May 2016 Canonical XML Software Catalog Update - 2016-05-12

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May 2016 Canonical XML Software Catalog Update for Tivoli Software Knowledge Base Toolkit 1.2 - contains all software.

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This catalog may be downloaded only by parties who have a valid license to Tivoli Asset Discovery for Distributed.

Important! TADd 7.2.2: Due to the growing content of the software catalog, the LMT 7.2.x server, with its technical limitations and design, is no longer able to import the catalog within a reasonable timeframe. Due to the 7.2.x design, complexity of the issue, and the amount of code changes required, the issue cannot be fixed in the support mode. Thus, IBM decided that software catalog updates for LMT 7.2.x will not be publicly available. Instead, customers who require updating the catalog should use alternative methods provided by IBM. More can be found in Technote

Important TAD4D 7.5: Before downloading and importing new catalog all customers have to install Interim Fix 27. which is necessary for succesful catalog import. Without it, the import will most likely fail. Links for downloading and installation process of the Interim fix :

TAD4D 7.5 IF27

An update to the IBM software catalog in the canonical XML format is published at the beginning of each month. You should download it on a regular basis and import it into your instance of the knowledge base so that other asset management applications in your environment could use the latest catalog data. Note that Tivoli Software Knowledge Base Toolkit provides the only source of distributed software data for other components of Tivoli Asset Management for IT. Keeping the repository up to date is crucial if you want to ensure efficient software discovery to support IT asset management processes in your organization.

TAD4D 7.x goes out of support soon, plan for migration to BigFix 9.x

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IBM Tivoli Software Knowledge Base Toolkit, Version 1.2.2 IF1:

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For the IBM catalog update import instructions, refer to the Managing canonical document imports section of the Tivoli Asset Management for IT information center.

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IBM Software Catalog Canonical 1.0 Format 2016-05-12 US English 22226935 FTP DD
LMT properties 2016-05-12 US English 238 FTP DD

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