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This document describes how to download and install the IBM® Web Interface for Content Management (IBM WEBi) V1.0 Modification 3 components using the Passport Advantage® Online Web

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IBM WEBi is a standalone Web-based business client for working with content from multiple back-end servers. For V1.0 Modification 3, IBM WEBi works with DB2® Content Manager and DB2 Content Manager OnDemand.

Important: You can have only one instance of IBM WEBi on your system unless you are using WebSphere® Application Server Network Deployment in a clustered environment.

Space requirements

  • Approximately 160 MB of disk space to store the downloadable part.
  • 450 MB of temporary disk space to install the product.
  • Approximately 350 MB of space for the installed product.

IBM WEBi deployment changes

In previous versions of IBM WEBi, the client was deployed into WEBi_Server that the installation program created for you. Beginning in Version 1.0.2, IBM WEBi can deploy into server1 or another existing application server. During an upgrade from V1.0 or V1.0.1 to V1.0.3, the upgrade program will undeploy IBM WEBi for you and deploy the client into the application server specified during the upgrade.

Sizing and capacity planning

The DB2 Content Manager and DB2 Content Manager OnDemand clients have different functionality and performance characteristics, and drive different performance and load characteristics onto their DB2 Content Manager and DB2 Content Manager OnDemand servers. The amount of necessary CPU processing power, RAM, and disk space vary depending on your specific workload and your desired system capacity and performance. To build the best working system that you can test and then move into production, work with the Techline team to identify the necessary requirements by machine. Your IBM Sales representative can contact Techline for you.

Client comparisons

The following documents illustrate the comparisons between the different clients, including IBM WEBi, for DB2 Content Manager and DB2 Content Manager OnDemand:

Client comparison technotes
Functionality comparison of the DB2 Content Manager V8.4 clients
Functionality comparison of the DB2 Content Manager V8.3 clients
Functionality comparison of the DB2 Content Manager OnDemand clients

Modification 3 APARs

This following lists all APARs fixed in Version 1.0 Modifcation 3 of IBM Web Interface for Content Management. To search for detailed information about an APAR, enter the APAR number in the Search field. If a link below does not work, the details on the APAR information from the Support page is not available yet.

APAR IO08724: The background of a PDF does not display properly in the applet viewer

When you viewed a PDF document with a background image in the applet viewer, the background image was corrupted.

APAR IO09149: Properties that contain an ampersand (&) are truncated in the search results

If an item property contained an ampersand (&) character, the property was truncated in the search results.

APAR IO09232: IBM WEBi logging does not work with WebSphere Application Server Version 6.1

If you used WebSphere Application Server Version 6.1, you could not enable logging for all of the IBM WEBi modules.

APAR IO09239: The non-English-language display names of item types are not shown in the Navigation pane

IBM WEBi displayed only the English version of the display name of item types, even if your Web browser locale was a language other than English and the DB2 Content Manager system administrator provided alternate display names for your locale.

APAR IO09249: Drop-down lists cannot display more than 18 characters

If an item on a drop-down list contained more than 18 characters, the display name of the item was truncated.

Known problems, issues, and restrictions

The following are the known problems, issues, and restrictions in Version 1.0 Modification 3 of IBM Web Interface for Content Management.

Install the latest WebSphere 6.0 JVM

General problems
Integration with default e-mail clients in V1.0.3
IBM WEBi on Windows Vista in FDCC and Internet Explorer Protected Mode environments
The date-picker does not work properly when you enter unsupported dates
If you encounter a session expiration error, you might need to increase the Cookie maximum age in WebSphere Application Server
You cannot select list items that contain a backslash (\) character
The ampersand character (&) is displayed as & plus the characters amp in federated search results
OnDemand z/OS line data documents that are e-mailed from IBM WEBi are not readable

Configuration tool problems
IBM WEBi V1.0.3 ignores the Maximum Items on Page parameter in the configuration tool
The configuration tool does not support multiple date formats

Content Manager problems
IBM WEBi cannot detect whether DB2 Content Manager uses the deferred DDL feature
You do not recieve a descriptive error message when the resource manager is not running
You might not be able to download documents that are 1 GB or larger
How WEBi handles items with multiple parts
The document part type of an item is not updated when the item is replaced
The directory path is not filled in when you check in a document if the maximum cookie size is reached

