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This document describes how to download and assemble IBM® Lotus® Workforce Management V6.1 components using the Passport Advantage® Online Web site.

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Lotus Workforce Management provides employees and managers with self-service capabilities that decrease the workload for Human Resources (HR) departments and increase employee satisfaction and productivity. Employees and managers feel empowered with direct access to personalized information. HR teams gain back valuable time and can play a much more strategic role in the organization.

More information

To access a wide variety of technical resources for Lotus Workforce Management, see the technical content page in the Lotus Workforce Management wiki.

Downloading and assembling the product

  1. Download all parts below. The parts are described by platform in the tabbed sections of this document.
  2. Unpack each of the parts into the same temporary directory on the target system used to host the installation images. For all Unix™ variant platforms, the files must remain archived and compressed if downloaded to a Microsoft® Windows® environment to avoid file corruption when decompressing, and must be unpacked only on the target platform.
  3. Follow the instructions in the Quick Start Guide to install the product.

Lotus Workforce Management V6.1 Download Document

Supported Linux on x86 platforms

  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux ES Version 4 with Update 6

Space requirements

  • 514 MB of disk space to store the full set of downloadable images, plus 517 MB of disk space to unpack the images.
  • 116 MB of disk space to install the product, and approximately 208.5 MB of space in the tmp directory to run the installation program.
Downloadable images

Each platform package is called an eAssembly. The eAssembly has its own part number and contains multiple downloadable eimages. The eAssembly for Lotus Workforce Management V6.1 for Linux on x86 is CR7NKML.

Required parts

To install Lotus Workforce Management V6.1 on a supported Linux on x86 platform, download the following parts:

Part number Description

IBM Lotus Workforce Management 6.1

Required: Installer for all internal components.


IBM Lotus Workforce Management 6.1 Quick Start Guide

Optional: Provides installation instructions for Lotus Workforce Management 6.1.


IBM Lotus Workforce Management 6.1 License Information booklet

Required: Provides licensing information about the product.


IBM WebSphere Process Server 6.1.0 for Lotus Workforce Management

Optional: eAssembly for WebSphere Process Server.


IBM WebSphere Process Server for Linux x86 32-bit

Optional: Installer for WebSphere Process Server


Change history

  • 15 October 2008: Created Download Document.


For hardware requirements and software product levels that are supported for Lotus Workforce Management v6.1, go to:


Installation Instructions

Link to Lotus Workforce Management V6.1 Quick Start Guide: http://www.ibm.com/support/docview.wss?rs=3268&uid=swg27013866

Download package

Download RELEASE DATE LANGUAGE SIZE(Bytes) Download Options
What is Fix Central (FC)?
Passport Advantage Online 25-Nov-08 English 538970000 HTTPS

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