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This download for version 4.1 updates IBM SCLM Administrator Toolkit to Version

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The SCLM Administrator Toolkit V4.1.0.5 release contains updates to the following:

  1. When selecting option "V - Additional Version Data Set Allocation Parameters" on Panel AUZPGT1 the message 'AUZ361E - recfm is not defined' was sometimes incorrectly displayed.
  2. JCL containing the JCL IF statement was not processed correctly when generating language definitions from JCL.
  3. Under certain conditions an erroneous Message about VSAM Data Set being a PDS was emitted.
  4. Blanks are no longer treated as an implied asterisk for the project name field when obtaining a list of projects.
  5. An Incorrect error message, 'AUZ361E - secondary{allocdata} is not defined' was displayed in the Type allocation parameters window.
  6. AUZ_TMP_LIFETIME was being treated as hours instead of minutes
  7. IMPORT failed because the ADATA file was sometimes created under the AUZDMON Id in the AUZDMON HLQ, but is accessed from <USERID> HLQ.
  8. Added extended help for messages AUZ8200E - AUZ8203E.
  9. When cloning version and audit data sets, information about the version data set names in the audit records was not being modified to reflect the new data set name.
  10. Incorrect allocation values were being used for the LISTING TMP data set.
  11. Validation failures are now categorized more appropriately into Severe, Error, Warning, and Informational messages.
  12. Builds would fail if the UNITS parameter was not defined.
  13. The AUZ and AUZCLIST CLISTS were modified to allow project names of LT, GT, and so on.
  14. Improved handling of quotes and parentheses when generating language definitions from JCL.
  15. Programs were not being excluded from language definition generation when specified as excluded in the JCL2LD table when language definitions were being generated from JCL.
  16. Improved handling of JOB statement handling when generating architecture definitions and language definitions from JCL.
  17. The modified JCL2LD table was not being used in language definition generation from JCL.
  18. The DISP parameter for the FLMALLOC Macro was being incorrectly generated when generating a language definition from JCL.
  19. DB2 Bind parameters are now provided in a drop down box.
  20. The 'Suppress VSAM cluster action confirmation' did not work correctly.
  21. A default value of the KEYREF parameter on the FLMALLOC macro call is now generated when the IOTYPE=S.
Refer to the listed APAR and PTF for the interim fix contents.

Installation Instructions

To install directly from the IBM update server, start Installation Manager and click the Update button. Select the package group that contains your IBM SCLM Administrator Toolkit 4.1 installation and click Next. Then follow the instructions on the panels to update your installation.

To install from the downloadable zip file, start Installation Manager and go to File > Preferences. On the Repositories panel, click the Add Repository button, then click Browse, and browse to the location of the zip file you downloaded. Click OK and the zip file will be added to the list of repositories. Click OK to save your preferences, and then click Update on the main panel. Select the package group that contains your IBM SCLM Administrator Toolkit 4.1 installation and click Next. Then follow the instructions on the panels to update your installation.

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Download RELEASE DATE LANGUAGE SIZE(Bytes) Download Options
Fixpack zip file 20/08/2009 English 87433712 FTP

Problems (APARS) fixed
PK86787 (PTF UK48847)

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