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The IBM Rational ClearQuest Report Launcher is a web application that allows users to launch data-pull reports that are saved on a server file system.

Download Description

The simple launcher navigation interface resembles a download site that allows the user to click folder links to locate desired reports. Clicking a report web link causes the report to be launched on the server and rendered in the browser.

The report launcher is provided as a supported server add-on for ClearQuest 7.1.x releases. A version of the report launcher is included as an installable component in ClearQuest 8.0 and higher. The report launcher includes adapters to support server invocation of BIRT reports and Crystal reports. The tool does not include a specific report engine, so the server runtime for the target reporting system must be separately installed on the same web server as the report launcher. To support execution of Crystal Reports, you must install the Report Server for Crystal Reports component included with the IBM Rational ClearQuest product. To support execution of BIRT reports, you must download and install a supported BIRT server runtime from

Who should consider this solution?

  • Organizations that prefer a lightweight solution for launching data-pull reports hosted on a server.

  • Organizations that wish to host reports on platforms not supported by the Report Server for ClearQuest. See technote 1294762 for ClearQuest platform information.

  • Organizations that require flexibility in choosing a BIRT runtime version.

  • Organizations that prefer to manage reports on the file system rather than utilizing the Jazz-based Derby repository required by the Report Server for ClearQuest.

  • Organizations that want to host Crystal Reports data-pull reports on UNIX or Linux platforms. The Report Server for Crystal Reports is supported on UNIX and Linux, but current releases of ClearQuest do not provide an interface to launch Crystal data-pull reports on UNIX or Linux servers.

Changes for version 20130812
  • PM37331 - Fix for case where non-ascii characters are included in report name
  • PM55456 - Update copyCQDriver scripts to handle BIRT version 3.7.x J2EE file structure
  • Changed default for setting reports.launcher.birt.reportPathPrefix to an empty string which is the correct setting for BIRT 2.6.2 and higher.
  • Updated ReadMe documentation.

Installation Instructions

Download the archive and extract to the file system. After extracting the archive, read the document <install_dir>\ReportLauncher\ReadMe.html for helpful information about configuring and using the IBM Rational ClearQuest Report Launcher.

Download package

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ClearQuest Report Launcher (update 2013-08-19) 26 Jan 2011 English 294999 FTP

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Modified date: 19 September 2013

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