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IBM® WebSphere® Extended Deployment Version 6.1 Fix Pack 4 for multi-platforms, also known as Version

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Fix Pack 4 contains a number of fixes and updates for WebSphere Extended Deployment Version 6.1.

How critical is this Fix Pack?
Recommended. You must install this fix pack on top of WebSphere Extended Deployment Version 6.1.

What are my required prerequisites?

Install WebSphere Application Server Network Deployment Version 6.1 Fix Pack 11 (, Version 6.1 Fix Pack 13 (, Version 6.1 Fix Pack 15 (, Version 6.1 Fix Pack 17 (, or later as the prerequisite level of WebSphere Application Server Network Deployment prior to installing this fix pack.

Known issues with some Internet browsers
Under some circumstances, particular internet browsers might rename a downloaded IBM WebSphere Extended Deployment Interim Fix, Fix Pack, or Refresh Pack file with a file name extension, even though the original file name only has a .pak extension.

For details on how to address this issue, refer to the Update Installer for Version 6.1 is unable to uninstall fix due to a "" file extension document.

Known side-effects

Change history

Added APAR 63077: 25 March 2009
Release date: 04 September 2008

Original draft published: 04 September 2008

WebSphere Extended Deployment Prerequisites. English 10000
WebSphere Application Server Prerequisites English 10000
Recommended fixes for WebSphere Extended Deployment English 10000
Recommended fixes for WebSphere Application Server English 10000

Update Installer for V6.1 English 10000
Update Installer Installation Instructions for V6.1 English 10000

Download package

Download RELEASE DATE LANGUAGE SIZE(Bytes) Download Options
What is DD?
Compute Grid 8/29/2008 English 10000 FTP DD
eXtreme Scale / Data Grid 9/3/2008 English 10000 FTP DD
Virtual Enterprise / Operations Opt 9/3/2008 English 10000 FTP DD

Problems (APARS) fixed

The list below is a cumulative listing of all problems (APARs) fixed from GA up to this Fix Pack.

For a detailed list of problems (APARs) solved in each individual Fix Pack version refer to the Fixes by version document.

PK59814, PK60284, PK60293, PK60593, PK60778, PK60910, PK61179, PK61300, PK61316, PK61319, PK61328, PK61330, PK61453, PK61458, PK61727, PK61822, PK61823, PK61860, PK61892, PK61940, PK62047, PK62148, PK62327, PK62375, PK62640, PK62779, PK62886, PK62903, PK62935, PK63077, PK63224, PK63238, PK63509, PK63822, PK63947, PK63995, PK64171, PK64275, PK64364, PK64440, PK64557, PK64559, PK64772, PK55661, PK61874, PK62320, PK63971, PK64206, PK64229, PK64505, PK64557, PK64765, PK64774, PK64786, PK64873, PK64911, PK64931, PK64960, PK65151, PK65168, PK65605, PK65606, PK65759, PK65820, PK65856, PK65871, PK65916, PK66044, PK66529, PK66889, PK67003, PK67016, PK67816, PK68011, PK68086, PK68087, PK68131, PK68225, PK68231, PK68288, PK68319, PK68320, PK68653, PK68690, PK68725, PK68789, PK68856, PK69024, PK69116, PK69198, PK69201, PK69283, PK69309, PK67985, PK69137, PK70074, PK70075, PK70076, PK70106, PK70273, PK70587, PK71196

Document information

More support for: WebSphere Extended Deployment

Software version: 6.1,,,

Operating system(s): AIX, HP-UX, Linux, Solaris, Windows

Software edition: All Editions

Reference #: 4020238

Modified date: 04 September 2008