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The SCLM Administrator Toolkit V5.1.0.2 release contains these changes:

  1. When building a language definition or Architecture Definition from JCL, it is now checked to be valid JCL before submitting.
  2. The field "Max lines per report page" is now verified.
  3. The names of Primary Accounting Data Set and Secondary Accounting Data Set are now verified to be unique in the ISPF interface.
  4. The "Enter" key now simulates pressing the currently highlighted button in the GUI.
  5. It is now possible to break a promotion relationship graphically.
  6. The titles of panels in the language definition wizard have been made consistent.
  7. In the EAC Application Selection Dialog the User Name is now validated.
  8. It is now possible to create a new project from the project list in ISPF.
  9. In the GUI "Migration Assets" window, it is now possible to select multiple members.
  10. In the GUI "Multiple ARCHDEF Creation" window, it is now possible to select multiple members.
  11. The two error messages AUZ270E and AUZ208E have been corrected.
  12. In the GUI, FLMATVER: 'Sequence number type' is now blanked when Versioning is turned off.
  13. In the GUI FLMINCLS Parameters Field Types, embedded blanks are now removed after closing the dialog.
  14. In the GUI, when an error message is displayed relating to an incorrect path specification for the FLMCPYLB Field HFS path, the cursor is now placed in the field.
  15. In the GUI, when a group is not selected, the buttons that operate on a group object are now inactive.
  16. In ISPF, whenever PF3 is pressed from panel AUZQNAV, the user is now returned to AUZPLST rather than AUZDMN.
  17. In ISPF, if the user selects options 3 or 4 on panel AUZDMN and the project name field is blank, it is no longer treated as an implied '*'.
  18. In ISPF, it is now possible to select Auth groups/codes on panel AUZPWZ6.
  19. The "Delete Confirmation" box is now displayed when deleting Alternate Control Data Sets.
  20. The COPY Candidates list is now updated correctly to reflect promotions that may occur while the user is in the Architecture Definition wizard.
  21. When deleting a project in the GUI, the error message has been corrected.
  22. You no longer get an AUZ666E error when you define a RACF project filter of *.
  23. The name of the new EAC profile is now converted to upper case.
  24. Clone Project with clone levels 2, 3 now operates correctly with EAC support configured.
  25. The ISPF report viewer has been made compatible with the GUI and reports can be made persistent and removed.
  26. In the GUI, Remote Migration no longer fails for files without an extension.
  27. It is no longer possible to attempt to build a project if the UNITS is NULL.
  28. The Project Definition Load module is now explicitly linked RMODE(24).
  29. Specifying an incorrect sandbox name no longer results in Message AUZ666E being displayed.
  30. When cloning version and audit data sets, the audit data sets are now updated correctly to reflect the target project.
  31. In ISPF, extended help has been added for messages AUZ8200E to AUZ8203E.
  32. In ISPF, editing VSAM task from skeleton finished now operates correctly.
  33. 'Block export for incomplete projects' has been removed.
  34. In the GUI, the DB2 BIND Parameter Defaults are no longer lost when the window "DB2 project parameters management" is closed.
  35. In the GUI, displaying the connection properties no longer gives an error "The currently displayed page contains invalid values".
  36. The documentation for removing a copybook has been corrected in the GUI.
  37. The help for Add SYSLIB Data Set has been corrected.
  38. In the GUI, the help on the Authorizations tab has been corrected.
  39. In the GUI, the help in the Language Definition has been corrected.
  40. Problems creating Architecture Definitions with very large projects have been corrected.
  41. Problems deploying very large projects have been corrected.
  42. In the GUI, AUZ666 messages no longer occur when attempting to expand the SCLM node.
  43. In the GUI, the minimum windows size is now specified so the window is usable.
  44. The error reporting within the JCL parser has been improved.
  45. Various corrections have been made to language definitions generated from JCL.
  46. In the GUI, the error message for an incorrect versioning data set name has been corrected.
  47. The length of the versioning data set name is now validated.
  48. In the GUI, the full name of Group/Type and versioning data sets is now displayed.
  49. In ISPF panel AUZPCBL the data is now refreshed when a new copybook is added.
  50. It is now possible to move File Allocations within a translator up and down.
  51. It is now possible to optionally keep the project editable after deployment.
  52. The GUI now operates correctly when project contains TYPE and FLMATVER macro calls in copybooks.
  53. The JCL IF statement is now supported when generating language definitions from JCL.
  54. Allocation values for temporary listings data sets have been corrected.
  55. In the GUI, AUZ tri-state checkboxes have been replaced with standard Eclipse widgets.
  56. Property pages for defining a connection for SCLM are now consistent with the environment. It is no longer possible to generate a Null Pointer Exception or Class Cast Exception when defining a connection in IBM Rational Developer for System z.
  57. Rational Developer for System z version 7.6 is now supported in addition to the versions currently supported.
  58. Validation failures have been recategorized into Severe, Error, Warning, and Informational messages.
  59. When an exception occurs the stack trace reporting has been corrected.
  60. It is now possible to use a KEYREF other than LOAD for IOTYPE=L .
  61. The AUZ and AUZCLIST CLISTS have been modified to allow project names of LT, GT, and so on.
  62. In ISPF, it is now possible to validate a project from the project list.
  63. The parsing of quotes and parentheses in OPTIONS has been improved.
  64. ISPF help panel AUZHMAK1 has been corrected.
  65. An Incorrect error message when you try to open a removed Report from the "SCLM Reports" list is no longer displayed.
  66. In ISPF, the "Suppress VSAM cluster action confirmation" now works correctly.
  67. In ISPF, it is now possible to delete a group on panel AUZPWL5 in tabular form, without an error message being displayed.
  68. Custom sorts are preserved when a line command is executed against an item and a return is made to the list.
  69. Allow Max Good RC with Input List Processing only.
  70. Miscellaneous corrections to the GUI on-line help.
  71. In ISPF, the AUZPLDW9 Panel is now displayed correctly.
  72. The Exclude parameter is now specified for all programs in the JCL2LD table.
  73. The Exclude parameter in the JCL2LD table is now honored when generating language definitions from JCL.
  74. In ISPF, it is now possible to select the relevant translator step on panel AUZPLDW9.
  75. The value of the DISP parameter for FLMALLOC macros is now computed correctly.
  76. The value of the KEYREF parameter for IOTYPE=S is now defaulted correctly.
  77. The message AUZ6033E has been corrected.
  78. In ISPF, a Null Pointer Exception no longer occurs after viewing reports in the Language Definition Wizard.
  79. In the GUI, the Translator Parameters page has been reorganized to improve usability.
  80. Additional columns from the JCL2D file are displayed on the summary page.
  81. SCRT records generated by server now have the correct version.
  82. Comments have been added to AUZCUSTJ stating that the pathnames must be specified as absolute pathnames for pathname parameters.
  83. It is no longer possible to update an EAC RULE FILE that causes an S0C4 abend when HSSRLOAD is run.
  84. The Eclipse components have been upgraded to version 3.4.2 and the RSE component to version 3.0.3.
  85. It is now possible to add new FLMTCOND macro calls even if a FLMTCOND doesn't exist in the project SOURCE code.
  86. FLMTOPTS may no longer be specified for PARSE, PURGE, COPY, VERIFY translators.
  87. The warning when connecting when the versions mismatch between the host server and the GUI client has been reinstated.
  88. If setup_customizer.rexx has an awk failure with a return code of 8 or greater, the error is now propagated back to the caller and AUZCUSTJ fails.


If at Version 5.1, the fixpack to upgrade to Version must be installed before installing this fixpack.

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