IBM Lotus Notes Traveler V8.0.1.3 Cumulative Fix 1
Release Notes

This document contains information about IBM Lotus Notes Traveler V8.0.1.3 CF1.

This document is a supplement to the IBM Lotus Notes Traveler Information Center:


List of fixes

  Server   Windows Mobile Client

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Server prerequisites

Note: Once installed Lotus Notes Traveler can access mail files on any remote Domino mail server 7.0.2 or above.
Lotus Notes Traveler supports standard Domino 6.5, 7.0, and 8.x mail file templates, including Domino Web Access.

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Client prerequisites

IBM Lotus Notes Traveler supports the following mobile devices:

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Installing Lotus Notes Traveler

Server installation:

Note: You can obtain the Lotus Notes Traveler CF1 install package from Fix Central.

Client installation:

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Uninstalling Lotus Notes Traveler

Uninstalling the server: Uninstalling the client:

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Additional information

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