Content Manager OnDemand problems
Configuring ODWEK V8.4.1 on AIX and Linux for use with IBM WEBi V1.0.3
You might see several corrupted characters and untranslated words when you are logged into a Content Manager OnDemand server
The document selection menu does not work when you view multiple documents in the AFP plug-in viewer
You might not be able to see the entire value of a search criteria with a long, fixed value
IBM WEBi cannot display more than 22 save search queries
Cannot modify expired z/OS user passwords from IBM WEBi
Cannot display all servers in left pane
Edit of properties with a fixed value does not display accurately
You might see corrupted characters when viewing OnDemand document properties
You cannot view some documents if your server display name contains certain reserved HTML characters

Viewer problems
The applet viewer always matches the case of your search criteria in non-English language documents
The document selection menu does not work when you view multiple documents in the AFP plug-in viewer
TIFF documents with an uneven X and Y resolution are distorted in the applet viewer
Labels in some applet viewer windows appear in English
You cannot view a large number of documents at the same time
Insufficient memory when viewing documents
Cannot view documents that are viewed with native applications in Internet Explorer
Applet viewer unresponsive when a dialog is showing and a second document is viewed
If SSL is enabled, opening documents in the applet viewer results in errors
Performance when using the thin viewer
Annotations that contain national language version characters might not display correctly

Web browser problems
You cannot use some special charaters in the Find field on Microsoft Internet Explorer
Disabled buttons appear corrupted in Microsoft Internet Explorer Version 6
Cursor not appearing when using Mozilla Firefox browser
Download properties not working in Internet Explorer
When the preview pane is enabled, you cannot adjust it horizontally

Documentation problems
IBM WEBi V1.0.3 What's new information contains inaccurate Linux for zSeries support information
The IBM WEBi help is not available when your Web browser language is a bidirectional language


To install IBM WEBi Version 1.0.3, you must install the required software on the server where you plan to install IBM WEBi.

To upgrade to IBM WEBi Version 1.0.3, you must ensure that you have supported versions of the prerequisite software on the IBM WEBi server. You can upgrade only from IBM WEBi Version 1.0.2.

Prerequisites for IBM WEBi - AIX English 10000
Prerequisites for IBM WEBi - Linux English 10000
Prerequisites for IBM WEBi - Windows English 10000
Prerequisites for IBM WEBi - Linux on System z English 10000

Installation Instructions

Click the link below to go to the installation instructions for IBM Web Interface for Content Management V1.0.3 and upgrade instructions from V1.0 or V1.0.1 to V1.0.3.

IBM WEBi V1.0.3 publication library English 1000000
IBM DB2 Content Management Version 8.4.1 Information English 10000
IBM Content Manager OnDemand Version 8.4.1 Information English 10000

Download package

You can download IBM WEBi V1.0.3 from IBM Passport Advantage:

  1. From a browser, navigate to the Find Downloads and Media page on the IBM Passport Advantage Online Web site. You must log on to continue.
  2. Select the Find by part number search option under Download finder options.
  3. Search for part number C1KY0ML (Windows®), C1KY2ML (AIX®), C1T3WML (Linux®), or C1U9NML (Linux for zSeries®) and download the image that you want.
  4. Unpack the part into a single, temporary directory on your system.
  5. After you unpack the part, enter wcinstall.bat on Windows and ./ on AIX, Linux, and Linux on System z to begin the installation program.
  6. Follow the instructions in Planning, Installing, and Configuring IBM Web Interface for Content Management to install the product.

Download RELEASE DATE LANGUAGE SIZE(Bytes) Download Options
IBM Passport Advantage Online - AIX 14 Nov 2008 English 146800640 HTTP
IBM Passport Advantage Online - Lin 14 Nov 2008 English 130023424 HTTP
IBM Passport Advantage Online - Win 14 Nov 2008 English 126877696 HTTP
IBM Passport Advantage Online - zLi 14 Nov 2008 English 164626432 HTTP

Technical support

Product support is available on the Web at:

DB2 Content Manager OnDemand for Multiplatforms

DB2 Content Manager OnDemand for z/OS™

DB2 Content Manager OnDemand for i5/OS™

DB2 Content Manager for Multiplatforms

DB2 Content Manager for z/OS

Change history

  • November 14, 2008: Initial version
  • July 26, 2011: Updated to comply with new visual display standards

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