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z/TPFDF Data Access Service (DAS)

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The z/TPFDF Data Access Service provides clients with Service Data Objects (SDO) access to z/TPFDF databases.

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Service data objects (SDO) access to z/TPFDF provides a framework for data application program development that includes an architecture and APIs. SDO access to z/TPFDF provides remote client applications access to z/TPFDF databases.

You can use SDO access to z/TPFDF to write Java application programs by using a combination of the z/TPFDF data access service (DAS) application programming interfaces (APIs) with the SDO specification APIs. This combination of application interfaces are provided to allow client application programs that are running on an application server or workstation to access and update z/TPFDF databases using SDO.

Using SDO access to z/TPFDF, it is possible to fully populate a new database that was defined and initialized previously on the z/TPF system by using database definitions (DBDEFs) and data definition assembler macros (DSECTs). For more information about DBDEFs and DSECTs, see z/TPFDF Database Administration in the z/TPFDF product documentation.

SDO data collection example:

You have the ability to display SDO data collection statistics for a particular processor and subsystem using the ZUDFC SDO command. In addition to being able to display online SDO data collection statistics, an XML file is created with similar information that can be transferred and viewed from the z/TPF system. The purpose of this readme file is to explain how to view and use the SDO data collection XML file. The following files are provided as examples to assist this exercise:

  • sdodf_dc_stylesheet.xsl
  • SDODC_B_BSS_04172008_1029.xml
  • SDODC_B_BSS_07012008_1130.xml

SDO metadata validation example:

In order to access and update the z/TPFDF databases using SDO, metadata XML files are created using the ZUDFM METADATA CREATE utility on the z/TPF system. The data in these metadata XML files comes from the DBDEF information for the particular database as well as DSECTs with the macro label set (MLS) information. After creating the metadata XML file, transfer it (such as by file transfer protocol (FTP)) to an operating system such as Windows or Linux for editing

ZUDFM METADATA VALIDATE is not an all-encompassing validation tool. It does not perform any XML validation against the XML Schema Definition (XSD). However some additional checking will be done by the z/TPFDF DAS during z/TPF processing.

The purpose of this readme file is to explain how to validate the XML metadata file against an XSD to provide further validation. The following files are provided as an example to help in that validation:

  • FLIGHT.xml
  • Metadata.xsd

SDO security example:

Among the components of SDO access to z/TPFDF is a security handler that verifies user security credentials to ensure that you are allowed to access the requested z/TPFDF database. SDO access to z/TPFDF provides a security user exit for you to perform password verification in addition to authorization checks that are performed by the z/TPFDF product.

The security user exit provided in this sample performs additional verification about the user password. The security handler checks the security credentials against the z/TPFDF access file (/etc/ztpfdf/.access) to determine if a user is allowed to access the specified database. If a user is allowed to access the database, the ztpfdf_SDO_security_exit() user exit (ufs0.cpp) is called to verify the password. The user can also use this user exit to log messages or perform any other user-specific processing. The following files are provided as a sample SDO security user exit:

  • .access
  • ufs0.cpp


For z/TPFDF DAS Ver 1.4:
z/TPF 1.1 and z/TPFDF 1.1 PUT 8
z/TPFDF PM52002

For z/TPFDF DAS Ver 1.3:
z/TPF 1.1 and z/TPFDF 1.1 PUT 7
z/TPFDF PM05719

For z/TPFDF DAS Ver 1.2:
z/TPF 1.1 and z/TPFDF 1.1 PUT 6
z/TPFDF PK77183

For z/TPFDF DAS Ver 1.1:
z/TPF 1.1 and z/TPFDF 1.1 PUT 5
z/TPFDF PK60030

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To download the package, complete the following steps:

  1. Go to and sign in to the download server by using your TPF or z/TPF user ID and password.
  2. Click the Back button on your browser until you return to this page.
  3. Select the link next to the download that you want. You will be asked to click Agree on a standard set of terms and conditions.

You must be a z/TPF customer to download this tool.

Please note that some browsers incorrectly change the name of the download file. All download file names should end in ".zip" when saved.

Note: The APAR number in parenthesis for the z/TPFDF Data Access Service (DAS) downloads refers to the co-requisite z/TPFDF APAR that must be applied with the specified download.

Download RELEASE DATE LANGUAGE SIZE(Bytes) Download Options
z/TPFDF DAS ver 1.4 (PM52002) 7 Dec 2011 English 533359 HTTPS
z/TPFDF DAS ver 1.3 (PM05719) 22 Dec 2010 English 531030 HTTPS
z/TPFDF DAS ver 1.2 (PK77183) 28 Oct 2009 English 541945 HTTPS
z/TPFDF DAS ver 1.1 (PK60030) 22 Sep 2008 English 169733 HTTPS
z/TPF SDO DC Sample 18 May 2009 English 8425 HTTPS
z/TPF SDO Metadata Sample 18 May 2009 English 7426 HTTPS
z/TPF SDO Security Sample 18 May 2009 English 7571 HTTPS

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