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Dynamic Report Specification Updater Diagnostic

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A powerful global find and replace tool which allows a user to search for any XML elements of IBM Cognos BI

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A search for any XML elements of IBM Cognos Report Studio, IBM Cognos Query Studio, IBM Cognos Analysis Studio and IBM Cognos Power Play 8 report specifications and update them with a new XML element.

The Dynamic ReportSpec Updater (DRU) does this by traversing the IBM Cognos BI content path, retrieving the XML specifications one by one and applying the search and replace attributes identified within a user defined transformation file. The transformations are applied in a user defined order with the resultant output being written either directly to the Content database or to a locally designated drive

Certain Advantages

  • Update image references to update the reports with a new company logo.
  • Update embedded Sun Microsystems JavaScript elements that may have changed after an upgrade.
  • Update the report title text to reflect a new project owner


  • Sun Microsystems Java Runtime Environment (JRE)
    • JRE version 6 or higher must be installed
    • Sun Microsystems Java (Java) must be in the system path

    This utility has the ability to corrupt all reports within an IBM Cognos BI environment if used incorrectly. It is mandatory that all IBM Cognos BI content is backed up, through a supported and proven method prior to the use of this utility.

    Depending on the matching criteria identified in the transformation file, along with the number of report objects in the content path, performing transformations may be resource and Central Processing Unit (CPU) intensive.

    For these reasons, DRU is not recommended for use on production systems.

  • Installation Instructions

    Prior to beginning the steps in this section, it is mandatory that a valid backup of the existing IBM Cognos BI content is taken via a supported and proven method.

    1.1 Installing and Launching DRU

    The section below will step a user through the install and configuration procedure required to use DRU.

    1. Unzip the utility to a physical location on the disk. For this example the location will be D:\Utilities.

    2. After a successful unzip, using Microsoft Windows Explorer, browse into the D:\Utilities\ ReportSpecUpdater location.

    3. Make a backup copy and then open the runme.bat file in Microsoft Windows Notepad (Notepad).

    Prefix the Java command with the path of the JRE bin. For this example, the path is going to be: "D:\Apps\Program Files\cognos\c83_116_12\bin\jre\1.5.0\bin\"

    The completed runme.bat file should represent the following:

    @echo off

    "D:\Apps\Program Files\cognos\c83_116_12\bin\jre\1.5.0\bin\"java -jar ReportSpecUpdater.jar

    4. Save the changes and close the Notepad application.

    5. Launch DRU by double clicking the runme.bat file.

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