsrr script
Install now works with DB2 V9.7
NameNotFoundException from Policy Authoring UI due to no reference to ActivityLogging bean
Policy4J: Embedded policy missing wsu prefix on Id attribute
PolicyAuthoring UDD does not correctly support AttributeSelectors as a child of an Assertion
Policy Authoring UI not refreshing the content of an AttributeSelector correctly
File locking during promotion improved
Some properties are returned as null by REST property queries
Configuration of service discovery improved
Wrong information center link in the UI Configuration perspective
Null pointer error in UI with browser locale set to en-gb
Exceptions during the upgrade data capture of SCA modules
Modifiers can run too early during upgrade data load
SCAs with WebService export bindings can now be migrated from V6.2 to V6.3

Installation Instructions

For z/OS users please obtain the following PTFs:

UK53340 WSRR server part 1
UK53341 WSRR server part 2
UK53342 WSRR client

Fix Pack 2 - Multiplatform US English 78000000
Fix Pack 2 - Windows US English 120000000
Fix Pack 2 - AIX US English 125000000
Fix Pack 2 - HPUX US English 142000000
Fix Pack 2 - zLinux US English 126000000
Fix Pack 2 - pLinux US English 131000000
Fix Pack 2 - Linux x86 US English 124000000
Fix Pack 2 - Solaris Sparc US English 132000000
Fix Pack 2 - Client - Multiplatform US English 76000000
Fix Pack 2 - Client - AIX US English 122000000
Fix Pack 2 - Client - HPUX US English 138000000
Fix Pack 2 - Client - Linux x86 US English 121000000
Fix Pack 2 - Client - pLinux US English 127000000
Fix Pack 2 - Client - Solaris Sparc US English 128000000
Fix Pack 2 - Client - Windows US English 117000000
Fix Pack 2 - Client - zLinux US English 122000000

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Problems (APARS) fixed
IZ52072, IZ56148, IZ59696, IZ60408, IZ60411, IZ60819, IZ61687, IZ62275, IZ63162, IZ63659, IZ64200, IZ64686, IZ64701, IZ64967, IZ65612, IZ65704, IZ65854, IZ65855, IZ66279, IZ66583, IZ66823, IZ67237

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