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PK94683: 7.0 Cumulative fix 1 for WebSphere eXtreme Scale

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This APAR is a cumulative fix of several problems. The Problem Summary section lists all of the included fixes.

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WebSphere® eXtreme Scale Version 7.0 cumulative fix 1 resolves the following problems:

This APAR is a cumulative fix of several problems found by customers and the WebSphere® eXtreme Scale development team. Refer to the Problem Summary section for a detailed list of all of the fixes that are included in this APAR.



All users of WebSphere eXtreme Scale (formerly Data Grid) Version 7.0 who are using the ObjectGrid component.

This APAR is a cumulative fix of several problems. The Problem Summary section lists all of the included fixes.


The following items are the field APARs addressed in this

cumulative fix.


The following items are the additional fixes included in this
cumulative fix.

  1. You can reserve a primary shard for a particular ObjectGrid container.
  2. The HTTP session manager plug-in has a simpler configuration that does not splice the application and also supports multiple partitions for greater scalability.
  3. The query engine is able to return more than 32767 results.
  4. The map preload does not return a ReplicationVotedToRollbackTransactionException exception when you are using a map template with the minSyncReplicas setting active.
  5. Non-English messages display properly in the Profile Management Tool (PMT).
  6. The getForUpdate method returns the value from the BackingMap instead of the committed value from the transactional cache.
  7. The CopyMode.COPY_TO_BYTES setting correctly processes null values and Strings longer than 65535 characters.
  8. When used with filters, the -teardown command-line parameter on the xsadmin tool can stop entire sets of containers, such as containers in a particular zone.
  9. You can start hundreds of containers simultaneously.
  10. The index run time uses SessionHandles to route to the correct partition when using the PER_CONTAINER placement strategy.
  11. You can use the improved Evictor plug-ins to reduce the amount of memory that is used.
  12. Both the JPALoader and JPAEntityLoader classes correctly search for the orm.xml mapping file in the application META-INF directory and its parent directory.
  13. The updated JPAEntityLoader class allows all primary key types that the EntityManager API supports.
  14. You can create ad hoc query queues with improved resource use for multiple queues.
  15. You can use the new getContainers method on the interface to retrieve all the active containers in a server.

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