Interim Fix 1 for WebSphere XML Document Management Server 6.2

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APAR LI73484 - Erroneous XUI which results in a 403 response code

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The CSCF may substitute the SIP Request URI with an alternate proxy server hostname and port that is specified within the "Contact:" header. The XDMS may use the SIP Request URI to identify the XUI for directory level SUBSCRIBE requests. If the "Contact:" header substitution occurs, then the original SIP Request URI that identifies the XUI is lost for subsequent SUBSCRIBE requests. The SIP Request URI thus identifies an erroneous XUI which typically results in a 403 response code because the user will not have access to the alternate XUI


See readme for details.

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See readme for details.

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XDMS 6.2 Interim Fix 1 6/13/2008 English 1744559 HTTP

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Problems (APARS) fixed
LI73484, LI73028

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